50 Best Man Cave Ideas and Designs For Your Inspiration


Every man needs his own private space where he can escape the world temporarily or hang out with his friends from time to time. And where can a man completely turn off from the world and focus on himself if not in his man cave? Man caves are quite popular today. Although we imagine men spaces as untidy and unorganized, you might get surprised when you see a man’s cave today; not that they are clean and organized but also decorated with style.

However, for those the ‘beginners’ who want to create their own cave today but they can’t come up with an actual idea on how to arrange the space according to their needs and desires, we’ve prepared the 50 best man cave ideas and designs. Usually, men caves are built inside a basement, garage or by turning one of the free rooms in the house into a private spot for resting, gaming or drinking beer and watching football with friends. Keep reading and chose the one cave that suits you and your living conditions. Although landscaping your cave may seem as an exhausting task, you might get surprised how landscaping your space can be fun once you pick one of our tested creative ideas.

Check Out the 50 Best Mind Blowing Man Cave Ideas and Designs That Surprise You

best man cave ideas

1. Man Cave With A Billard Table

All In One Pool Man Cave Ideas

Although men caves are always dark and gloomy, we took the liberty of presenting you a wide and light man cave that’s arranged with style. Aside from the carefully chosen furniture and lighting, this cave includes a wide billiard table that’s always welcome in a man’s cave. Adding an elegant black bar like the one on the photo with simple high chairs will complete the entire outlook and turn your man cave into a sophisticated, modern resting spot where you can relax alone or invite some friends over and grab a beer.

2. Amazing Wine Cellar Man Cave

amazing wine cellular man cave ideas

Are you a hunter addict? If yes, then this amazing man cave with beer and deer decorations will certainly fit your lifestyle and meet your taste. Aside from the unique decorations that mark the room in a creative manner, there’s also a wine cellar in the center of the place with a small wooden bar and a few high chairs that will serve as a perfect accessory during male nights. Although most of the men caves are placed inside a basement or garage, this particular idea can be realized in a larger available room of your home.

3. Man Cave With A Striking Bar

An excellent man cave bar design

Are you dreaming of owning a man’s cave with your own bar like the one we see in nightclubs? Are you interested in installing a bar in your resting spot that will give your cave a striking appearance? Feel free to use this idea and create the man cave of your dreams. Adding a bar will definitely make you and your friends happy because you will be able to enjoy a homemade relax party in your comfortable cave every night instead of pushing with all those people in the nightclubs. Chose the perfect blue lighting that will resemble the atmosphere of a night club and add a few high chairs that will perfectly match the rest of the furniture you chose for your new favorite resting and partying place.

4. Antique Sink For A Man Cave

antique sinks for man cave.

Although some may think that men don’t care about bathroom landscaping, actually they do and we’re here to help them. Were you looking for a traditional and simple yet beautiful sink for your man’s cave bathroom? What you say about choosing the antique sink built from dark wood and embellish your cave in a classy manner? Your fellows will love your new bathroom sink and you can use this design to help you arrange or rearrange your whole cave in the well-known cozy antique style.

5. Automotive Man Cave Ideas

Automotive Man Cave Ideas

Are you one of those traditional automotive guys who enjoy the simplicity and the smell of vehicles in the morning? If yes, this man cave in automotive style will perfectly fit your personality and lifestyle. You can arrange it in a small basement, however, a garage seems more suitable for this type of cave – we leave that choice to you. Feel free to use the idea and arrange your cool automotive man cave with casual bar and simple furniture starting today.

6. Extravagant Bar With Dining For A Man Cave

Bar Designs With Dining For Man Cave

For those who want to feel like they’re resting in a living room, this extravagant landscaping that resembles a living room will certainly meet their needs and imagination. Including a dining and a bar decorated with stones, this man cave will become your favorite hanging out spot. Have in mind that you will spend the most of your spare time here than in the real world once you install a cave like this. Aside from the classy bar and the comfortable furniture, the place is arranged with perfect lighting and decoration that meets the taste of every man who wants to arrange his space with style.

7. Basement Man Cave

basement man cave design ideas

Basements are a common choice when it comes to picking up location for a man’s cave and caves built inside a basement are usually dark and gloomy. This one definitely meets the original look of a basement cave with its dark wooden floor, comfortable leather furniture and minimal lighting that gives the cave a cozy tone. Aside from this, the cave is arranged in a sports style with jerseys hung on the walls and represent a great idea for sports addicts who will use their cave for watching games with their friends.

8. Basement Man Cave With A Movie Theater


Similar to the previous basement cave, however, this one has something that will make every movie freak happy – home theater where you can also watch your favorite games in a large resolution. Perfect for male nights spent in relaxation, with a beer in your hand, while sitting on the brown leather armchairs. Although it seems simple, this cave will become your favorite hanging out spot and a place where you can hide from the world and gather your thoughts, at least temporarily.

9. Basketball Court Man Cave

Basketball Court Man Cave Ideas

A cave man including an improvised basketball court is just perfect for basketball lovers who wish to spend their spare time sweating with the ball instead of resting. Aside from using this playing room for playing games with your friends, you can also bring your kids and spend some quality time together inside your secret basketball cave. Outside the court, you can notice a spot where you can take a break from the game and chill out. A cave like this can perfectly fit a large basement or larger garage.

10. Cheap Idea For A Man Cave In A Garage

Cheap Garage Man Cave Ideas.

For those who want to build their cave with staying on budget, we found this cheap idea you can realize in your garage. Consider keeping your motorcycle inside and mark your spot in an automotive unique manner. A cave like this is simply arranged and owns only what’s necessary for your accommodation. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea today and turn your garage into the perfect resting spot that won’t cost you much money.

11. Colorful Man Cave

Colorful Man Cave Ideas

Dreaming of a colorful modern cave that will impress your pals and keep them entertained while they visit your secret spot for relaxation? Take a look at the cave we presented on the photo and use the idea to create a modern and stylish resting place with an impressive look. Be careful when choosing the lighting and consider installing a blue lighting that will match the whole appearance and create a relaxing atmosphere. Resembling a nightclub with a bar and creative decoration, your new cave will become your favorite hanging out spot.

12. Contemporary Man Cave With A Large Built-in Home Library

contemporary man cave with built in bookshelf

Small contemporary cave builds in a garage with a home library and a motorbike peaking inside the perfect relaxation spot decorated with modern ornaments and classy furniture. Are you a book lover who enjoys reading alone in peace and quiet? If yes, then chose this idea and install a library in your cave that will be always at your service. Consider arranging the rest of the space in a similar manner and keep the modern style with adding a small elegant kitchen and comfortable leather armchairs. We are sure you will enjoy spending your spare time by getting lost in your books more than outside going outside.

13. Cottage With Fireplace

Cottage with fireplace

A cozy cottage with fireplace is a dream come true for every man who wants to own a comfortable private place for relaxation or hanging out with friends. Adding a contemporary bar with blue lighting like in the example we provided on the photo will only embellish the space even more and heat up the atmosphere. Feel free to use this idea and realize it starting today. Your friends will love your new cave.

14. Cozy Man Cave Ideas

cozy man cave ideas

Another cozy place for hanging out and relaxing. Modern ornaments and furniture are the main features of this contemporary and comfortable cave. You can realize this idea in your small basement or in a medium-sized available room in your house. Chose stone walls and wooden furniture in a rustic style to embellish the space and mark it in a modern creative manner. You will enjoy hanging out in your new cozy escape place together with your friends.

15. Creative Man Cave

creative man cave design.

We always come up with the most creative ideas and this one is no different. A wide man cave resembling a movie theater where you can gather your pals and grab a beer while watching some of your favorite movies or games. The comfortable leather armchairs matching the color of the lighting will turn your cave into the coziest place and allow you to spread your legs and relax. Aside from the many screens, the place contains a fireplace with decorative stone walls that complete the stylish appearance.

16. Man Cave Decorated With Dark Wood Furniture

Dark Wood Man Cave Ideas

Remember those man rooms you’ve seen in movies and you always thought: ‘I want this in my house’? Now you have the opportunity to own one in your basement or other larger room in your home. The cave we presented on the photo will definitely meet the refined taste of landscaping that not every man has. Are you one of those who wants to arrange his man cave in an old-fashioned and classy manner? If yes, follow the example and improvise with a dark wood furniture and a card table where you can play poker or some other games with your friends. Chose the carpet and decoration wisely and let them complete the appearance of your new favorite cave.

17. Game Room With Leather Armchairs

Game Room With Leather Seating

Are you often playing games with your friends at their place? Why not arrange your new game room in this manner and invite them at your place for a change? Place armchairs that will allow you to enjoy the comfort while playing and arrange the rest of the space in a casual manner with minimal decoration. Aside from the comfortable chairs, consider choosing a location that provides a view of your lovely yard and let nature turn your man’s cave into an eye feast.

18. Game Room With Stone Walls

Game Room With Stone Walls

Stone walls always give any space a striking appearance and create a cozy warm atmosphere for relaxing. Are you a fan of stone walls? Why not arrange your man cave with stone walls then and enjoy spending time in your new comfortable hanging out spot together with your friends? Consider adding a rustic or vintage furniture and old-fashioned that will match the whole appearance and a pool table where you can spend some quality time with your friends and keep them amused. We promise they will be impressed by your new resting spot and come to visit you more often.

19. Home Theater For Small Cave Room

Home Theater For Small Mance Cave Room

For those of you who don’t own a basement or larger available room that you can turn into a cave, don’t worry because we have the perfect idea that will match a small room and help you arrange it with style. Just follow the example we provided on the photo and use it as a startup for creating your comfortable man cave that will allow you to spend some time alone or hang out with friends while watching movies. Add a few leather armchairs and dark wood furniture that match the gloomy atmosphere and chose a minimal lighting. Consider adding a home library also, if you’re a book lover and read your books in quiet while resting in your new small man cave that will perfectly meet your needs and imagination.

20. Home Theater With A Dark Brown Oversized Couch

home theater with dark brown l shaped couch

A cave like this one will perfectly fit a small or medium-sized basement or attic. Already in love with our example? Feel free to use this design consisted of an oversized dark brown couch and numerous pillows in different colors that will embellish your cave in a creative manner. Owning a couch like this is perfect for enjoying a cold beer while watching a movie with your best friends. Having doubts whether you will be satisfied with the outcome? We have to tell you that you won’t be satisfied but thrilled by the look of your new modern man cave at the end of the day.

21. Man Cave With Sauna And Jacuzzi

Hot Tub and Sauna Man Cave Ideas

Are you ready to create the most comfortable dwelling with a sauna and jacuzzi? Steal our idea and turn your ordinary cave into the most extravagant relaxing spot and invite some friends over. They will be thrilled by your new resting spot and admire your creativity. A basement is a perfect location for a cave like this one. You can choose stone walls to mark the place in a classy manner and turn your cave into a place with a striking appearance that will impress everyone who enters inside your secret cave.

22. Luxury Man Cave With Grey Furniture

luxury man cave with grey tufted wing chairs and table

For those who prefer luxury landscaping, this cave with gray furniture, minimal and classy decoration and an elegant pool table will certainly meet your taste and imagination. Mark your resting spot in a beautiful manner and invite your friends over. We are sure that this place will become your favorite resting spot where you can escape reality, at least for a while.

23. Man Cave Arranged In Rustic Style

Man Cave Decoration With Fireplace

Rustic style is always welcome when it comes to landscaping and if you’re a fan of rustic landscaping, then the man cave we presented as an example will definitely meet your refined taste. The comfortable oversized furniture in creamy color will give the room a warm tone and turn it into a cozy place where you will enjoy spending your spare time alone or together with your friends. Stone walls and wooden decoration are a MUST when it comes to rustic landscaping, so consider using the idea we provided as a startup and create your new amazing man cave starting today.

24. Inexpensive Man Cave Ideas

man cave design ideas on a budget

For those who want to stay on budget while building a man cave that’s both beautiful and comfortable, this idea we provided on the photo is just a perfect fit for your needs and desires. You can realize it in your small or medium-sized basement without spending much money on furniture or decorate. Just pick what you think is necessary for your comforts, such as a couch or homemade hammock for stretching your legs and a table game with a few chairs for hanging out with friends.

25. Man Cave Design Idea For Small Space

man cave designs for small rooms.

Are you looking for the perfect idea for turning your small basement space into an appealing man cave you can use for resting or working in peace? If yes, then we have the right fit for you. This simple yet elegant creamy design will certainly meet your needs and imagination and won’t cost you much. Turn your small space into a perfect dwelling where you can spend some quality time alone starting today.

26. Man Cave Entertainment Center

Man Cave Entertainment Center.

Simple and elegant man cave that seems more like an entertainment center where you can spend some quality time together with your friends. Chose the right dark brown commode, the perfect flat TV for watching your favorite movies and a minimal decoration and you’ve got yourself a new elegant man cave which will definitely become your favorite resting spot. Your friends will love your new dwelling.

27. Hunting Room

man cave hunting room ideas.

Hunter lovers, we just found a man cave arranged by your taste. It reminds of a rustic style, however, it also has a farmhouse tone that wraps the place in coziness. For those who want to arrange their new or remodel their old cave in an old-fashioned way with brown and green furniture and wooden decoration, feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and use it as a startup. We promise your fellows will love the place.

28. Artistic Man Cave

man cave music room ideas.

Are you an artistic soul who wants to arrange his cave in an artistic manner? Pick your favorite musical instruments and hung them on the walls. After, add some artistic photos that matter to you and a modern furniture that will embellish the space and create a pleasant atmosphere. You will get a perfect man cave where you can enjoy creating your own art or take a rest after a long busy day.

29. Man Cave With Led Lighting

Man Cave Music Room With Led Lighting

Another artistic design for the artistic souls who dream of creating their own cave with led lighting. Follow the example of the photo and start realizing this idea today. We promise that an atmosphere like this one will certainly increase your creativity and you will create masterpieces in your new dwelling filled with musical instruments and minimal decoration.

30. Man Cave With Green Walls And Comfortable Chair

man cave room painting ideas.

We found the perfect cave you can build inside your basement or garage with refreshing green walls and a comfortable chair you can use for resting after a long busy day. Aside from the chair, you can add extra oversized furniture in unique colors and embellish your cave in a creative manner. You will enjoy spending time in your new cave alone or together with your best friends.

31. Man Cave In Sports Modern Style

man cave sports room ideas.

We have the most beautiful and modern man cave design for the sports fanatics. Are you ready to turn your boring cave into a more creative and extraordinary one? Just follow the example on the photo and pick a creamy-white furniture to refresh the entire space. After you need to pick the carpet that fits the furniture and a contrast blue walls to complete the stylish appearance of your new dwelling where you can spend some quality time alone or watching games with your friends.

32. Man Cave With A Tennis Table

Man Cave Tennis Room Design

Are you a fan of tennis? Why not create your own resting spot where you can place a small tennis table and enjoy your spare time while doing something you like? Pick a brown furniture that’s going to match the tennis table and add a minimal decoration to get a cozy atmosphere and enjoy your new favorite resting spot. We promise your friends will love your new dwelling.

33. Masculine Man Cave Ideas

Masculine Man Cave Ideas

This man cave resembles a cave in the true sense of the word. A masculine cave that meets the refined and extravagant taste of a man who knows what he wants and how to get what he wants. Do you want this cave with striking appearance? We can’t promise that a cave like this won’t cost you time and money but we can promise you will enjoy spending your spare time while swimming in your small cave pool and lose yourself from reality for a while.

34. Modern Man Cave

modern man cave bar design ideas.

Are you seeking to find an idea on hot to turn your extra large basement into the perfect resting and hanging out spot? We may help with this modern design that includes a movie theater, contemporary white leather furniture, pool table and a bar where you can share drinks with your pals on a Sunday evening. Although a cave like this seems harder to organize, when you start with landscaping, you will see that it’s easier than your thought. Just need to choose the right furniture, the proper lighting, and a minimal decoration to create a perfect dwelling like this.

35. Nature Inspired Man Cave

nature inspired man cave ideas.

For those who prefer an outdoor cave where they can enjoy the nature and grill on Sunday morning with their friends, this idea is the perfect fit. Place a BBQ outside and add a small elegant table with a few chairs where you can share a meal with your friends in your spare time and breath some fresh air.

36. Man Cave In Retro Style

Retro Man Cave Design.

You can never go wrong by choosing the retro style for landscaping you home, even when it comes to man caves. Look at the cave on the photo and we promise you won’t be able to help yourself from falling in love at first sight. Perfect creamy furniture in retro style and stone walls that create a warm atmosphere. Your friends will love this place, and so will you. Choosing the perfect minimal lighting is crucial in creating a perfect retro cave like the particular one on the photo.

37. Basement Man Cave With A Billiard Table

rustic basement man cave billiards room

Another basement cave with a billiard table, however, this one keeps the billiard table in the center of attention and it’s designed strictly for playing pool. Perfect location for a cave like this would be your basement or garage. Simple, elegant and functional and will certainly meet the taste of minimalists.

38. Bar In Rustic Style For A Man Cave


You can never go wrong by choosing the rustic style for landscaping. Are you looking for the perfect bar for your man cave where you can prepare drinks for your fellows? Pick a dark wood in a rustic style like the one we presented on the photo and wrap your cave in coziness.

39. Comfortable Man Cave With Creamy Furniture And A Fireplace


Every man dreams of owning a cozy cave with a fireplace where he won’t be bothered by his wife or anyone else and just lose himself from the world for a while. Are you dreaming of owning a cave like this too? Why not arrange your basement or some small available room in your house in this farmhouse style and create a comfortable place where you can rest alone? Chose a creamy furniture to add a warm tone and a fireplace and just enjoy your new dwelling alone or together with your friends.

40. Man Cave With Sliding Barn Door


A perfect idea that will turn every room into a comfortable man cave with a sliding barn door that marks the place in a creative and old-fashioned manner. Are you a fan of simple landscaping, oversized furniture, and wooden decoration? If yes, then this is the man cave of your dreams. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and realize it starting today. We promise you will be satisfied with the outcome.

41. Sensational Man Cave Ideas


You’re currently looking at your new favorite man cave with a sensational look that will make you and your friends fall in love with it at first sight. Follow our example and create the man cave of your dreams with blue walls, simple and comfortable furniture a perfect lighting that will allow you to enjoy every minute of your spare time spend inside your private world.

42. Solid Wood Man Cave

Solid Wood Man Cave Ideas

A cave built of solid wood is always a good idea, however, this cave seems more like a bar where you can spend your spare time drinking with your friends. Perfect choice for those who prefer wood over any other building material and a minimal decoration that highlights their refined taste in landscaping.

43. Man Cave For Automobile Lovers


Probably one of the most luxury and extraordinary man caves you’ve seen. A cave like this is perfect for those who want to keep an eye on their cars and consider themselves as automobile fanatics. You can divide your garage with glass doors and create a perfect dwelling where you can rest and watch your beloved cars. Black leather armchairs and elegant furniture are a MUST for creating a luxury atmosphere where you can enjoy your time alone or together with your friends.

44. Cool Tire Sink For A Man Cave

Tire Sinks For Man Cave

We’re presenting the coolest and most interesting tire sinks for your man cave. Just pick two tires that you don’t need anymore and turn them into sinks that will mark your place in a creative manner. Your friends will love your new bathroom design and admire your creativity.

45. Traditional Man Cave


You can never go wrong when choosing the traditional design for arranging a man cave. Add a large pool table in the center of the room, minimal decoration, and perfect lighting and you have a dwelling that will allow you to relax and enjoy playing games with your friends from time to time.

46. Tranquility And Light Idea For A Man Cave

Tranquility and light Ideas For Man Cave

A man cave like the one we’re presenting as a next example is a feast for the eyes. Are you willing to create a place where you can really rest and invite some friends over? Pick a light colored pool table, hung a few paintings that show nature landscapes and a pale gray furniture that will perfectly complete the whole atmosphere and turn your cave into the perfect resting and hanging out spot.

47. Elegant Man Cave With Minimal Lighting

Unique Man Cave Design.

Another cave with a large pool table that captivates with its elegance. You can never go wrong with choosing a dark furniture for your cave because caves are usually dark and gloomy. Adding a perfect minimal lightning is sometimes crucial in creating a pleasant atmosphere in a cave like this, so be careful and pick a minimal one that fits your furniture the best.

48. Man Cave In Vintage Style

vintage man cave designs

Just like the rustic style, vintage style is always present when it comes to landscaping because of its earth warm colors and pleasant atmosphere a vintage landscaping can make. Adding an oversized couch in light brown, table and chairs matching the couch and paint the walls in gray can make a dramatic change in your cave and turn it into the most comfortable resting spot.

49. White And Scandinavian Man Cave Ideas

White and Scandinavian Man Cave Ideas

Wide white and Scandinavian design meet the taste of those who want to arrange their cave in a classy and elegant manner. Pick an oversized leather bed and a minimal decoration, leaving the white color to overwhelm the cave. We promise you will be satisfied with the outcome at the end of the day.

50. Wine Cellar With Built-in Home Bar

Wine Cellar With Built In Home Bar

Ar you a wine lover and enthusiast who prefers a wine cellar built-in home bar over a traditional man cave? If yes, then pick this idea and start realizing it today. However, keep in mind that you can use this wine cellar only of you have a large collection of wine, otherwise, it would look lonely.


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