50 Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

30. Large White and Wood Bedroom

If you’re hoping to have a bedroom that looks bright and homey, the best way to do it is by introducing light into your room. You can achieve this by using natural light wooden floors and extending this color palette with the side table and the desk in the room. The bed and the chairs are left white so as to keep things in check in the room. To add a bit of contrast, a gray mural wall hangs by the bed that matches the carpet, the curtains and the headboard.



31. Large Bedroom with Low Wood Bed

If you prefer to have a room that will have a lot of free space, the best way to do it is to have a low wood bed against a wall with an industrial feel to it. This bedroom design works best for large sized rooms as there is a lot of space to move around. At the same time, it is suitable for small rooms as there it gets rid of bulky furniture to begin with.


32. Green and White Bedroom with Chandelier

With so many different furniture designs to choose from, you can easily find one that you will like a lot. The trick here is to keep the entire room in a plain, solid color and to add an accent piece in the room in the color that you prefer. Such as the room in the photo, you can follow the same example; especially if you love the color green. You can keep everything in the room white, as it is a base color that you can easily work around with. At the same time, you can use white furniture in the room. To give the room a pop of color, you can use green sheets on the bed.



33. Dark Bedroom with Textured Wall

While there are people who prefer their bedroom to be bright and have a light color palette, there are those who go for the darker option. If you are more interested in a dark bedroom, you can still have the room designed to your liking. The only important trick you have to follow is to keep some pieces simple and in a solid color. To give the room some character, you can adorn one side of the wall with textured shapes.



34. Dark Bedroom with Modern Furniture

Another way you can have a dark bedroom without making it look too much like a period room, you can infuse it with modern furniture. You can keep the colors of the walls in a cream or beige color and go for a dark color for the floors. The furniture in the bedroom can be a mix between these two colors so you can achieve the look you are aiming for.


35. Dark Bedroom Design with Walls

You can also turn your bedroom into a hotel room by simply adorning it with luxurious materials. From the dark pieces of furniture to the intricate walls, you can easily spice up your room and make it look more comfortable than you need it to. The combination of the colors will be a great treat to your eyes as they speak of an elaborate design that will be perfect for any room.


36. Bright Green Bedroom Design

If your favorite color is green, you can still incorporate the color into your room without fearing that you’ll go overboard with the colors. The trick here is to be subtle with the use of color so that it doesn’t become too much for the room to take in, especially in a small room. What you can do is to leave your floors a smooth and glossy dark finish and cover it with a white fur rug. The walls can be left in its bare design or covered in wallpaper. The furniture can be left in white so it doesn’t overshadow any other color in the room. You can then start adding key pieces of green for your sheets, blankets and even the upholstery for a bedside chair. In the photo, a green color was used to paint the ceiling to complement the colors on the bed.


37. Bedroom with Wood Paneled

Another technique you can use to make your bedroom look cozy is to adorn it in a similar color scheme. The bedroom in the photo takes after browns and uses it for its advantage. Not only is the furniture and the bed in the same color palette, it also does the same with the wood panels on the wall. The wooden panels give a theatrical experience and feel in the room that cannot be accomplished by any other material in the same room.


38. Bedroom with White Bed

If you love the color white, you can use it to adorn your room in colors that best speak to you. This means that you can paint everything in your rom white so you have a clean-looking room that has a bright appeal to it. A good trick though is to use natural wood panels on the floor so that the white color does not overpower the interior of the room. Apart from the bed, you can opt for dark colored furniture and lamps so they give a classy change to the room. Continuing with your white theme, you can use white sheets and curtains. A standout piece in this bedroom is the white padded headboard that sits against the bed.


39. Bedroom with Very Light Wood Flooring

If you want to have a bedroom that has a bright view to it, the best way to do this is to paint your walls white. You can also add in very light wood flooring to make the room look brighter than before. With this, your room will appeal clean and free from any distractions. You can keep everything in the room neat to complete the whole look of the room.


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40. Bedroom with Low Platform