50 Awesome Video Game Room Decoration Ideas

28. A “MARIO”fied Bedroom

A Mariofied Bedroom



Mario is one the most recognizable character when it comes to the world of video games. Either the gamers from the classical era or the modern video games consumers, almost everyone have played this legendary game. This bedroom decoration idea has employed the game as a theme and creates a beautiful bedroom corner. From the small statues of Mario on the shelves and print on the cushion to the stickers of characters inside colored circle gives a pleasant feeling to this overall simple bedroom.

29. Angry Birds Everywhere

Angry Birds Everywhere



One of the most celebrated video game characters of the modern times, angry birds has ruled the hearts of many consumers in recent past. In the age of smartphones and gadgets, the angry bird characters have gain popularity within no time. This bedroom has employed the concept as the theme to decorate. The walls are full of blue theme color with posters portraying all the characters on it. From the bed linen to the stickers on the desk and the closet, you will find the loveable characters everywhere in this room.

30. Creative Art on the Walls

Creative Art on the Walls



This decoration idea for video game room is original and utilizes the unused vertical spaces of this multilevel room quite intelligently. It gives the smaller walls of the platform a beautiful look of virtual reality, as space is transformed into screen shots of the video game Mario. The checked floor of the platform with contrasting colored paint of the walls makes it a fun place to enjoy your hobby. Framed painting on the wall and the stand below the white vase, inspired the popular cube game gels in nicely in this bold mix of primary colors.

31. Ambient Illumination by Light Bar

Ambient Illumination by Light Bar


In a room with limited space, the provision of proper ambient light is a difficult design issue. Also it is essential to make sure that the background light is bright enough so that the eyes of the gamer, which are compelled to spend hours in front of the screen, may not be stressed out by the sharp colors of the video games. This issue is comprehensively addressed in this theme where a large light bar is providing the necessary illumination. The light color scheme of flooring and walls are supplementary for the bright little game room.

32. Gathering it All

Gathering it All


There are occasions when you don’t have enough finances to buy all the furniture and accessories while setting up the video game room of your dreams. In such a scenario, you can manage the already owned pieces and gel them to gather to get an excellent video game room as displayed in this picture. A semicircular comfortable sofa placed in front of a couple of large screens is enough to accommodate spectators along with the players. The existing cabinet has been smartly employed to store and display a large collection of video gaming items and accessories.

33. Perks of Being a connoisseur

Perks of Being a connoisseur


For those who religiously follow the upcoming trends in the world of gaming and a knowledgeable in this field, this video game room design idea can be an inspiration. They can translate their good taste and vast knowledge into a beautifully themed gaming room. In this gaming room, three full sized statues occupy the corners of the space while an extensive collection of theme prints on the wall give a more futuristic look in cool spotlight.

34. An Accent of Arcade

An Accent of Arcade


This small and simple video gaming room has only one and the most famous point of focus for present day gaming enthusiasts; the arcade experience. Multiple accommodations for players make it a heaven for real-time multiplayer gamers to compete for side by side and relish an experience like never before. Otherwise, the room is decently decorated with dark brown furniture and light-colored floor tiles. The light pastel color of the walls makes this small space look bigger with the feeling of cleanliness.

35. More Interaction for Gamers


This decoration idea is not confined for you gaming room only; rather it works much better if implemented in your living room and other parts of the house. There and many interactive items from the world of gaming, which collectively express your love and passion for video games. The classical pinball game available for playing on machines and other non-electronic forms of games allows the physical interaction not available in digital games.

36. A Star Wars Follower

A Star Wars Follower


The generation of star war lovers has revered this sci-fi concept since its inception as a comic. They have enjoyed interaction with their favorite characters through various media like films and video games. If you are one of them, this video game room is an inspiration to decorate your place with such a legendary concept as a theme. The light sabers on the attract your attention on the first sight, while the green fluorescent illumination across the border of the tables set up the tone for this simply decorated video game room.

37. Games Games Everywhere

Games Games Everywhere


A true lover of video games never sticks to a limited set of franchises and genres. They go across the board and challenge themselves to master every new game in the market to quench their thirst for this amazing art. So they end up having a humungous collection of video game cartridges, CDs, and DVDs. This decoration idea addresses the problem of such enthusiasts as there is an extensive accommodation for the organization.

38. Gaming Room Audiofied

Gaming Room Audiofied


If you are a dedicated gamer for many years, you can fully understand the essentiality of audio experience. In some games, it is a necessary for complete control and proper handling, while in others it maximizes the thrill and mesmerizes your senses. If you have enough space and budget to finance this idea of installing an array of speakers in various sizes, then you should implement it to amplify the video gaming experience. With an exceptionally large screen and cool ambient light, the sound system will blow you away.

39. Sleek and Stylish

Sleek and Stylish


The video game room decoration does not always require outrageous and showy designs and themes. Sometimes, a feel of sophistication and calmness is all you need to relax while enjoying your favorite video game play. The sleek twin tower speakers with a voguishly designed cabinet placed in between provide a stylish look. A beautifully designed chair is making a statement, and a large poster of a favorite game adds to the elegance of this room.

40. Gaming Under the Night Sky

Gaming Under The Night Sky


A large screen is a necessity when it comes to a well-designed video game room. In this idea, the screen fits in nicely in a small bedroom. The standing out feature in this setting is the unique lighting scheme. The multicolor pattern on the outskirts of the wall gives a lively look to the purple shaded ambient illumination. The reflection of stars on the ceiling portrays an otherworldly feeling. A framed picture and national flag on the wall completes this simple and inexpensive decor.

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