50 Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

20. Rich Dark Master Bedroom

For those who want to have a bedroom that carries rich, dark colors, this is a fitting example for the room to be modeled after. The floors are left in its natural wood with rich and dark colors all throughout. The windows have an intricate pattern etched onto the wood that frames the glass. In the center of the room is the main story of the room– the bed with wooden posts that go all the way to the ceiling, giving the bed a crowning effect.



21. Ornate Master Bedroom

Another bedroom design you can copy is to have an ornate room. This is a particularly good design to follow if you are a fan of design and you want your room to speak up. Instead of using light wood on your floors, you can opt for a dark color so that it will go well with the interior you adorn your room with. You can follow the same color palette and paint your walls with it but give some areas a white wash. This will give the room enough light and a breath of fresh air.


22. Natural Bedroom Design

The natural bedroom design is especially intended for those who love the outdoors. This bedroom design idea goes well with a clean room as it has white walls, floors and a ceiling with the same color. The furniture in the room give color to it as well as the character it envelops. It is best to pick out furniture in natural wood finish to complete the overall theme of the room. This is why it is good to have a minimalist approach to the room so that it won’t get too overcrowded with colors and shapes. The effect of this room is that it has a rejuvenating feel to it that no other room design can produce.



23. Modern Bedroom with Wood Paneling

Another way to have a bedroom with a minimalist feel is to equip it with wood panel. This wood panel can be used to adorn the bed and be used instead of a headboard. Apart from being used as decoration, the panel can be used as storage for books and other items you wish to be of easy reach to you when you sleep. You can also include nightstands on both side of your bed to give the room more light.



24. Modern Bedroom with Black and Light Wood Floor Design

If you wish to incorporate color into your bedroom, the trick is to not overdo it. You have to remember to balance the colors and make them look good beside one another. Instead of picking out colors that contrast each other, go for the ones that work well so you can achieve the particular look you want for your bedroom. With the combination of colors, the light wood floor can help tone down the contrast and make things flow naturally in your bedroom.


25. Modern Bedroom with Black and Green Design

You can also use the color green to incorporate in your bedroom so you can create a modern look for it. Together with natural light wood on your floors, you can adorn the walls in green so you can incorporate your favorite color. As for the black, you can opt for a polished headboard that will go well with your bed. Pick out furniture that come in black and cream color so that the design will flow out easily. To accentuate the green color in your room, you can include the use of fresh green leaves.


26. Minimalist Grunge Bedroom

People typically say that a bedroom is an extension of one’s personality. It is the place in the home where an individual can be himself without worrying about the judgments of other people. If you are into grunge and would like to express the movement into your own bedroom, this particular bedroom design would be perfect for you. Grunge is typically characterized with the colors black and red. In this photo, these colors are well exemplified. The floors are finished in thin planks of wood painted with different shades of black to match the bedroom door and the bedframe. The sheets are in the color red, which give it the grunge-y feel in the room. To make the room look brighter, the walls are left white.


27. Masculine Bedroom with Deep Wood

There are ways to adorn a bedroom to make it look like it is owned by a man or a woman. In this particular photo, the owner of the bedroom chose to use deep wood to allow the room to suit his gender. The carpeted floors have the same symmetry throughout the room and are in shades that highlight the deep dark wood on the walls.


28. Luxurious Master Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a room and making it look luxurious, the secret is in the small details used in the room. Take the room in this photo—it is finished in simple colors that give off the illusion of a rich taste in design. The bed has frames that extend all the way to the ceiling, making it appear more grandiose than the other items in the room. The floors are left in a natural wooden hue that matches the headboard on one side of the room.


29. Low Platform Bedroom with Red Tile

If you wish to do something different with your bedroom, there’s always the option to make use of red large tiles. This bedroom follows a Japanese theme with its low platform bed in the middle of the room and the subtle details used on the headboard as well as the accent pieces fixed on the wall. To keep everything in check, the platform bed extends throughout the room, serving purpose as a place of storing books and other items. To balance the look of the room, the walls are left in white color.


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