50 Awesome Video Game Room Decoration Ideas

8. Multi Monitor Gaming Setup

Multi Monitor Gaming Setup



If you have a small space to spare for your specialized and customized gaming corner, a simple but futuristic way to make the place look bigger is to install multiple screens as done in this video game room. The screens can function like virtual windows and add to the techy look of the space. The dark and bold color of the background wall while keeping the color of other walls, ceiling and flooring lighter are other fantastic strategies to increase the visual depth of the otherwise limited space.

9. Mario in the Loo

Mario In The Loo



This decoration idea may give a feeling to some people that the diehard fan of Mario video game has got carried away with his thoughts of expressing the passion. But you would agree with the idea to be cute and adorable. This Mario bathroom is the best way to surround yourself with this legendary video game, especially for those who got bored from conventional bathroom décor and wanted some fun theme for their toilet. So if the person with whom you share your bathroom is not offended by such creativity, then get inspired by this idea and let your imagination go wild.

10. Lighting it with Red and Blue

Lighting it with Red and Blue



It is a challenge for every gamer to find a perfect color combination for the ambient light in the gaming place. This problem is solved rather creatively in this design by using blue and red in combination to light up this otherwise dark setting for gaming enthusiasts. The model of a gun on the top shelf and a poster on the wall signify the place to be reserved for video game play only, while simple wooden flooring and white color of walls ensure that the location can be used for any other purpose anytime without much effort.

11. The Shelvey Wall

The Shelvey Wall


If you are a serious video game player and gaming is your passion for an extended period, you will end up with having an extremely large collection of gaming consoles and CDs. In such situation, you may end up wasting a lot of time in finding your desired title every time you decide to spend some time for this hobby. This issue is smartly resolved in this gaming room design by setting up an aesthetically pleasing shelf covering the wall up to the ceiling. You can organize your collection in a convenient way and save you precious time for the love of video games.

12. Playing with Street Art

Playing with Street Art


Street art usually doesn’t find its way into the mainstream home interior design as it may require bold and fearless decision making to introduce such craziness and insanity inside your house. But game rooms being a private place and can be made oozing out with casualness are the perfect place to energize with a whimsy street art. The backdrop is nicely decorated with sharp colors depicting scenes from modern games. Otherwise, the room has a conventional arrangement you can find in various modern video game rooms. Multiple screens on the designed for street walls enhance the techy feel of the place.

13. Back to the Future

Back to the Future


The openness of this video game room is evident from the first look. The ambient light is abundant and natural, while the light colored theme of this room makes the most of it and gives the place cleanliness and clarity at the same time. Usually, interior designers look for symmetry when it comes to the dimensions of the space to be decorated. In this case, the obtuse angle between the walls is utilized smartly to install three wrapped around screens. This makes it a futuristic sight for a video game room supplemented by the dedicated equipment for racing games.

14. Bold Blue

Bold Blue


The blue color is associated with male gender, especially the stronger and darker shades of it. This bedroom is, therefore, a perfect match for boys with the passion of video games. The room is nicely themed with video games with an eye-catching classic arcade gaming machine. Various shades of blue are amalgamated to result in a masculine feeling you will immediately experience on the first sight. Be it the alternating colored rug or storage boxes on the shelves or the shades and the wall; blue is aesthetically contrasted with conventional furniture hue.

15. Ambient Lighting Modernized

Ambient Lighting Modernized


This futuristic and lavishly crafted design idea for video game rooms stands out due to its modern and aesthetically pleasing ceiling layout. The green lines of light emitting from the border of screens and the outline of the ceiling makes you feel enjoying your passion of games in a place outside this world. The somber dark hue of the cozy and luxurious seating arrangement and wood paneling brings some calmness and sophistication to this ultramodern setting. The armrests with controllers placed on them along with five screens installed simultaneously define what the room is designed for.

16. Living Room in Starship

Living Room in Starship


A nice way to reflect your love for a particular game is to leave its impression on your living room. This stars wars themed setting brings the gaming passion out of the video game room and portrays it nicely in the most public place of your home. The star wars themed center table and matching color of walls in light gray provide a perfect background for the full sized robot statue placed in the corner but not cornered at all. Different colors used in the furniture set over the themed carpet and framed prints on the walls portray a perfect feel of star wars.

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