50 DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas


40. Root Sculpture For Garden Decoration


A root wooden sculpture such as this one resembling a human head will turn your garden into a mysterious and extravagant place. Your guests will spend their time observing this masterpiece and you can enjoy your unique garden that will definitely make people break their necks when passing near your house. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and search or built your natural ornament like this one starting today.

41. Rustic Wood Design Idea

rustic wood design

Made with a one planter base and multiple decorative stones, this tiny house in rustic style will win you at first sight. Perfect decoration for a fairy garden together with a couple of colorful mushrooms and low-growing flowers that complete the entire striking appearance. Everyone will admire this decoration and your creativity. Don’t hesitate on building it today.

42. Funny Man Sculpture For Garden Decoration

Sculpture For A Fun

Enough of the fairy houses and mushrooms. This funny man sculpture will perfectly fit a medium-size garden and remain as a unique decoration that will embellish the entire space in a creative manner. Are you in love with this sculpture already? Feel free to use this idea and place one of your own in your garden today.

43. Sculpture With Hammock For Garden Decoration

Sculpture With Hammocks

Another man sculpture that will make you smile every time you take a look at your garden. However, this sculpture includes a hammock tied to the man’s hand you can use to relax and stretch your legs after a long busy day and a hatchet placed near your trees. Your kids will love this old guy who’s helping in your daily obligations and keeps the garden safe.

44. Simple Elegant Fairy Design

Simple Elegant Fairy Idea

Decorate your flower pots with some costume jewelry in different colors and place beer or cola caps inside. You will get a simple yet elegant fairy design that will embellish your garden in a creative manner. Simple and easy and won’t cost you much time or money.

45. Traditional House With Pathway

Traditional House With Pathway

You can never go wrong with choosing the simple traditional house with pathway as a design for your fairy garden. Warm tiny house built from stone with grassy yard and a beautiful tree nearby will win the heart of your guests at first sight. Feel free to pick the traditional style and create an impressive miniature fairy garden today.

46. Tree Castle Decor

Tree Castle Decor

Castles are always a good choice when it comes to landscaping a garden, especially if they’re built from a tree and are similar to the one we presented on the photo. Although it seems as a simple ornament, this castle will bring a dramatic change in your yard and turn it into a place with a striking appearance. Everyone will admire the castle and your creativity even more.

47. Tree Stump Fairy Garden


Do you have a tree stump in your garden that looks lonely and destroys the entire outlook of your yard? Why not turn it into a fairy garden? Place flowers on the top of the stump and build a door inside its cracks resembling a tiny house. After you can decorate the area around the stump with decorative stones and mushrooms or other ornaments by your choice. Your tree stump will turn from a lonely piece of wood into the most charming fairy garden.

48. Trumpet Fairy House

Trumpet Fairy Houses

A trumpet fairy house builds from cement and decorative stones, covered in grass with a wooden door, placed among your low-growing flowers will undoubtedly embellish your garden in a creative and magical manner. Feel free to use this idea and create a tiny fairy house like this one today.

49. Unique Fairy Garden Idea

Unique Fairy Garden Ideas

Probably one of the most creative and unique ideas for designing your fairy garden you’ve seen. For those who are a fan of turning everyday objects into tiny houses, this one is just perfect. Follow the example in the photo and create your fairy garden today. After you can embellish it with an angel sculpture, decorative stones, and low-growing plants.

50. Unused Wine Barrel For Decoration

Unused Wine Barrel

Aside from storing your wine, barrels can be used as a decoration for the garden only if you have a large or medium-sized garden and a place to store it. Placing an unused barrel in your garden or home will definitely embellish your place in a creative manner and give your home a warm tone.
We hope we’ve helped you chose your next miniature fairy design and embellish your garden, porch or home with these 50 charming and creative DIY fairy garden ideas. Feel free to ‘steal’ one or maybe a few and realize them starting today.

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