26 Modern Corner Fireplaces to Sneak into a Corner

The corners of many rooms can end up being dead spaces that are difficult to furnish in a useful and beautiful way. Corner fireplaces are the perfect solution to fill these spaces since they add warmth, ambiance and a unique beauty to your room.

These modern designs give you the oppourtunity to transform traditional materials into something new or even make use of more innovative features like bio fires to really customise your space to suit your aesthetic and budget. Alongside the fireplace itself you can also play with the finish and material of the panel wall (the wall above the fireplace), the mantelpiece and the hearth to emphasis the modern design and make it something special.


26 Modern Corner Fireplaces to Switch Up Your Space

modern corner fireplaces ideas

So if you are intrigued by the possibilities afforded to you by these unique features here are:

1. Innovative Column Fireplaces



These chunky individual columns come in a multitude of finishes depending on what your house looks like. Apart from being adaptable and attractive these columns also have tall fireplaces wedged into the corner of the column so they project out slightly to set themselves apart. The innovative column also houses the chimney so your fireplace is beautiful and functional all in one small package.

2. Switching Up Your View

brick or wood corner fireplace

Why not change up the look of your lounge by facing the couch into the corner, not at a TV, but at the corner fireplace. A stone hearth is raised above the floor and runs alongside the chimney on both sides with a little log storage niche built in below. What makes this fireplace really beautiful is the faceted, glass-fronted fireplace with a sculptural white hood contrasting against the dark walls.


3. Blue Stone Corner Fireplace

cast-iron semicircular firebox

An unusual niche has been built into the corner of this room with calming pale blue walls. This has been furnished with one little all in one fireplace unit that has been constructed from stone that has been tinted a beautful teal shade in different textures. The black doors to the fire are tiny in comparison with beautiful black patterning across their surface that stands outs with the glow of the flames behind it.

4. Contemporary Faux Pillar Candle Fire Niche

classic fireplace

The faux corner fireplace of this minimal home has been placed where there would otherwise be a dead space. The diagonal wall brings the space in around the panel wall with a traditional timber mantel mounted against it. The angled recess is graphically striped and filled with pillar candles of different heights instead of a real fire. The little scene is completed with a pair of round crocheted cushions where you can sit and read in comfort.

5. Outdoor Corner Fireplace on the Patio

Corner arrangement on a covered terrace

This comfy lounge and its unique corner fireplace sit outside on a modern patio sheltered next to the massive BBQ. The panel wall has been angled to fill an unusual corner and faced in stone with a wooden dado rail in the centre. These are both traditional materials that are updated using the modern fireplace fitted to it. The fire has a large glass front held in a glossy steel frame that contrasts against the blue toned stone strikingly, adding beauty as well as warmth to this outdoor space.

6. Curving Stainless Steel Fireplace

Corner fireplace in a modern interior

The super modern interior plays with white and tones of warmth with silver metal accents throughout. This aesthetic is continued into the large, brushed steel corner fireplace that sits at the junction between a straight white wall and a curving orange wall that would otherwise be very difficult to furnish. Inside the thick silver frame is a large open bio fire sitting on faux logs to give you all the rustic, cozy vibes with none of the mess.

7. Modern Rustic Lounge Fireplace

corner fireplace with fireproof glass

The corner fireplace to this modern rustic lounge makes a statement purely with its white pyramidal form. The strange shape of the hood is made subtler by blending it in with the white walls. Inside the almost sculptural form is a rectangular metal framework with brushed finish holding a blazing fire in blatant contrast to its housing. A shallow mantelshelf has been built into the white frame around the fire that projects from the main form to break up the white monotony with little pieces of decor.

8. Statement Suspended Fireplace in a Courtyard

Corner gas fireplace

In this huge open courtyard the fireplace is the feature that makes the biggest impact. Instead of just suspending the hexagonal matte black fireplace by its long chimney and leaving it freestanding a corner has been built around it purely to amplify its beauty. The wall has been painted bright yellow to make the fire stand out dramatically. The fireplace itself has a distinctive polygonal shape that makes this courtyard warm and stylish at the same time.

9. Waving Tiled Corner Fireplace

country-style cottage

This stunning fireplace has been smartly used to create an intimate lounge area beside the stairwell. The undulating design steps up and waves in and out around the corner tiled in glossy white. The fireplace itself is raised up on a hearth tiled in brown radiating from the curved glass face of the fire. This contributes some sculptural details and warms the space as the heat rises through the stairwell accented with some subtle gilded details.

10. Stone Faced Corner Fireplace

Decorating a corner fireplace with decorative stone

The entirety of this large space is united by thin grey stone facing that covers the columns and the fireplace in the corner. This is another instance of a corner fireplace being used as a filler for a dead space that create a more unique lounge design into the bargain. Positioning it this way allows the fireplace to be larger while including space for a TV beside it. The panel wall faced in stone is pushed back, leaving room for a large black mantelshelf above the fire. The fire itself has a small glass faced opening with a black frame that matches the shelf.

11. Built in Stone Fireplace

Electrical Corner Fireplace

This large lounge has a unit built in around three sides in a shape that is mirrored in the ceiling. The corner wall is filled with a fireplace whose chimney is hidden within the wood paneling. Its housing may be traditional but the fireplace itself is more minimal and modern. Thick stone in a distinct green blue shade surrounds the black void with a black glass front sitting flush with it that heats the room in sleek beauty.

12. Intimate Modern Corner Fireplace

elegantly designed plaster corner fireplace

In another white room that has enveloped the fireplace in its finish with two walls built out so they meet at a sharp angle. At the apex the walls are supported by one black wrought iron leg that disappears into the black fire alcove. The hearth is formed by a little platform striped in three colours with thick fire resistant tiles on top. This shape also provides you with a large black mantelshelf above it for miscellaneous decorative items. The elegant white hood is set back and subtley mirrors the shape of the fireplace.

13. Mountainside Terrace with a Corner Fireplace

errace with corner fireplace and stunning mountain views

This stunning terrace blends the modern with the rustic to feel right at home in its mountainous setting. The snowy location is cold but makes you want to spend time outside because of the view so a fireplace has been built into the corner support column. The timber niche hosts a platform with a huge black steel fireplace sitting on top of it that warms the outdoor lounge thoroughly. The woodpile is contained within a transparent alcove, as a decorative element to finish off this idyllic scene.

14. Large Modern Stone Fireplace

Fireplace with decorative stone trim in the interior of a cozy living room

The living space of this house has ecletically decorated this modern room with wacky furniture. The open plan space needs a large fire to heat it and this corner fireplace executes that perfectly. The furniture is angled towards the corner where the awkward space has been closed off with a blue tinted stone fireplace. The fire void is wide and bricked in a modern chevron pattern with a thin mantel screening the TV from the fire. The stone surround helps insulate the heat and prevents harsh heat reaching TV but ensures that room stays warmer longer even after the fire has been put out.

15. Curved Glossy White Fireplace

Innovative technologies

This living space screams modernity with its white finishes reaching from floor to ceiling including the fireplace. A stark interior such as this needs a little helping hand to feel comfortable and homey, enter the corner fireplace. The curved white fireplace is made from polished stone rounding off the corner in one solid cylinder rising all the way through the space. Two tiny little doors in black steel open to reveal the fire nestled inside it that seeps its warmth into the space directly and gently through the insulating properties of the stone that contains it. The log pile sits beneath it with more stored in the modern stacked shelves beside it.

16. Freestanding Cylindrical Fireplace

iron fireplace stove is very popular in the Nordic countries

A dark column of black steel and fire has been tucked into the corner of this white room to heat the bright space in a comforting manner. It sits beside this unusual set of stepped shelves that create a new corner to divide the space up in a fun new way. The black form has a curved glass door that fits the contours of the fire housing, which thins out into the chimney. A wire basket filled with logs sits beside it that is convenient and pretty at the same time. In addition the fireplace sits on a round heatproof mat that both contrasts against and protects the pale floorboards.

17. Pointed Arch Stone Fireplace

Mediterranean style

The large lounge of this old home has been modernized but not in a minimal fashion. The corner fireplace mimics the arched doorways throughout the space with a pointed arched opening with a stunning carved frame running around it. The beige toned stone has curving hearth that rounds out the corner with the same stone facing the chimney to create this cohesive scene.

18. Unusual Dining Room Fireplace

Metal firebox

Secreted in a corner created by a projecting wall this matte black fireplace makes clever use of space while embuing the space with rustic comfort. It sits beside a long thin mirror, which amplifies its light to maximise on its luminescense. The round freestanding form has a curved glass door that frames the fire like a dancing form of entertainment. It is raised above the floor on two curving legs that contain the log pile between them, which in turn sits on a round heatproof matte to protect the hardwood floors. This whole collection keeps you warm while you eat dinner with the family as well as contributing to the ambiance.

19. Enormous Inky Black Fireplace


The slim black details throughout the room are drawn together by the startling tapering hood in an inky matte black finish looming over this wide fireplace. This dramatic feature is contrasted against the red brick void and the platform it sits on in a visual appealing clash between the old and the new. To keep this design pure and uncluttered the little mantelpiece has been put to one side with an arched logpile storage space secreted underneath it for ultimate convenience.

20. Glossy Black Freestanding Fireplace

rectangular fireplace stove

The beauty of a freestanding fireplace is that you can place it just about anywhere. This one has been used to furnish a wasted corner of this stripey modern purple room, set apart with the white textured wallpaper behind it. The fire within the glossy, modern finish sits inside a three sided glass fronted box, a fiery niche sitting on a black platform with a tapering hood over the top.

21. Minimal Ceramic Freestanding Fireplace

round Enbra Pegas.

Here we have a very minimal lounge with simple adornments in a beige and white colour scheme. This space is made far more interesting using a little cylindrical fireplace in the corner faced in pale terracotta tiles. The decoration is a simple little lip around the top and bottom with vented tiles over the top. The fire niche itself is unique too because it is tall and thin. The simple design adds an element of warmth and character to an otherwise plain, uninviting room.

22. Minimal Rural Corner Fireplace

Steel stove fireplace for small spaces

In this gorgeous rural home a square, freestanding fireplace has been slotted into an awkward corner formed by an exposed column. A fireplace is essential in a snowy setting such as this but, as we see here, you aren’t limited to the traditional country style design. The fire column is minimalistic and modern with a matte grey finish and two glass windows creating a fiery corner against the plain white walls. This style is simple, artful and makes this snowy home the modern rural escape of dreams.

23. Chic Corner Niche of Fire

Symmetrical corner fireplaces

This home has an incredibly modern interior from the armchair to the staircase and the subtle wall finishes. The corner shaped fireplace is formed by a niche cut out at the base raised up on a little hearth that wraps around both sides. This way you can feel and see its effects from different angles to maximise on the warmth and beauty. The thick chimney is concealed in the stepped out wall to fit with the minimal style.

24. Mountain Top Triangular Fireplace

Unusual arrangement of a symmetrical fireplace

An incredibly modern fireplace has been used to create a corner where there is not one within this dramatic pitched space sitting on a snowy mountaintop. The design chicly combines blue stone with a black sheet metal chimney. The hearth is a sharp triangle with a recessed space for the fire resting on the second step. Its position at the junction between the large, sunken lounge and the hallway means it heats multiple rooms with just one fire.

25. Updated Stone Fireplace with Gilded Edges

With your own hands

This home has cleverly used a plain corner to place this electric fire. The surround consists of a brick platform with shelves on both sides and a little niche below for log storage. The corner takes advantage of the space it provides with a deep mantelshelf complete with plug points, including one to plug in electric fire. This look could be rustic or, at worst, dated but it has been updated using a subtle lick of white paint, black marble countertops and gilded details that make it feel special.

26. Futuristic Corner Fireplace


The curving face of this fireplace rounds off the corner in stark contrast with the off white walls. The base is recessed and fitted with UV downlighters that adds an aura of spooky futurism and makes the fireplace appear to float. The curves body is faced in grey panels with a square black door in the front to keep the stylish room clean. To fit the futuristic style the smoke is funneled into a thin chrome chimney that rises up and through the ceiling.


As you can see, corner fireplaces are a feature that are far more adabtable than first meets the eye. They can be placed in the corners to completely change up the look of the room while also warming it and making it feel more inviting.

So if you have been considering adding a fireplace for your space why not consider a corner fireplace to switch up your room design in a uniquely modern way.

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