30 Best Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Charming, quirky, old-fashioned, individualistic, casual and romantic look vintage bedroom decor brings out a delicate and exquisite style. It brings out a far-reaching unique style that shows offs its creativity. The old bedrooms bring out feminine with refined furniture, ruffles, lace and floral-patterned textiles with various pastel and light shades. Vintage means creativity decoration of fabrics, furnishings, colors, and accessories that were quite popular 20 years back. Here are 30 super vintage bedroom decor that will leave your room eye-catching and stunning.

30 Super Vintage Bedroom Decor Design and Ideas

Best Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas


1. A Chic Collection Of Vintage Bedroom Interior


This vintage interior decor brings out a perfect addition to a relaxed style that brings out a casual feel. The interior brings a look that efficiently works in the bedroom that is uncompromised and comfortable to abound. It also offers a re imagined cottage style that you will love with it’s massively and distressed finish that reflects a super vintage cabinet, side stools and attracting stairs. The whole interior brings out a captivating beauty that is traditional and beautiful with a color and decorating scheme. The room offer a century’s worth of assembled beauty with clutter equals and maintain peace.

2. Antique Black Bedroom Furniture Decoration

antique black bedroom furniture decorationThe beautiful black furniture’s complements the outlook of this room since it interconnects with the wall toning and decoration. The beautifully carved antique bed, classy looking chairs and dresser with mirror brings out a sense of regal refinement and offers a boldly stated classic element with their black finish. The flowery wall paper has an attracting appeal that complements the beddings making their unique fashion statement. The excellent black finishing with the wood tone rubs through the bedroom look giving the room areal vintage deja vu.


3. Awesome Lavender Vintage Room Decor With White Bed And Black Fur Rug


This bedroom is well crafted with lavender vintage decor that is attracting with its beautiful white bed that brings out a relaxation invitation. The black fur rug is made of plush and thick yarns that bring out its plush and comfort and its cotton backings make it durable shag. The wall decoration, long and superb look drape curtains and the well lightning that embraces this room makes it sophisticated and luxurious. The vintage bookshelf, gleaming lamp stand and an eye-catching wall decor and the surrounding uniqueness gives this room its spectacular look.

4. Black And White Bedroom With Antique Look Furniture

Black and white bedroom with antique look furniture


The antique furniture of this room offers a unique art of taste that blends well with the various design elements in the bedroom. The antique chest cabinet brings out its dramatic result of exotic flora vines and the stool blends well with the sofa bringing out a touch of a luxury feel. And the good enamel and decorated nightstands and a hanging chandelier shine out. The generous proportion and arrangement of the furniture in this bedroom greatly help to enhance the elegance.

5. Black Vintage Bedroom Furniture

black vintage bedroom furniture

Give yourself a beautiful and tranquil sleep with the black vintage bedroom furniture that is stylish and welcoming. The three-night stand lamp shades, a dresser with mirror, bed and shag rug brings out a stunning look of this bedroom. The wall gives a captivating look that blends well with the design, shape and color tone of the furniture. The series offers a great centrepiece with the traditional finishing and a super timeless panel styling. All the furniture’s are carefully crafted from reliable and durable wood construction, and they have unique feet shape for sturdy support. This bold style and classic designs add a tone of unique features to your bedroom.

6. Canopy Bed With High Headboard And Yellow Fabric Curtains

The theme of this bedroom has inspiration from the British tradition with its tropical design; the Canopy bed highlights the solid mahogany wood with grey veneer that is also reflected on the comfortable side bed bench. The headboard brings out a stunning beauty that surrounds the bed making it inviting while the yellow fabric curtains are carefully stitched and woven to bring out their beautiful trademark. The room has a unique inspiration from the shutter style and the classic antique that brings out a chic look.

7. Classic Bedroom Inspiration With Vintage Grey Furniture


The serenity and elegance that comes with this classic bedroom inspiration bring out your personalized style. It has a blend of traditional design with gray furniture that invites you to a relaxation in refined beauty. The top and bottom drawers have dust panels that are felt lined, and they are all constructed of hardwood, mortise, tenon, and veneers. The distressed gray furniture finishing brings out a classic look that is striking while the wall candles holders and its toned hue with the artistic hanging complete its chic and magnificence.

8. Colorful Vintage Bedroom Ideas


The room commodes a classic twist of a rustic dresser and front chest that has an iconic statement that has brought out an effortlessly and modernized colorful addition to the room. The flowery wallpaper brings out a prettiness that is supported by the traditional seating and matching side nightstand and a dresser with long pretty mirror. The conventional-looking metal bed with a high level of fashion and the bedding matching’s the whole room design that offers a laid back and an elegant style.

9. Golde Bedroom With Golden Theme

Golde Bedroom With Golden Theme

The golde bedroom set creates a transitional and warm environment in a suite with its antique that is well veneered with gold. It helps to create a more relaxing and unique appear that is welcoming. The side chest drawers with a nightstand and a family portrait add to its striking glance while the beddings with written words give the room an eye-catching pleasant appearance.

10. Gray And Yellow Bedroom Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas


The four-poster bed with long draping gray and yellow curtains make the room have a stunning glance and create a sense of hospitable warmth. It gives your room a new look and makes your restful retreat have a serene foundation that is simple and yet super stylish. The place takes its inspiration from the charming rustic and sleek modern design. The wall decoration, tone, and the beddings style showcase unique soothing grain of a textured gray and yellow finish that gives it a cohesive look. Adding this vintage piece to your room gives it a spanking new appearance.

11. Gray and Yellow Bedroom with Curtains


Give your bedroom a contemporary makeover that is eye-catching and have a chic style with the high gloss yellow and gray finishing that gives each of the pieces a cohesive look. The curtain has a strain line that imbues with high dimension and brings out unexpected elegance. Featuring a bed, wicket basket decoration, a nightstand and a floppy hearth rug the room has everything it needs to give out a fresh look. The vase flower with an artificial plant anchors a smart contemporary look with understated style.

12. Inexpensive Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Inexpensive Vintage bedroom ideas

Bring your master suite aesthetic into a refined look with an inexpensive vintage makeover. The room features a white veneered bed with a characteristic looking round mirror and side chest cabinet that has beautiful vases with fresh flowers and a hanging pot with a glowing plant that makes the room have a natural look. Though each of the pieces is distinctive in its way, it brings out a cohesive look and overall construction. Crafted from durable wood each of the pieces brings out its clean-lined silhouette making the room have an up to date appeal. The solid white finishes pairs well with the room decor anchoring its versatility and beauty.

13. Light Blue Vintage Bedroom Decor

Light Blue Vintage Bedroom Decor

Anchor your room into a sophisticated vintage style and bring out your cowboy personalized look. The blue style room reflects the beauty of life while the horse drawing and the cow boots bring out the county feel. Crafted from the solid wood the side bed chest drawer provides the perfect platform for holding the vintage beauty and displaying the stylish look of the room. The brushed white nightstand lampshades add the attracted look to the blue curtains and go together with the bed look making this room eye-catching and giving it a relaxing look.

14. Light Vintage Style Bedroom Decoration

light vintage style bedroom decoration

The light decoration of this bedroom brings out its traditional look that is well complemented with the various antiques that come in their unique sizes and shapes. The small-sized and firm bed with a classy looking design and the side bed drawers with matching lampstands and the family portraits bring out a refined appear. The stand-alone wardrobe harmonizes the wall decoration and color tone while the hanging chandelier completes the warm look and touch of this room.

15. Master Suite Vintage Bedroom

Master Suite Vintage Bedroom

A refined atmosphere is well elaborated in this master suite while still enjoying the beauty and pleasure of high-class furniture that offers a vintage look. The glossy garnishing swiftly wears the room surface of brilliance, and the stunning fabric that surrounds the bed gives a luxury look and a touch of a new sensation. The modish and wicker seats bring out an arrangement that makes the room have an exotic look, and the high ceiling with long dropping chandelier gives the room an up to date and fresh look.

16. Modern Vintage Bedroom Furniture


The modern vintage bedroom furniture gives you a super cozier time curling up in its warmth as the snow falls softly outside the window. To bring a unique style of inviting look in your room it has three-piece lamp nightstands that shed light on the room. The lampstand, chest drawers and the bed has the same veneer that makes the room bright. The dresser has various drawers storing your things and keeping the room organized while it’s crafted from distressed wood and finished with brush framing. The room rug and wall hangings bring out fashion and kindliness.

17. Pink And Blue Bedroom Ideas With Cream Yellow Paint


The room brings out its natural look that is well crafted and incorporated from the long open windows, chairs, fireplace, and bed. The cream yellow paint on the wall has a harmonized appeal to the whole set while the touch of pink and blue on various stuff in the room gives the whole place a homely feel. The fresh flowers on the fireplace and side stool give the room a touch of personalizing style, and the white rags complete its beauty. Enjoy the traditional look that is eye-catching, and relaxing.

18. Pink Vintage Bedroom Ideas For Teens Room

pink vintage bedroom ideas for teens rorom

The princess look of this room makes it super cozy and inviting. The beddings, wall decorations and the chest drawer that holds the lampstand have a harmonizing tone of color that brings out brightness to the room. Add a hanging chandelier to add a chic look and a dresser with drawer and mirror for a more personalized touch of privacy.

19. Relax And Rejuvenate Bedroom In Traditional Style


Traditional style abounds in this eye-catching, relaxing and rejuvenating bedroom that makes a superb exquisiteness. The glossy gray finishing with some silver accenting crafts offers a cohesive look while the super clean-lined designs give a pop of traditional flair. The chest drawer with six drawers and a flat top plays an important role in holing beautiful home artefacts and decoration while the bottled artificial plant holder completes the beauty. The classy wardrobe offers more storage facility and the bright wallpaper mix together with the bed and makes the room bring out its warm stare that is soothing and convivial.

20. Romantic Vintage Look Bedroom


Give your suites a romantic vintage look that is updated and chic. The two beds with white bedding offer an understated design that blends effortlessly into your rooms providing a passionate feel and touch. The chest drawer with its vintage look gives a distinctive look, and the sleek round mirror has a stunning beauty that will make a head turn while the flower decoration vase helps to refresh your space. Top off the room with a nightstand and a bright table lamp to give the place a cohesive look and the artistic drawing give the room a touch of glam.

21. Small Space Rustic Bedroom Themes With Handmade High Headboard


A rustic old look that is eye-catching, stunning and inviting is what makes this room unique. The high headboard lies swiftly on the timber wall while the rugged and rustic stone designed look makes the room has a touch and feeling of splendour. The side drawers hold the lampstand and the room decoration bring out the sense of beauty while the beddings are traditionally made to add a sense of tranquillity and tenderness.

22. Traditional Vintage Bedroom With Curtains

traditional vintage bedroom with curtains

Functionality and elegant on this fabulous vintage bedroom with classy drape curtains bring out the beauty of relaxation and luxury. The beauty is expressed in its new interpretation of donned warmth and finishing that is richly accented with some gold leaf that is uniquely brushed onto each of the room pieces by hand. It offers and exuding opulence with an intensity of passionate and dramatic design crafted well to bring out perfect and prescribed finishes that are applied to each piece of this room furniture. The whole combination brings out a complex and rich sheen of classic beauty.

23. Tropical Bedroom With Vintage Inspired Decor With Iron


The traditional tropical collection will transform any room into a stately manor. Featuring a strong traditional designed metal bed with a classic bench that has a shinning moulding and a dark rich finishing, the cottage designed room has a stylish accented with traditional classic details. Each item features its distinctive style that brings out its beauty and makes the room have a cozy and relaxed feel. The carefully finished wood walls and decorated windows harmonize the room making it pretty while the wicker basket gives an appealing welcome.

24. Vintage Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Children

Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

This classic styled children room has shimmering paints that are well replicated with white and grey furniture’s. The small-sized a yet comfortable bed is made of solid wood and has a beautiful finishing that makes it attractive while the dresser with white finishing compliment the shaded pink wall paint. The beauty and butterfly designed lamp stand gives a radiant loveliness that blends well with the beddings. The collection of favourite toys placed nicely and in an organized manner plus the hanging position makes the room look significant and super organized. The room portrays ample shapes that are well found throughout the furniture’s in the room adding to its splendour.

25. Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Children

This classic vintage bedroom collection gives you the space you need to move around and enjoy your room. It has a classic upholsters panel bed that is complemented by a super thick black tufted and upholstery and surrounded by leather-like PU nailhead design. The lamp stands with a shade of yellow gives an enlightening look while the decorative mirror and decorations add the classy room appear. The puffed pillows and the beddings harmonize the wall and room décor giving it unmatched beauty.

26. Vintage Bedroom Ideas DIY


Elevate the contemporary look of your bedroom with this classy collection of vintage beauty. The luxury taste and finishing of the room gives it standing ovulation of elegance while the low bed design that is well embroidered with rich fabric completes the majestic look of this room. The strategically placed lightning, the classy designs and the wall tone of paint adds style, warmth, and comfort to the live. The room offers simple DIY ideas that are practical and luxurious; the puffed pillows are easy to make from home while the working station is well crafted with enamel smooth top. The whole combination of furniture brings out an attention-grabbing look.

27. Vintage Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls


Furnish your teenage girl room with an effortless transitional style that has an understandable set of furniture. Featuring a platform poled designed bed, a dresser, a nightstand and long draped furniture to match with the beddings, rug, and the wall painting. The matching chest drawer gives your girl enough space to keep her stuff while the bed is well anchored to the room space in vintage and loft-worthy style. The neutral-toned and designed bedding give and understated beauty while the print area rug gives a pop of color that is admirable. The dresser adds a touch of a cosmopolitan charm with the mirror away from the window helping to reflect the natural sunlight all over the room. And add some blooming faux of fresh floral bouquets to bring the room to a dazzling look.

28. Vintage Drawer And Comfy Sofa Enchanting Little Girls Bedrooms To Inspire


The combination of the vintage drawer with enough storage space and flat surface to hold your girl dolls and fresh flowers plus a comfy sofa that gives a welcoming style makes the room look cozy. The room has a traditional charm that brings out enough space to make your girl move and play around comfortable. The chest drawer is made of solid wood and finished with blue paint giving it a reflection of prettiness. The seat is well crafted with unique design, and it blends well with the surrounding wall decoration and tone giving this room uniqueness and charm.

29. Vintage Gold Bedroom Accessories


Gold has an attracting charm that turns any room into a magical beauty that is eye-catching and engaging. The classic accessories that in harmony this room gives it a welcoming feel that turns the furniture into simple and yet stunning look. The artistic walls decorations are well placed and arranged to bring out that gold look and also they have an enchasing power that makes the room look brighter and more outstanding.

30. Vintage Rustic Bedroom Ideas


The room is designed with value, functional and style in mind; this classic and vintage rustic bedroom accommodates the highest expectation of beauty to your room. The comfortable and well-designed metal bed is strategically placed to give the room enough space to move around while the bedside drawer holds a durable enamel nightstand that helps the light to shine through the whole room. The open curved windows give direct sunlight to the room and the artistic decorative attached to the wall complete the room beauty. Add a puffy rag near the bed for an exclusive look with long panel sheer curtains will play a significant role in adding to the styling and prettiness of the room.

The above 30 super vintage bedroom decor brings out the beauty of the 1940’s and 1950’s that gives a back in time classic designs and ideal. Vintage decor can easily incorporate nostalgic and traditional element to bring out a contemporary look into your home. They encompass wide ranges of styles and ideas. The above patina and patterns make your bedroom have a comfortable, cozy and stylish collection that stands out.

A thoughtful and vintage styled bedroom creatively uses the combination of imperfect patinas, re purposed furnishings and architectural salvage in unique and original ways. This is to bring out a charming vintage style that has cheerful upbeat to combine the new and old worlds.

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