30 Best Fireplace Mantel Ideas and Designs To Brighten Up Your Home

When it comes to traditional fireplaces, the very core of their scheme comes from a proper design attention to the mantle. It is the largest and most obvious designated spot for meticulous detailing when it comes to fireplace design. Without it, the entire scheme might look incomplete, choppy and garish. Modern fireplace mantles come in a wide variety, ranging from style to style. The difference comes in design and use of materials. There are a lot of ideas and even more materials, and choosing the right context for both can be a bit tricky. Most fireplace mantles have a unique design that fits well with the accompanying interior statement. It is important that the fireplace mantle, as a feature of any room, complement its inborn aesthetic with a complementary combination. Today, we’ll be looking at fifteen awesome ideas for fireplace mantels that just might inspire you.

The Best Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Make Your House Design Look Amazing

best fireplace mantel ideas and designs


1. The Funky DIY Style

If you fancy yourself a bit of an amateur calligrapher and a perpetually homebound soul then this mantle design would fit your aesthetic perfectly. This fireplace mantle is the holding place for a plethora of small knick knacks and trinkets that make the ambiance seem lively and organic. The calligraphy photo frame on top adds that homebound feeling of easy chic while the baby blue backdrop, combined with the white of the pillars create a beautiful contrast to the setting. The entire scheme is cumulatively shabby chic, ad would seem enchanting inside any beautiful home.


2. Cottage Style

This cottage style home encapsulates the natural beauty of a rustic setting. Not only does it make use of organic stone textures, but complements it with a wooden mantle shelf. As far as fireplace mantles are concerned this delves a bit into the contemporary style but at its heart, remain organic. The addition of small bauble like the vase, and long shoes add a bit of authenticity to the entire setting without seeming too trite. The ambiance is only enhanced by the overall brownish scheme.



3. Transitional

This half-breed of a fireplace mantle is part modern and part contemporary. The starkness of the white washed walls is downplayed by the stone cladding on the face of the mantle. The potted plants alleviate the ambiance, providing a natural feature whose appearance is enhanced by round mirror in between. Natural light is also one major feature of this interior setting. Without the meticulous illumination, the fireplace mantle would seem a bit gloomy and redundant.



4. Texture

When it comes to incorporating wood in any interior, you have to be very careful about the kind you have to use. It can definitely effect the visual impact of any setting. This fireplace mantle makes exclusive use of recyclable wood in the most beautiful of ways. The careful linear formation is a bit rustic but a whole lot contemporary. The mantle shelf is a hub of careful selection of trinkets. The golden vase with the dry arrangement is the focus point of this fireplace mantle setting.

texture fireplace

5. Traditional

This traditional fireplace mantle uses rich textures and color schemes to create a powerful impact. Rather baroque in nature, it is also very well executed on the modern end. It seems ornate but not ostentatious and that simplicity makes all the difference. The flower arrangement is bright, cheery and the cherry on top of this style.


6. Kitsch

This fireplace mantle style has a rather DIY charm. It has this certain time-spun, homely feel that can only be achieved by using handcrafted elements in an interior setting. The beige scheme is wholesome and complemented by the tan complementary designs.


7. Longlace

Horizontally elongated fireplaces seem to have become all the rage these days. They have a distinctly modern aura but this one seems to tone it down with natural stone cladding and dull color schemes. It is however a beautiful contemporary fireplace mantle design.


8. Midcentury

Only a midcentury modern interior scheme can merge a retro style with a contemporary setting in such a seamless way. This fireplace mantle might be all straight lines and matt features, but the small additions of decorative bauble and accompanying furniture makes it something special.


9. Vintage Modern

A very grave juxtaposition of two styles that has been carried out in a beautiful way. The white light and breezy atmosphere elevate the kitschy designs on the fireplace mantle. The blue of the design stands out more against the starkness of an otherwise bland interior.


10. Comely

This wide frame fireplace mantle makes good use of its physique by combining it with different materials. The contrast of white brickwork with the distressed wood mantle shelf sets this piece apart. there is something very authentic about this almost but not quite rustic feature.


11. Classic

If you’re a fan of the classic then this fireplace mantle would be just the thing for your home. The aesthetic is distinctly Greek – all bright white, Doric column scheme with the requisite frieze and entablatures. The simplicity of the design is alluring and the addition of the decoration pieces on the mantle shelf makes the ambiance enchanting.


12. Gothic

This dramatic fireplace mantle depicts the gloomy aura of a gothic interior. the dark stone cladding is just the right amount of dismal, while its surroundings do an excellent job in adding character to this design.


13. Rococo

A rococo style fireplace mantle, this one garners instant attention. The detail on the shelving and pillars is extremely intricate. This fireplace would befitting of a purely traditional style interior design. The carving is marble and the starkness does not seem even a tiny bit austere.


14. Rocky

A traditional stone fireplace mantle – this one aims for pure English authenticity and creates a distinctly cottage style atmosphere. The taxidermy stag head adds the ambiance of a hunting cabin while the roaring fire in the hearth is warm and appealing, making the environ cozy and intimate even in a large scale setting.


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