25 Creative Wall Painting Ideas to Transform Your Walls

Wall murals are a feature we commonly see outside or in public spaces but these gorgeous artworks aren’t just reserved for the outside world. Beautiful and creative wall paintings can be brought into your home to create feature walls that are a step up from your average statement colour. The scenes or patterns they depict can be carefully tailored to suit your style and be seamlessly integrated into the space with some careful interior design choices.

Murals: 25 Creative Wall Painting Ideas To Design Walls

Creative wall painting ideas


Murals can be large and expansive, taking up a whole wall, or small scale and used to highlight a specific area with a unique wall treatment. Really these artworks can be adapted to fit into any room, no matter the size or the usage, to make it feel just that little bit more special.

So, if you’ve wanted to experiment with creative wall painting ideas and designs in your home and need some inspiration here are:

1. Country Wall Mural

Airbrush drawing


This beautiful wall mural shows how a lounge, especially in a city setting, can be transported to a tranquil rural village through the power of paint. The whole wall has been painted with a realistic scene along with painted stone walls to create the optical illusion of a line of stone houses disappearing off into the distance. The fireplace has been coordinated with the mural by being clad in actual stone so it feels right at home. The room’s aesthetic is finished off with wooden floors, shelving and dining table to fit with the other natural finishes.

2. DIY Floral Wall Mural

art list of walls is very valuable as it is a unique and unique handicraft

This stunning little corner uses wall paintings to bring colour into an otherwise minimal room. If you have painting skills this style is one that you could try your hand at home to create a personal artwork depicting your favourite flowers. This style uses a very limited palette to great visual impact with shades of the peach rendering these ruffled watercolour like petals. The flowers are paired with muted green hints at leaves to bring the blooms together.


3. Asian Inspired Lounge Mural

Art Nouveau fresco

This stylish lounge has used one big statement mural to provide an Asian inspired backdrop for its brightly coloured furniture. The complex piece features a large carved stone head at its centre that spans from floor to ceiling. This main feature is accented by cherry blossoms and peonies, which provide layers of texture rendered in a variety of harmoniously clashing colours.

4. Geometric Colour Blocking

Asymmetric pattern on the wall

This whole luxurious office space has been brought together by a limited colour palette of navy blue, grey, teal and lime green. The asymmetrical colour blocked shapes have been divided by thick white borders to create this stunning large scale pattern. No bland white walls allowed in here! The rest of the space has used the neutral tones of wooden floors and furniture to let the colours really shine.

5. Pitched Attic Bedroom Mural

Bedroom in the attic

This intimate pitched attic bedroom has been styled in neutral tones, which could appear bland if left as is but, luckily, a wall mural is here to save the day! The pitched wall beside the door has been used to house a sketchy style mural with a rough, uneven background. The simply sketched design uses perspective to illustrate doorways in the background with a life sized, realistic bicycle that appears like it could be resting on the wall in the foreground. The piece provides the space with some character and sophistication that makes this room one of a kind.

6. Chalk Board Feature Wall

Chalk drawing on slate wall

Black chalkboard paint is a really clever medium to use for a wall mural because it allows you change up your room décor whenever you feel like. This style is cheap and adaptable and is even more fun if you have children that can contribute their own drawings. The wall has been paired with a tapered ladder that allows you to reach every part of the wall, which happens to look attractive at the same time. The pitch black surface can be decorated with fairy lights and other decorations that fit with the artwork that adorns it at the time.

7. Hot Pink From The Window To The Wall

Children's room for girls in oriental style

This dramatic bedroom has used a bold hot pink across every wall that even runs up onto the ceiling. The pink wave doesn’t stop there however; the bright shade has also been used in the interior design in the headboard, curtains and pillows. The all encompassing colour has been accented with white rather than the other way around as we more commonly see, which makes the space feel refreshingly new. The walls have been detailed with a delicate motif of white flowers that run across every surface to break up the colour.

8. Modern Colour Blocking

Color geometry on the wall

In a similar technique to example 4 this modern space has used dramatic colour blocking to enliven this modern space. Bold triangles in beige, light blue, yellow and forest green radiate from one another to create a collage of colour across the whole wall. This has been contrasted against white couch and polished screed floor, which all come together to create a space that is sophisticated and interesting.

9. Nature Inspired Wall Mural

Doorway decor

This rustic home has used the simple medium of paint to bring nature indoors to surround this vintage timber framed door. A mock stone skirting board acts as a natural base for this stunning realistic rendering of spindly trees and bushes. The detailed artwork has even made use of classical painting techniques such as atmospheric perspective to make the hills in the background appear far away, which gives the wall the appearance of depth. The result is a calming space that brings the peace of nature into the walls of your home.

10. Shabby Chic Mandala

Drawing colors at the head of the bed

This bedroom has made use of a rustic paint effect called colour washing in a slate grey that results in an uneven and beautiful surface texture. Your eye is drawn towards the centre of the wall by a mandala above the bed rendered in white and yellow. This detail is an easily executed DIY that you can achieve with just a stencil and cheap acrylic paint.

11. Minimalistic Compact Wall Painting

Drawing on the wall in the living room

This is another example of how a neutral, minimal interior can be enlivened using a small creative wall painting. The seating area in the corner has been decorated with a colourful, nature inspired painting that is the only source of colour within the room. The minimal, small scale painting depicts a collection of leaves, birds and flowers that raises this room from cold and clinical to sophisticated and unique.

12. Flowers Blooming Across A Black Backdrop

Floral pattern on the slate background

In a similar technique to the chalkboard wall in example 6, a temporary spray of flowers that grow from the bottom of the wall and spread across the walls surface has transformed this little dining space into something new. The pastel shades of the chalk create a dramatic artwork that maintains its soft, delicate quality. The floral collage acts as a gorgeous backdrop to the little table as you catch up with a friend over coffee.

13. Contemporary Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Accent Wall

This stunning street style urban artwork is a great example of how graffiti art is just as relevant an art form than the work you find in museums or galleries. The brightly coloured design is made up of intricately twisting lettering flanked by a tiger kitted out in a martial arts uniform. The result is cool, urban and one of a kind. The rest of the room has remained neutral with grey bedding and carpeting with white blinds and walls.

14. Grafittied Games Room

Graffiti in the game room

In a similar inspiration as the bedroom above a huge piece of graffiti style artwork stretches the entire length of this spacious games room. The street style artwork combines layers of swirled colour, original cartoon figures and distinctive text and one cohesive ribbon of bespoke spray paint art in the otherwise neutral room. This style of wall painting combined with the rooms use feels young and relevant, a space anyone would be tempted to spend time in.

15. Baseball Themed Graffiti

Graffiti Lucas

Following the graffiti theme this small, spray painted wall surrounding the entrance door is a really cool feature for a child’s bedroom. This personalized commissioned piece combines the child’s name in a dramatic graffiti font with a baseball theme forming the backdrop, complete with giant baseball sporting the MLB logo. The whole piece is surrounded by the white cornicing and skirting boards in a three dimensional frame.

16. Organic Black And White Pattern

Ink pattern on white background

This minimal lounge has used a monochrome wall motif to provide decoration without any additional colour. The stylized floral shapes sit upon twisting fantasy like stems that grow across the pristine white wall from the bottom corner. The design uses simple line work with varying line weights to create a layered, asymmetrical rife with visual interest.

17. Simple Stylized Mountain Top

Minimalistic pattern in a similar interior.

This illustrative style shows a kid’s bedroom through a minimal lens. The art style is simple almost as if the children drew it themselves, in a monochromatic pattern, which is an alternative to that is fun without being that isn’t overly bright and kitsch. The colour comes from soft furnishings, which can be changed up easily without clashing with the wall mural to vary the room’s design as your child’s tastes change.

18. Wood Paneled Portrait

Stylish fresco on a wooden wall

This unique wall mural has been painted onto white washed wood paneling rather than directly onto the plaster. This stunning feature wall has been painted with a haunting black and grey portrait that spans from floor to ceiling. The woman’s face blends into the misty mountainside and is painted in translucent layers that allow the wood grain to shine through the paint as an added element of texture.

19. Tropical Foliage

Traditional bedroom with a touch of exotic

This beautiful feature wall in this glamorous hotel room has taken inspiration from its tropical setting with a stunning view of the ocean and the palm trees surrounding it. The bamboo bed and carved wooden bedside drawers sit in front of the foliage covered wall mural that is made up of layers of bamboo and other tropical plants that overlap to create an organic tapestry of leaves. The brown, green and purple hues in the mural are echoed throughout the room in the soft furnishings, suspended ceiling and rug that makes the whole room feel coordinated. This warm and welcoming design, together with the gorgeous views on multiple sides makes anyone lucky enough to be residing in this room feel in the lap of luxury.

20. Kitsch Little Child’s Bedroom

Wall decoration in the nursery

This whimsical little kid’s bedroom is a pastel purple explosion with white furniture that stands out boldly against it. The mural bedside the bed is made up of oversized swirls of patterns with flowers and butterflies fluttering over them towards the ceiling. The pops of blue are echoed in the patterned purple bedspread and little oval sign sitting above the bed. This is the ideal wall painting for a small child’s bedroom that is both fun and stimulating.

21. Floral Wallpaper

Wall painting gives the room a bright personality

If you want the visual impact of large scale patterns without the need to hire an artist this brightly coloured wallpaper is a fun alternative to paint. The large scale floral pattern covers the entirety of the feature wall in a kaleidoscope of vivid colour. The wallpaper has been paired with pale grey floorboards and pitch black furniture which not only stands out but also contrasts the soft and bright with the hard and dark.; eclectic and modern holding hands.

22. Oversized Line Work Flowers

Wall painting in the bedroom

In a similar style to example 16 these flowers artfully use a variety of line weights to create a stylized floral display that appears to be growing out of the timber headboard. The large illustrated flowers are beautiful and richly textural without the addition of any colour to keep the room feeling minimal and sophisticated. The texture and placement is a great way to create a significant visual impact in one concentrated area to create a feature in the room.

23. One Big Statement Flower

Wall painting in watercolor

Like our second example this individual bright flower is a project you could easily take on yourself for a fully personalized, colourful wall painting. The large bloom is painted in a limited palette of pink and vivid green rendered in a variety of hues. The placement of the giant flower leaning over the minimal chair is quirky but concentrated in one place, an great example of how to decorating minimally without being boring.

24. Watercolour Splashes

Watercolor stains

This contemporary interior has thrown minimalism out the window in favour of these royal blue splashes of watercolour. This creative layering of blue splashes makes the opacity vary across the surface in an Impressionistic wave from floor to ceiling. Due to its dependency on the random quality of the paint application no two murals of this style will ever be truly the same. The feature wall has been paired with a metal stepladder to make it appear as if the artist just finished up their work and rested it there. The feature wall is the backdrop to a very contemporary room with neutral furniture in mixed materials that combines in a beautiful crescendo of colour and texture.

25. Have Your Own Adventure In Wonderland

White rabbit who is constantly late

This fabulously quirky Alice in Wonderland inspired hallway makes your home into a surreal wonderland all of your own. The vaulted passage way has been painted in a soft blue that makes the walls and ceiling blend into one another to appear as if you are surrounded by sky as you walk through. The blues carries on into the room beyond featuring a giant kettle in one corner reminiscent of the beloved classic. Tall wooden skirting boards run along either side of the passageway helps to further enhance the play on dimensions. The main event however is the large White Rabbit with his distinct pocket watch and classic quote running with you down the passage.


Creative wall painting ideas, as we have shown you, are a beautiful way to make a really impactful statement in your home. These can range from large pieces commissioned pieces that an artist can paint just for you or smaller scale projects that you can DIY at home, with either of these options you’re guaranteed to get a piece of wall art that is completely unique to you.

Playing with paint is a relatively cheap way to make your home feel truly one of a kind without the need to purchase elaborate décor or expensive statement furniture. So go on, the next time you feel your home needs a little updating why not try the humble medium of paint and see what wonders you can create.

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