50 Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

10. Wood Bedroom with Grey Rug

If you want to maintain a clean look for your room without making it look too crowded, the best way you can do this is to keep your room in a wooden color. Apart from using light wood on your floors, you can keep the same theme with your shelves, bed frame, and your closet. To balance out the colors of your room, you can throw in some greys in the room. You can paint your walls a light grey color to keep the room looking bright and coordinated with one another. The addition of a grey rug, like the one in the photo, perfects the entire room.


11. White and Red Modern Bedroom

Interior designers have found a connection between the color red and one’s own psyche. They have realized that with the color red in a room, the energy level gets boosted. This is a great color option if you want to have a room that draws people in together and stimulate conversation. If you’re painting your room red, however, it is important not to overdo everything. Just like the photo, the white color balances out the intensity of the red paint. Together, the two create a harmonious appeal in the room.


12. Turquoise Bedroom with Light Wood Flooring

Another way to highlight the color blue in a bedroom is to envelope the room in different shades of blue. Turquoise is an excellent choice as it gives a serene feel to the person staying in the room. This is because it embodies the colors of the sea, giving the entire room a sense of calm. Paired with the light wooden floors, the entire room looks well put together and create a balanced atmosphere on its own.


13. Small Rich Bedroom with Wood Wall

When working with a small bedroom, it is important to give highlight to one area only so that it will not feel so stuffy inside the room. Just like in the photo, the owner of the room has given his bedroom a wood accent that goes all the way to the floor. Instead of covering the other walls with wood, the owner has decided to leave the other walls white so everything stays balanced and bright. The bed appears to be levitating as it has been intentionally designed to do so.


14. Small Bedroom with Brick Wall

For homeowners who do not like to use wood, there’s the option to adorn one side of the bedroom with bricks. This gives the entire room an industrial vibe to it that cannot be recreated by any material. The other areas of the room are kept plain so as not to contrast the brick highlight. Meanwhile, the floors are left in a natural, light wood material.


15. Sleek Modern Bedroom with Wooden Beams

If you have a spacious bedroom and you want to make it look homey, one of the best ways you can do this is by adding some wooden beams on the ceiling. This effect produces an impression that the room is bigger than it really is. And as evident on the photo, you can match the wooden beam with shelving in your room to give it a more polished look.


16. Sleek Modern Bedroom with Light Wood Floor

For a sleek-looking bedroom, you’ll never go wrong with using light wood floor in your room. The effect of the light wood on the floors can give you a blank canvas on how you wish to decorate your room. You may add an accent wall with a different style of wood against your bed. To keep things looking clean and smooth, the use of black furniture is recommended.


17. Simple Wood with White Master Bedroom

Another way you can achieve a clean-looking room without the clutter is to go all white with the room. You can use simple wood planks on your floors, which will work well with white walls and ceiling. To keep the entire room balanced, you can throw in some furniture with the same color palette as the ones you use for your floor and walls.


18. Simple Bedroom with Brick Wall

If you wish to add character into your bedroom, you can adorn one side of the room with bricks. And considering the bricks exude a reddish contrast, you can use that to your advantage and paint the other walls with the same hue. The use of natural wood in your furniture and bed can also go along really well with the colors exhibited by the brick wall. A couple of sleek black lamps can complete the look of the entire room as they go really well against the red walls.


19. Rustic Bedroom Design

If you’re the type of person who loves things to be grand and majestic, this bedroom design can inspire you. Each piece in the room speaks volumes of how amazing furniture can be. From the marble display wall to the comfortable chairs and the grandiose chandeliers, things are kept extravagant and contemporary by the owner of this room. If you want to follow the same style, you have to remember to pick out colors that go well with each other so you can achieve a sense of unity in the room.


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