24 Classic Stone Fireplace Mantels Designs

Stone is a classic material when it comes to fireplaces. Not only is it beautiful and comes in many different natural shades and marbling but it also amplifies your firepower, literally. Stone is a natural insulator so it slowly absorbs the heat of the fire and remains warm to the touch even after the fire has been put out, making your space feel cozy for longer. Its fire resistant properties means that it can withstand prolonged heat without getting damaged as well as ensuring that any pieces of décor displayed on the mantelshelf will be sufficiently protected.

These stone mantels are often combined with an entirely stone fireplace for a cohesive look but they can also be used as isolated elements to amplify the natural beauty of the material. When it comes to actually building the fireplace you have the option to use facing or solid stone depending on your budget, since solid stone is more expensive, and the amount of weight your design can accommodate which lets you be more flexible with your design.


So if you want to imbue your space with some beautiful rustic stone goodness here are:

24 Stone Fireplace Mantels to Make Your Space Rustically Beautiful

best stone fireplace mantels ideas and designs

1. Original Stone Fireplace and Mantel

Beautiful interior of a living room with a fireplace in a private house


This tall, rustic living room has been carefully designed around the original stone fireplace that sits between two exposed beams. The body of the fireplace itself is built from rough grey stone including a raised hearth. The mantelpiece is formed by one large chunk of warm stone that cantilevers from the hood and defines itself it. The stone shade ties in with the exposed timber throughout the rest of the room to create a style that screams rustic comfort.

2. A Modern Patchwork of Stone

Bright living room with fireplace and mirror.

Here we have a very modern room that uses multiple shades of stone in different applications to decorate the space. A wall faced in smooth, golden stone faces one side with a rough, darker panel of stone facing the wall that houses the fireplace. As opposed to the traditional mantel this one utilizes one chunky slab of white stone as a lintel over the large fireplace. This whole room is a great example of how to emphasise spaces using a variety of textures in the same medium.


3. A Classic Style Carved From Stone

Fireplace decorated with limestone material

Sitting between two floor to ceiling windows this pale stone fireplace has a stone hood with a mantelpiece carved from the same, smooth material. The mantelpiece has been carved into a classic shape with a thick lintel over the top and delicate edging. The columns have been carved into curving supports that the lintel rests on. By choosing this sandstone shade and smooth texture the fireplace becomes a piece of modern, sophisticated glamour that fits this minimal interior down to a T.

4. Collaborating Stone Finishes

Gas fireplace mixes with built-in shelves

In this monochromatic living room the same tone of stone has been cleverly used in three different ways in one column based aeound the fireplace. The rough stone faced surround gives way to a smooth, polished and carved mantelshelf that is recessed on top of it. The panel wall serves as the backdrop to the mantel in a smoother iteration of the stone facing below. This whole collection also manages to coordinate with the shelving units beside it to make this lounge look effortlessly cohesive.

5. Smooth Stone Alongside the Rough


The corner of this bright living room has been outfitted with a really simple fireplace with a clean white surround and tapering hood. The mantelshelf has been built around the pure white surround on three sides for extra décor space that can be viewed from all sides. The smooth grey stone is chic and simple but defines the space well and ties in with rough stone lintel over the windows seat beside it to pull the space together.

6. Black Stone Mantel with Matching Surround


Set against the puzzle piece like stone faced feature wall this mantelpiece and surround is rendered in a darker shade of stone. The roughened black stone has a thick surround with a thin mantelpiece projecting out around the perimeter built into one slimline piece. The shallow shelf provides enough space for sparse decoration set against the beautiful grey backdrop. This room shows how beautifully you can play with the same material in different forms as well and collaborating them with timber and leather for an ultra layered design.

7. Gorgeous Stone Outdoor Fireplace Mantel

Rustic fireplaces ideas for outdoor living rooms

The basis of this stunning outdoor lounge with its curving exposed beams is the thick fireplace panel wall with a large, stone fireplace nestled within it. The cantilevered stone hearth is mirrored in the mantelpiece that is mounted against the grey stone panel wall above the fire in same stone. The mantelshelf has little carved brackets supporting its bulk with delicate vases decorating it on either side. This makes this patio the perfect place to spend a chilly evening in comfort surrounded by trees.

8. Slimline Stone Mantelshelf


The whole basis to this design is white on white on white. The thin, stone mantelshelf is carved with subtle details and held up by two rounded supports on either side. This white stone blends in with surround, hearth and panel wall, which are all built from timber. By using the same colour these materials are indistinguishable from one another so you can use stone minimally to save money. This ivory display fits perfectly around the faux grey chevron fire alcove and results in a stunning monochromatic living room design.

9. Bright and Colourful Stone Mantelpiece

Bright and Colourful Stone Mantelpiece

This fireplace is a really statement piece that stands out against the pale floors and off white walls. The tall, thin fireplace is flanked on either side by vivid blue Ionic columns with green capitals. The thick green stone mantelshelf looms over the fireplace surround accented with a strip in the same blue as the columns. The two shades are both marbled with gold and white to create a riot of texture and colour around the flames.

10. Dramatic Deep Brown Mantel

Dramatic Deep Brown Mantel

In this luxurious home the fireplace has been outfitted with a substantial mantel in a thick frame around the relatively small fire recess. The rich brown shade of the stone is marbled in a more subtle shade, which makes it impossible to ignore. The thick hearth supports the fluted columns that hold the thick mantelshelf over the top. The configuration is finished off with delicate little details that disappear into the graphic natural patternwork.

11. Fantastical Stone Corner Mantel

Fantastical Stone Corner Mantel

This corner fireplace has been outfitted with a dark, stone mantelpiece that is marbled in a darker shade that emulates twisting vines. The shallow mantelshelf running above the fire is delicately detailed with little squares that alternate between projecting out and recessing into it as an added detail. The stone mantelpiece works in tandem with the curving, rough stone faced walls that wave around the living space and results in a space that is unique and comforting.

12. Elaborate Marble Mantel

Elaborate Marble Mantel

This stunning fireplace has been built entirely from the same grey marble with white veins growing throughout it. Two thin, white fluted columns hold aloft the mantelpiece with white blocks on top. The mantelshelf is built from the same grey marble and accented with white and gold details throughout, which breaks up the monotony of the intense marbled finish. The resultant design is really ornate and beautiful especially when accompanied by the delicate metal screen in front of the roaring flames.

13. Little Fire Faced in Stone Tiles

Little Fire Faced in Stone Tiles

This simple fireplace is an all in one unit that uses the top of the rectangular prism as the mantelpiece. The cohesive style is faced in blue toned stone tiles with a hearth in the same stone to define the fireplace within the living room. The column stands out against pale wood paneling and a white wall divider to accentuate the beautiful design as a main feature in this contemporary space.

14. Immense Granite Fireplace

Immense Granite Fireplace

Here the fireplace has become the dramatic feature within this luxurious living space. The whole fire niche is surrounded in the same richly textured granite from the hearth to the surround and the projecting carved mantelshelf above. The long, wide shelf hems in the statmement design perfectly as well as giving you space for as much décor as you like over your roaring fire.

15. Contemporary Rustic Living Room Fireplace

Contemporary Rustic Living Room Fireplace

The thin grey stone mantelshelf of this fireplace sits on top of two support columns in rough grey stone with making plenty of décor space available to decorate it however you please. The same stone faces the surround for the rest of the fireplace that frames the square black fire alcove. The whole design contrasts beautifully against the clean natural tones of the room and adds an element of texture to the otherwise clean contemporary space.

16. Rustic Cottage Style Fireplace

Rustic Cottage Style Fireplace

This stunning little cottage style fireplace manages to immediately make your space feel cozy even without a fire being lit. All the elements of the fireplace have been built using different sizes and shades of stone that come together beautifully. The mantelpiece has two layers sitting on top of the natural stacked stone surround. The first layer is a thick, warm stone lintel that matches the archway over the alcove. The second layer forms the thin mantelshelf that projects off away from the form slightly to accentuate it. This whole design features a lot of textures and plays with dimension in a way that looks wholesome and rustic.

17. Super Chic Grey Stone Mantel and Surround

Super Chic Grey Stone Mantel and Surround

Within this gorgeous, pale space the fireplace takes centre stage between the floor to ceiling windows. The grey chevron recess is framed in a thick grey stone surround streaked white that doubles as the mantelpiece. A thin rim of stone projects out around the edge of the surround with a shallow shelf over the top to form the mantel in a chic and subtle manner. This design manages to be simple yet breathtaking all at the same time.

18. Contemporary White Stone

Contemporary White Stone

Just as tall windows frame the example above, this fireplace is flanked by two, tall blue bookshelves that amplify the bright white stone. The mantelpiece is shallow and simply carved so that it tapers in towards the little bricked alcove at the centre. The mantelshelf itself isn’t large enough for any décor but this design doesn’t need it, it stands on its own in all its alabaster beauty.

19. A Matching Pair

A Matching Pair

This simple design features a matching set of a mantelpiece and a floating mantelshelf in speckled white stone. The mantelpiece is rounded and carved with subtle details that are echoed in more rich detail in the shelf above. This set frames the large fireplace in a way that celebrates the fire and makes it stand out against the dark walls to create this idyllic but sophisticated scene. These can be bought premade online and simply installed yourself at home with minimal fuss and a few tools so you can have your ideal stone mantel, quick and easy!

20. Installing a Stone Faced Mantel

Installing a Stone Faced Mantel

Here we can see a stone-faced fireplace in the process of being constructed. The columns that support the double-layered mantelshelf are originally built from brick, which are cheaper but still fire resistant, with thin slivers of stone plastered to the outside. This is a money saving option that still allows you to achieve the rugged look of solid stone without breaking the bank.

21. Contrasting Stone Finishes

Contrasting Stone Finishes

This stunning fireplace has artfully collaged deep, rough stone with a polished white finish to create this aesthetically pleasing scene. The hood above the mantel is faced in a deep patchwork of stone that contrasts with the sleekly carved mantelpiece at its feet. The fire alcove is small and deep, which is emphasized by the fluted, curving columns and the archway overhead. The mantelshelf is defined with delicate details that are echoed at the foot of the columns to tie this whole look together.

22. All in One Polished Blue Stone

All in One Polished Blue Stone

A fireplace may be considered a vintage feature but in this contemporary style it is anything but! The whole piece gives the illusion that it has been carved one huge blue toned block of stone from the raised hearth, thin surround and the thick mantel itself making its way around the edge. The thickness of the shelf provides space for minimal décor that suits the space perfectly and brings an element of warmth to this bright space.

23. A Pale Stone Monolith

A Pale Stone Monolith

To tailor this stone fireplace to fit its modern location it has been built entirely from pale stone from hearth to hood. The mantel, in the same manner as the panel wall and the hearth, has been concealed within the monolith’s texture. The shallow shelf is propped up on a pair of curving supports and runs all the way around the sides of the hood with delicate details that define it in amongst all the white stone. In contrast the fire and its black surround shines brightly to complete this beautiful collection.

24. A Simple Stone Archway

A Simple Stone Archway

In some situations a traditional mantelpiece doesn’t fit with the look and an alternative must be sought. This stone archway is one such alternative. The organic shape of the white hood is complimented by the pale stone archway that steped in and out around the little red brick alcove. The resultant look is beautiful and quintessentially rustic.


Whether it’s polished and glamorous or rugged and rustic; stone is an adaptable material that lets you sculpt it (sometimes literally) to fit the precise look that you want to achieve. Its natural beauty and insulatory properties makes these mantelpieces attractive and useful, enhancing any room that they grace with their presence and wrapping you in a warm, comforting hug as soon as you set foot in the door.

So if you want to embibe your living spaces with a dramatic fiery ambiance why not consider adding a bit of stone to your life. You won’t regret it!

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