32 Creative Wine Cellar Ideas and Designs For You

Have you considered creating your personal wine cellar design or improve the one you already have? Or maybe you own a wine factory and want to redesign its cellar, offering your costumers an improved view of your brand new wine cellar design? Either way, you’re making the right choice because a change is always welcome in our home or business; those who’re afraid of changes, never get more than they already have. Anyway, since you’re reviewing this article, we bet you’re not one of those people trapped in their own limits and comfortable zones. By continue reading, you’ll review some of our 32 Creative Wine Cellar Ideas and chose the one you like the most. Don’t feel ineffectual if you’re not in the mood to conceive your own idea for a new wine cellar because you can always rely on us and our creativity. Let’s get started – the first step to creating the perfect cellar is to start analyzing your space and determine what type of cellar would fit your free space or replace the old cellar. Once you have a supposition of what fits your space the best, consider including a sitting or a personal tasting area, while many passionate wine lovers might want to taste the wine before buying it; if it’s your personal wine cellar, you might want to add this kind of area for your guests who will desire to visit your private wine store. Some of the wine collectors or manufacturers also invest in a dining table, a nearby bar or bistro table, however, if you’re a beginner, save these ideas for the near future. Once you’ve reconsidered your available space, think about your wine collection and determine its size – or the size you hope it becomes someday. After, scroll down and pick one of our innovative ideas – once you do, you’re on a halfway to create your new, enviable wine cellar.

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best wine cellar ideas


1. Astonishing Acrylic Wine Cellar

Acrylic Wine Cellar

Introduced to the world of home decor in the 1930s, the Acrylic furniture remains as a timeless and beloved now as it was back then, especially in the wine cellar industry. The clean and reflective material is practically a new and exciting way to light your wine cellar and create an open space. This also allows the focus to remain on your wine and provide you with full view of your collection. If you prefer a more sophisticated look for your new wine cellar, the Acrylic material will perfectly fit your needs. Although, Acrylic material is susceptible to scratching due to its similarity to glass, using a glass cleaner and a soft towel will keep your new cellar surface glossy and free of scratches.

2. American Style Wine Cellar

American Style Wine Cellar


If you want a wine cellar like those you see in the American movies than designing your wine cellar in the American style will definitely bring a touch of the American taste. Decorated with light brown door and perfectly arranged shelves, the American style wine cellar ideas will provide you with an enlightened space for your wine collection and a full review of your bottles anytime. Unlike the Acrylic surface, this one is easier to maintain, so you can focus more on your wine than on cleaning the cellar. If you’re looking for something simple yet beautiful, this type of cellar is just the right choice for your wine collection.

3. Antique Wine Cellar

Antique Wine Cellar Design

Ornate wood and stone are traditional wine cellar ideas, however, we’re here to offer you something different and unusual like the Antique Wine Cellar Design. You can use this idea to redesign your old cellar or start building a new one in your basement, living room or some other available space in your home you can use to store your precious wine collection. The Antique Wine Cellar Design is more suitable for decorating home cellars instead of wine factory cellar due to its lavish outlook. However, that doesn’t mean that manufacturers can’t use this idea as a startup for their new home wine cellar. The Antique Design fascinates with its splendid beauty due to the many old-fashioned ornaments and the bars that whisper of history and hominess.


4. Basement Wine Cellar

Basement Wine Cellar

Who said that basements are intended only for storage of old items we don’t use anymore instead of a collection of old bottles of wine we could use occasionally? Already considering to turn your basement into a wine cellar? Although it sounds appealing, this kind of wine cellars ideas are more suitable for wine lovers with a large collection; if you’re a beginner, consider starting with the following contemporary wine cellar idea. Let’s get back to the basement wine cellar; choosing your basement as a place to build your new wine cellar can increase the value of your property or be transformed into a business, however, these aren’t the only benefits of owning a basement wine cellar; storing your wine into a basement cellar can also increase its quality due to the stable climate. Wine lovers and enthusiasts, don’t hesitate on turning your old basement into a brand new extensive wine cellar.

5. Lovely Contemporary Wine Cellar

Contemporary Wine Cellar

It’s always hard turning your available home space into a private wine cellar if you’re a beginner, however, we’re always here to offer your our creativity and help you out. As we mentioned, before turning your basement into a wine cellar, consider building a contemporary one due to your less numerous collection of bottles. Don’t rush with the idea of owning a large wine cellar, but start with something smaller, like this particular contemporary wine cellar idea we provided. You can’t deny that it’s a cozy and well-arranged space with a traditional barrel table where you can invite your friends over and enjoy a few glasses of wine together in your new startup cellar.

6. Warm Country House Wine Cellar

Country House Wine Cellar Design

Probably one of the most beautiful ideas of designing your own cellar is the country house design that gives your new wine collection storage a wealthy and aristocratic appearance. This kind of cellar is suitable for passionate wine lovers who wish to spend more time with their wine instead of watching television or going out. However, this type of wooden wine cellar with perfectly arranged shelves and usual table in the center can be also used to celebrate your new cellar once it’s open or arrange a small party for you and your friends and enjoy the taste of wine together. Either way, you won’t make a mistake by choosing the country design because not only that you’ll use the available home space wisely, but you’ll also embellish your house and increase its current value.

7. Unique Spherical Wine Cellar

Custom Spherical Wine Cellar

A globe-shaped cellar for the finest wine lovers! The best place where you can build a cellar like this would be your basement or some other large room of your house or wine company; Aside from its amazing spherical shape, this type of wine cellar design will definitely meet the taste of those who prefer a complete view of their wine collection and a cellar that’s easy to maintain. The stone walls and the small stone fountain are just another unique details that make the whole space perfectly arranged. Don’t hesitate on building a custom wine cellar using this idea or replace your old one with this type because there’s no making mistake by choosing a spherical cellar if you’re a wine lover with a large well-preserved collection.

8. A Simple and Beautiful Wine Cellar with Perfectly Arranged Racks

It’s clearly that this type of cellar is more focused on storing the wine instead of its interior, however, we can’t deny this space is perfect for the wine lovers and enthusiasts with a large collection of wine bottles. Although space is simply arranged, the wine racks look absolutely stunning which proves that sometimes simple things can be more beautiful than the overly adorned. As you can notice, barrel tables are a usual furniture used in almost every cell of a larger size; the rustic style of the particular one barrel table give the whole cellar a harmful tone and makes it even more pleasant place where you can just sit and relax with a glass of wine from your own wine collection.

9. Extraordinary and Practical Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Cellars

For those who prefer something original and practical, this custom cellar with unusual racks and glass doors is just perfect for you. Aside from its transparent doors that provide a full overview of your collection, this type of cellar doesn’t take much of the available space in your home and it’s a good startup for the beginners, however, you can always expand it once you expand your collection and enjoy its practicality. A cellar of this type is easy to maintain and will embellish your home with its striking appearance. Don’t hesitate to install one of your own and store your wine collection in a unique manner.

10. Custom Wood and Metal Wine Cellar

Custom Wood and Metal WIne Cellar

Simple and classy, the custom wood and metal wine cellar will meet the needs of those who prefer something more elegant and basic. Even the table matches the design of the racks and gives the whole cellar a more sophisticated outlook you won’t be able to resist. A cellar like this is easy to maintain and will certainly fit the wine lovers with larger collections. If you’re looking for something simple yet notable, this is the perfect cellar where you can store your beloved wine collection.

11. Eclectic Wine Cellar

Electic Wine Cellar

Stop looking for a flawless and extraordinary wine cellar because you’re currently looking at the most beautiful one. Nothing like the previous cellars you’ve seen before, however, you can only install it if you own a large collection of wine bottles; otherwise, the countless perfectly arranged colorful racks would look lonely. If you’re a beginner, leave this idea for near future but if you’re a fanatic of wines and you own a large collection, this eclectic wine cellar is perfect for you consisted of all the desirable elements and qualities a wine collector could ask for. This type of cellar can be placed in your basement or some other large available area of your home or company, providing you a remarkable storage for your beloved wine collection.

12. Luxury Wine Cellar

Luxury Wine Cellar

More like a living room with a modern cellar for those who can invest a larger amount of money and store their collection in a place where they can also enjoy with friends or family. The luxury wine cellars like this one can include a couple of leather armchairs and a circled table matching the entire design of the cellar. The particular racks are enclosed with lighted glass doors, providing a full view of the bottles; the cellar also includes a small bar nearby that gives the space even more luxurious appearance. Wine lovers with a larger collection and deeper pockets shouldn’t hesitate on installing an extravagant cellar like this one, impressing their guests at first sight.

13. Mediterranean Wine Cellar Ideas

Mediterranean Wine Cellar

Those who want to design their new wine cellar in the Mediterranean style, shouldn’t hesitate on stealing our idea of decoration and realize it even today. Known for its earth tones and natural materials, such as stones in this case, the Mediterranean design of your cellar will turn your free space in a warm place where you can store your wine collection, however, installing a cellar large as this one is not recommended for the beginners due to the numerous racks lined up along the cellar. Easy to maintain, the wooden wine cellar provides you a full view of your bottles anytime.

14. Modern Wine Cellar with Striking Appearance

Modern Wine Cellar Design

Providing an abundance of storage, the modern wine cellar is also an interesting way to entertain friends. The perfectly arranged lighted racks provide a full view of the wine bottles, emphasizing perfection and distinctive taste. This type of cellar is also suitable for manufacturers who wish to impress their future buyers and collections with an extensive wine collection of their own. Either way, you won’t make a mistake by using this idea and create your new modern wine cellar with a striking appearance.

15. Oak White Cellar

Oak Wine Cellar

Although the Oak White Cellar we present looks a little empty, with adding the traditional barrel and a few high chairs will turn the cellar into the perfect venue for meeting friends or relaxing alone with your beloved wine collection. Simply designed, the oak cellar contains racks, as well as extraordinary cubbies for storage. Aside from the simplicity and practical design, the oak cellar leaves an extra space you can arrange at your own taste;  However, owning an oak cellar like this one will definitely increase your home’s value and embellish your basement which remains as a perfect place where you can install a cellar of this kind.

16. Redwood Wine Cellar

Redwood Wine Cellar

After presenting many cellar ideas for the advanced wine collectors, here’s one that’s perfect for the beginners –  small redwood cellar that meets the size of your startup wine collection. Redwood racks are the perfect choice that meets with the humid conditions and climate for your maintaining your wine’s quality. Beginners, you can start with a few redwood racks and expand the cellar once you expand your wine collection. Don’t fear the idea of owning your own wine cellar because with so many rack options, finding the one that meets your needs, won’t be difficult at all.

17. Humble and Warm Rustic Traditional Wine Cellar Ideas

Rustic Traditional Wine Cellar Design

For those who prefer keeping their wine cellar in a more natural and traditional condition, should consider designing their new or redesign the old cellar in a rustic manner. Although it seems a bit humble and unordinary, that’s what makes it special and unique. Aside from the original appearance, have in mind that there are no racks for wine bottles here, but racks for little barrels where you can store your wine in a different way than the usual. As you can see, a cellar designed in a rustic style embraces nature-inspired textures with earthy colors, giving the entire space an organic warmth and coziness.

18. Marvelous Rustic Wine Cellar

Rustic Wine Cellar

Another cellar designed in a rustic manner, however, this one is a bit more sophisticated, smaller and definitely tidier than the previous one. Although it’s got not barrels for wine storage inside, this cellar keeps its rustic touch and earthy colors, giving this smaller space an organic warmth. As you can notice, the area is smaller than the previous one, however, it’s perfectly arranged with several racks that meet the size of a beginner’s collection. Aside from its practicality and simple beauty, this rustic cellar will embellish your home and increase its value undoubtedly.

19. Elegant Small Room with Wine Cellar for Home

small room wine cellar for home

Although we describe it as a small room with a wine cellar that will perfectly fit your home, this particular room is big enough for family or friends gatherings where you can enjoy a glass of wine together. Wide and simple racks that meet a medium-sized wine collection and a simple rectangular table with a couple of leather chairs make this room look simple yet beautiful. Having a room with a wine cellar like this will definitely increase your home’s value and embellish your interior even more.

20. Classical Shelving with Usual Wine Shelves

Shelving with usual wine shelves

One more on the list of ideas perfect for the beginners with a small-sized collection of wine bottles – the cellar with usual wine shelves. Simple shelving that’s easily maintained and meets your needs if you’re seeking for something elegant and beautiful. You can place the shelves in your basement or some other free space in your home. Although it seems small, have in mind that you can always expand it into a larger cellar once you expand your wine collection. Don’t fear to make the first step toward owning your own wine cellar and start with the simple and usual wine shelves today.

21. Torres Wine Cellar

Torres Wine Cellars

As you can notice, this type of cellar is highly suitable for wine manufacturers and less for a home custom cellar, however, feel free to use this idea in case you manufacture your own wine and if you like the barrel style of wine storage. This type of cellar allows you a full view of the entire barrel collection and it’s easily maintainable.

22. Traditional Wine Cellar

Traditional Wine Cellar

The traditional wine cellar is the perfect choice if you own a restaurant and want to embellish its interior with a small collection of wine, however, feel free to realize this idea at your home if you wish. The traditional wine cellar with a few racks is highly recommended for beginners with a smaller collection; you can always expand its size once you expand the size of your collection. Start with placing the racks in your living room, dining room or hallway and once you expand the collection, you can also expand the racks and move them in your basement or in some other free space in your house. Don’t hesitate on making the first step toward owning your wine cellar and start with the traditional small cellar today.

23. Underground Wine Cellar Design

Underground Wine Cellar Design

An underground cellar is perfect for manufacturers of wine or for the wine lovers and enthusiast with a large collection of bottles. Although it's harder to maintain due to its size, the underground design provides with a full view of the entire collection with the perfectly lighted and arranged shelves and a center storage shelves along the cellar. Don’t hesitate of installing a cellar like this one if you have a wine business or wish to store your large collection in a simple and unique cellar like this one.

24. Unique Spiral Wine Cellar Ideas

Unique Spiral Wine Cellar

As we always come up with the most creative wine cellar ideas & design, this unique spiral cellar isn’t an exception. Although it’s harder to design, this type of cellar can be placed anywhere around your house due to its underground position. Highly suitable for a medium-sized wine collection, the spiral wine cellar will provide you a full review of your wine and impress your guests with its original design. Wine lovers, don’t hesitate on replacing your old cellar with this one and enjoy your new cellar designed in a unique manner.

25. Practical Cupboard Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Cupboard

 A cupboard cellar is extremely suitable for the beginners with a smaller collection of wine and a small available space in their homes. It can be installed anywhere around your house, however, the most suitable position would be near the stairs. We encourage the beginners to steal this idea and start designing their private cupboard today. Aside it’s easily maintainable and provides a full review of your wine, this type of wine cellar will embellish your home’s interior and increase its value undoubtedly.

26. Picture-Perfect Wine Cellar Under Ladder

Wine Cellar Design Under Ladder

There isn’t a more suitable space for placing your own cellar under ladder of your home and embellish your interior with this unique cellar design. Perfect choice for the beginners, this picture-perfect cellar with glass doors and wooden frames will provide you with a full review of your wine collection. Although you can’t expand it, since it’s under a ladder, you can always use one of the previous ideas we presented and install another one once you expand your wine collection. Owning a cellar like this one will increase your home’s value and definitely impress your guests in future.

27. Wine Cellar Design with Blue Lighting

Wine Cellar Design With Blue Lighting

Looking for the perfectly lighted and wide cellar for storing your large collection of wine? Stop with your search because we’ve already found what you were looking for! Just looking at this cellar with blue lighting takes your breath away and makes you imagine how nice it would be if you own a cellar like this one. Why not install a one of your own today? If you’re a wine lover with a large collection and you want your wine to be stored in a unique and luxury manner, then this cellar meets your needs completely. The door-like appearance with circled racks for each bottle make the cellar even more practical and desirable. Walking into a cellar like this would be like walking into the temple of wine – your temple of wine if you decide on installing it in your basement or every other available space at your house. The cellar will increase your home’s value and definitely embellish its interior even more.

28. Wine Cellar Design with Dining Sets

Wine Cellar Design With Dining Sets

If you own a big house and a large collection of wine then this is the perfect wine cellar that will suit your best. However, this isn’t just an ordinary cellar but more like a room with dining seats where you can invite some friends over or enjoy with your family sharing a glass of wine. The wine is properly stored in racks enclosed with glass doors providing you a full view of your cellar’s splendor. Everyone will be impressed by your cellar’s design, including yourself every time you walk into it. A perfect place to install a cellar like this would be your large basement or some larger room in your house. Either way, you won’t make a mistake choosing this idea and start realizing it today because cellars like this are highly valuable and will also increase the value of your house.

29. Wine Cellar with Perfect Lighting

Wine Cellar Lighting

Do you have a small basement and a small collection of wine bottles you wish to store in a unique manner? Why don’t chose this particular idea of designing your small basement into a small impressive cellar with perfect lighting? Although you may think that lighting isn’t so important for your wine’s quality, it certainly is because it contributes to its better taste. Beginners, don’t hesitate on installing a cellar that perfectly meets your small-sized wine collection, and enjoys having your private space for wine storage.

30. Wine Cellar Rungstedgaard

Wine cellar rungstedgaard

This type of cellars are highly suitable for wine stores, conference centers or hotels, however, don’t hesitate using this idea for your home and install your own cellar in this simple manner. Designing a cellar like this means usually creating wine cabinets that offer the display and storage of your entire wine collection. The racks are usually designed with acrylic mounts and are easily maintainable. Despite the full review that this cellar provides, you can always enclose the cabinets with glass or wooden doors designed to your own taste. It may seem simple, however, as we mentioned before, sometimes simple cellars are more beautiful than the overly adorned ones.

31. Simple Wine Cellar with Cells for Each Bottle

wine rack with cells for each bottle

Another perfect choice for the beginners – a small wine cellar with cells for each bottle. If you own a small-sized collection of wine bottles, this cellar would definitely meet your needs. Designed to fit your available space and embellish the exterior of your home, this cellar can be placed in your living room, kitchen or basement. Don’t doubt choosing this type of cellar if you’re a hopeful beginner who is willing to expand its wine collection in future. You can always install one more cellar in the same style or chose one of the previous ideas and own two or more cellars.

32. Woodway Custom Wine Cellar Ideas

woodway custom wine cellar

At first sight, you may think we’re representing a new design for your library but when you look better, you’ll see that this is our idea for your new woodway custom cellar where you can place your large beloved wine collection. Wine lovers who are willing to invest more in storing their wine properly should definitely choose this type of cellar, however, if you’re a beginner, consider saving this idea for the near future. Decorated with two lightened cube spaces for placing two of your favorite bottles, the woodway is definitely the perfect choice for wine fanatics. If you’re one of them – don’t hesitate on installing a good way cellar like this one in your basement or some other larger room in your home. Owning a cellar like this will definitely increase your house value and impress you with its grandeur everytime you enter inside. Wine lovers, what are you waiting for?

After you chose the cellar that perfectly meets your wishes, needs, and your collection size, don’t forget to inform yourself about the proper temperature while setting the right temperature is a key function of a wine cellar. A wine enthusiast designed wine cellar will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also increase its value and provide you with a proper storage of your beloved wine collection. Many wine lovers don’t have a starting point when it comes to designing their own cellar, however, we’re always here to help you chose what fits you best. Don’t hesitate to choose one of our creative ideas and simplify your journey of creating your own custom wine cellar.

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