50 Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

There’s no denying how important one’s bedroom is. It is the place where people get to relax and sleep. They consider their bedroom is a place of solace where they can be themselves and not have to worry about other people judging them. This is why they make sure their bedrooms are designed to the way they want it to look.

50 Amazing Bedroom Design Ideas That are Exciting and Easy To Decor

best bedroom design ideas


If you’re looking for some design ideas on how to design your bedroom, here are some Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021 you should consider:

1. Bedroom with Light Wood Floor


2. Bedroom with Light Wood Floor and White Walls

In addition to equipping your bedroom with light wooden floors, you can paint your walls white to keep the entire room bright and looking fresh. Mixed with the right furniture, you can make your room looking posh and stylish just like the one on the image. The entire look of the room is accented by the combination of black and red sheets plus the appeal of the chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room.



3. Bedroom with Large Headboard

If you're the type who enjoys seeing a beautiful bed, you can invest in one with a signature headboard. You can even opt for a large headboard so you can give the illusion that your bedroom is bigger than it actually is. The effect of the large wooden headboard in the room in the photo tells of a drama that gives an exquisite story. The result is an inviting bed that welcomes its owner in it.



4. Bedroom with Green Walls

For homeowners who love an earthy look in their home, the look can still be adapted into the bedroom. The best way to go about with this is to paint one side of the room a dark green hue while all the other walls are painted a neutral shade like brown or beige. To complete the entire look of the room, the sheets on the bed should be in a mix of beige, dark brown and white. A single pillow can be left white to keep everything balanced. The addition of fresh greens keep the room looking inviting to anyone who steps foot in it.


5. Bedroom with Green Color Theme

Another way you can adapt green color into your bedroom is by keeping everything simple and plain. The only time you can use green is with the sheets and the pillowcases that you use. If you want, you can decorate one side of the room with faux bamboo leaves that come in the same green color. The dark wooden walls in this photo give an interesting appeal in the room that no other color can achieve.


6. Bedroom with Gold Wall and Chandelier

If you want to add a timeless look to your bedroom, the best way to do it is to go with gold. There's really something about gold that gives a room a look of elegance. Just like the room in this photo, the walls of the bedroom are covered in an intricate gold and black wallpaper. The addition of the gold chandelier adds drama to the room and gives off a royal charm to it. To match the entire theme of the room, the bed and headboard are upholstered in the same golden hue that match the bedside table and the light wooden floors. The floor to ceiling window on one side of the room brightens up the room naturally.


7. Bedroom with Crown Molding

A timeless bedroom design is to cover the entire ceiling with crown molding. This gives an elegant look to the room that makes it look well-thought of from the beginning. The crown molding is painted white while the rest of the room is painted in a cream color that matches the furniture perfectly. An indoor plant is left beside the window, giving the room a fresh look to it.


8. Bedroom in Attic with Skylights

When working with a bedroom in an attic, there are so many ways to make the most out of the room. This is because the attic is directly below the sky and can be used as a way to stargaze at night. Instead of covering the entire ceiling, one part can be used as a window to let natural light in. This can be used just above the bed, giving the room owner a beautiful view just before he shuts his eyes.


9. Bedroom Design with Blue Tone

If your favorite color is blue and you cannot imagine decorating your room with any other color other than this, there are a lot of ways you can include blue in your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to do this is to paint your walls a light blue color. This is a great choice if you want to keep things simple and light. The blue color will be calming to your eyes and can easily be used to match with the other colors you introduce in your room. Apart from the walls, you can make use of blue, gray and white curtains to complete the entire theme in your room.


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