50 Awesome Video Game Room Decoration Ideas

41. Elegantly White

Elegantly White


Sometimes too much decorative outrage can overpower the real purpose of a video game room i.e. to conveniently and enjoyably play video games. Especially when it comes to a smaller room as shown in this picture, one must keep it simple. This elegant design idea serves the purpose nicely. Pure white tables with cozy seating arrangement make your video gaming experience relaxing and enjoyable for you. With the natural background illumination, the design idea is based on the minimalist approach.

42. A New Angle

A New Angle


In most houses, you may find a room or a place with asymmetric walls or oddly angled corners. Such places may not be usable for living room or a bedroom, but you can always utilize such places into your video gaming place. The angled ceiling below the staircase makes this space shown in picture odd for proper décor, but you can fit in the screen nicely with the smallest wall in the backdrop.

43. Get your Bathroom Invaded

Spotting Light in Darkness


The biggest advantage of 8-bit games is that they can be easily incorporated straightforward your interior design. As in this case, the all famous space invaders have been accommodated on the walls of the bathroom by using simple white tiles combined with a few black tiles of the same size. This simple and fun bathroom decoration idea is a great inspiration for the lovers of such elementary games. An uncomplicated and basic level video game is creatively portrayed as a splendid sight.

44. Focus on the Action

Focus on the Action


The arrangement of the seats can always help defining the purpose of the setting. Same is the case with this video game room, where the circular arrangement of the sofas with the center towards the screen ensures that the people occupying them are all ears and eyes towards the action. The overall white themed room with contrasting dark seats define this elementary design, while three speakers are placed smartly to ensure a uniform and enhanced audio output.

45. Gaming in the Corner

Gaming in the Corner


Sometimes you may not get the permission to convert all the space of your living room into a gaming café of your own. An alternative approach for such cases is the set up your video game equipment in a corner or a side of your living room. In this decoration idea, the setting for TV watching is untouched and more screens are employed, which are placed on a table placed against the window. A cozy revolving chair and natural ambient light complement it nicely.

46. Star Wars in Cool Blue

Star Wars in Cool Blue


The cool blue theme of this wonderful video game room sets up the tone nicely for a soothing gaming experience. Posters on both walls and statues of different movie characters and Star Wars merchandise just add to the expression of love and enthusiasm towards the world of modern computerized video games. Ceiling, walls, curtains and furniture, all are nicely hued in the dark blue, with some sprinkles of red and yellow in cushions and adorably printed rug.

47. Spotting Light in Darkness

Spotting Light in Darkness


This overall dark video gaming room is partly illuminated by the recessed lights in the shelving, while the remaining requirement is fulfilled by the bright screen. This small gaming space is looking more reduced due to the dark color of furniture and gray walls. This helps the player to lay more emphasis on the game and at the same time, gives this space a voguish look.

48. Gamify your Bedroom

Gamify your Room


Bedrooms are sometimes the best place to set up your private gaming zone. You can give your room the necessary décor as well as to enjoy the luxury of perfect gameplay in a cozy environment. This design implements that idea quite intelligently. The huge wall painting in the corner behind the bed enhances the visual depth of this small asymmetrical room. Another set up for gameplay is installed alongside the bed for more intimate gaming experience.

49. Play Where You Work

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If you are one of those people who work from home in their in-house maintained office, then it would be a good idea to build your video gaming space inside your office. It not only saves the space but also give a fun and lively feeling to an otherwise dull and boring environment. The overall theme in this decoration idea is kept same for flooring and ceiling, but dark vertical blinds are installed to define a border between play and work. Also, the work screen is placed at an angle away from the direct view of gaming LED.

50. Tetris on the Wall

Tetris Bathing


Tetris is declared as one of the most popular video game ever developed and played. It ruled the gaming market for several years, and still there are many enthusiasts of this legendary game. This decoration idea is inspired from the puzzle game and converted a simple and clean wall in an adorable sight. The playfulness and high energy emitted from this fun design lift up the mood of this corner of your bedroom or living room. A light colored sofa and plain white cabinet give this setting the necessary calmness and elegance.

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