29 Quick and Easy DIY Fake Fireplace Design Ideas to Perfect Your Place

Fireplaces might be pragmatic design features, but the root of their design does not always stem from pure functionality. There is always an element of aesthetics at play that needs to be integrated with the surrounding environs. The traditional fireplace – with a mantle and chimney – is an essential part of most transitional homes. The fireplaces in these spaces always have that distinctly inherent feel about them. These are more organic and natural then any modern fireplace setting created in the newer, more modern homes. Now that there are various advents in fireplace evolution, these fireplaces are certainly becoming obsolete. But there is no need for these time honored classics to be completely redundant. You can always convert them into useful decoration areas. Faux fireplace is a design element and is increasingly becoming a very popular genre in the fireplace design. So today, we would be taking a look at then diy fake fireplace design ideas that you would be able to do yourself.

29 DIY Fake Fireplace Decor Ideas that will Add Charm In Your Home

diy fake fireplace design ideas


1. Enchanted

Want to bring a little bit of magic in your own home? Well you can always take notes from this idea. Closing off the hearth and packing it with a forest of dry flower arrangements was a genius idea. Sprucing it up with some natural ambiance a la candle light was even better, and taking it a step farther, we have fairy lights weaved strategically through the dry arrangement creating a beautiful, enchanting aura. This DIY fake fireplace takes the concept of an enchanted forest and makes the best of it by playing on the salient features of this ideology. The end result is as alluring as it is magical – a work of art.

enchanted fireplace

2. Minimal

This fake fireplace uses the idea of contemporary minimalism to create a beautiful decorative piece. The headpiece on the mantle has nothing elaborate about it, but the impact is definitely there. The frosty white theme of this fake fireplace is at once austere but not inherently so. The texture inside the hearth alludes to neo-rustic meets modern in the best of ways. The placement of small fake logs inside the hearth is a nod to the long gone pragmatism of this concept. Overall this is a unique design with minimal tendencies achieved in the best possible way.


minimal fake fireplace

3. Ying and Yang

This fake fireplace might not be functional but its identity is definitely a nod to the pragmatic features of a traditional fireplace. The DIY element in this one is limited to paint and sprucing it up with a bit of decor. But the main feature of this fake fireplace design is its startling contrast and its eligible texture. The monochromatic color scheme is beautifully implemented and the contrast is rigid but flexible at the same time. The inside of the hearth is a complement to the white of the mantle.



4. Merry Lighting

In context of an original fireplace, this fake fireplace is playing on tradition. Decorated on the themes of Christmas this one would be easy to carry out on your own. All you would need is a bag of floating candles, some glass containers and mini Christmas trees. To add a bit of authenticity you can take some otherwise non-usable pieces of wood and stack them proportionately inside the hearth. The twiggy wreath on the side complements the overall brownish theme perfectly while the rein deer head becomes a visible focal point.


5. Classical DIY Fake Fireplace Design Ideas

This fake fireplace captures the timeless beauty of the classical style and you can definitely add to its elegant aura by strategically placing carefully curated designer decoration pieces – mirrors, candelabras, and trinkets – and playing on the theme of white. The golden light of the candles against the white of the scheme creates an enchanting effect.


6. From the Scratch

You can create this fireplace right from scratch in the easiest of ways. Just take a few pieces of recyclable wood, hammer them together in the formation of a faux mantle and attach it to the desired wall. This would give off a rustic, timeworn feeling to your fake fireplace while creating a truly DIY experience. You can use a vase or any vintage decoration as a center piece.


7. Dresser Effect

This fake fireplace closely resembles an Art Novoeu style dressing table. The intricate meshwork is meticulous and looks delectable in this setting. You can always crash the junkyard or a garage sale for such vintage items. All that is left is a meticulous arrangement of all these features.

dresser effect fireplace

8. Pallets

Wooden pallets are some of the foremost recyclable wooden products in the world. Using them to recreate a fake fireplace is an ingenious idea. This fireplace takes the wooden pallet stack and arranges it in a simple but effective fireplace formation. This is a standardized idea but the result can be customized. You can always add a flair of your personality in the form of sprucing up the arrangement with trinkets and baubles.


9. Nooking

Not all fake fireplaces have to be elaborate works of art. Some can be a simple, classic nooking feature. You can paint an elementary background and feature a chest of drawers and a matching armchair in front. It would create the perfect frame for an adorably designed sitting nook.


10. Shabby yet chic

Going for that ultimate shabby chic look? Well you can easily achieve that by ramping up your fake fireplace with wicker trinkets, chalkboard frames and a textured white backdrop.


11. Stylish and Attractive Fake Fireplace

stylish and attractive fake fireplace

12. Stone Fireplace Surround Ideas

stone fireplace surround ideas

13. Remodeling Ideas With Fake Electric Fireplace

remodeling ideas with fake electric fireplace

14. Modern Fake Wall Fireplace

modern fake wall fireplace

15. French Style Fake Fireplace Ideas

french style fake fireplace ideas

16. Faux Fake Fireplace For Bedroom Decoration

faux fake fireplace for bedroom decoration

17. Fake Victorian Fireplace Design

fake victorian fireplace design

18. Fake Stone Electric Fireplace

Fake Stone Electric Fireplace

19. Fake Rock Fireplace Design Ideas

Fake Rock Fireplace Design Ideas

20. Fake Fireplace Room Decor

fake fireplace room decor

21. Fake Fireplace Design For Apartment

fake fireplace design for apartment

22. Fake Cardboard Fireplace Design

fake cardboard fireplace design

23. DIY Wooden Fake Fireplace Mantel

diy wooden fake fireplace mantel

24. DIY Fake Fireplace Ideas

diy fake fireplace ideas

25. Decorative Fake Fireplace Design Ideas

Decorative Fake Fireplace Design Ideas

26. Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas

brick fireplace makeover ideas

27. Antique Fake Fireplace For Living Room

antique fake fireplace for living room

28. Amazing Modern Fake Fireplace Ideas

amazing modern fake fireplace ideas

29. Faux DIY Fake Fireplace Design Ideas With Cardboard

faux fireplace design with cardboard

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