26 Modern Corner Fireplaces to Sneak into a Corner


The corners of many rooms can end up being dead spaces that are difficult to furnish in a useful and beautiful way. Corner fireplaces are the perfect solution to fill these spaces since they add warmth, ambiance and a unique beauty to your room. These modern designs give you the oppourtunity to transform traditional materials … Read more

24 Classic Stone Fireplace Mantels Designs

Contemporary Rustic Living Room Fireplace

Stone is a classic material when it comes to fireplaces. Not only is it beautiful and comes in many different natural shades and marbling but it also amplifies your firepower, literally. Stone is a natural insulator so it slowly absorbs the heat of the fire and remains warm to the touch even after the fire … Read more

25 Cheap Fireplace Mantel Ideas that are Budget Friendly

Modern Monochrome Faux Fireplace

Fireplaces are a beautiful feature frames by a mantelpiece that automatically infuses your space with a sense of comfort and warmth. These mantelpieces can get expensive however due to the fact they they need to be appropriate to be in close contact with intense heat for extended periods of time. But never fear, there are … Read more

How to Build a Simple Fireplace


Fireplaces are both a paragon of functionality and aesthetics. Most of the times, however, they can be difficult to install, especially if you’re going for a rather dated extension. Bio ethanol fireplaces are pretty dominant in the modern market and contemporary design schemes, but nothing can beat the intimate coziness of a gas fireplace. Both … Read more

20 Mind-Blowing Victorian Fireplace Ideas To Beautify Your Home

classical victorian fireplace

The Victorian era was a landmark of historical richness, especially when it came to architecture – there was so much going on in terms of design; an elaborate venture of artistic expression and sculptural design combined with aesthetics. Eventually, this historical landmark was bought to a very expressive end by the preliminary promotion of the … Read more

11 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Fireplace Doors

Arched Fireplace

A more conventional way to design a fireplace has always been through stone, brick, and mortar. It was only recently, and not until the advent of industrial revolution that new materials were introduced in the words, and with that, the evolution of architectural and interior designing as we know it. There is no one standard … Read more

What Are The Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Safety Fireplace

Glass has been used as a construction material for over more than a few centuries. Even before the advent of modern technology, when it was just a brittle material with shallow aesthetically amplified applications, there were quite a few formations for it. Now, with so much innovation in construction techniques and new ways to make … Read more

25 Awesome Bio Ethanol Fireplace Ideas and Designs

Wall Mount Fireplace

Home and hearth have been intertwined concepts for the better part of existence – still are, even though times are constantly changing, and so are the compatibility of both these ideas. A house, as a single residential entity has seen so much evolution when it comes to design bases, styles, elevations, and anatomy. Similar is … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Design Your Perfect Modern Gas Fireplace


Fireplaces are usually one of the main focal point of any room, given that they are intricately connected to media walls. As such, they are usually inserted into feature walls alongside televisions, beautiful cabinetry, and other decorative features. However, the function of a fireplace is not only based on aesthetics, but also on pragmatics – … Read more