20 Gorgeous Media Fireplace Ideas and Designs to Add Charm to Your Home

Most people are well aware of a fireplace, and instinctively know where to put it in terms of an interior context. But when someone would mention the term ‘media’ fireplace, there tends to be a lot of confusion. There are three known genres of fireplace – gas, electric and ventless. When you add media fireplace to the mix, know that it is not a specific genre but an entirely different context altogether. Media walls have been a trending concept in interior design contexts. It needs to be designed keeping the spatial context in mind – big or small, wide or narrow, modern or traditional. There are so many ways to go about arranging all media objects around a single given wall that becomes a feature of your living area. To affix a fireplace into that mix could turn that feature into either a stunning aesthetic or a crumpled, concave setting depending on how you handle the design. Today, we’ll be looking at ten ultimate media fireplace ideas and designs.

20 Best Media Fireplace Ideas and Designs that will Make Your Home Interior Unforgettable

Best Media Fireplace Ideas and Designs


1. The Stone Wall Feature

Starting with something rustic, let’s take a look at this beautiful featurette. Combining the idea of a stone fireplace with the media wall, this design perfectly blends in the two concepts while retaining the character of both ideas. The oblique angular setting of the fireplace makes it seem like a separate entity, but the careful positioning of the furniture, combined with the meticulous junction of the media wall make this a media fireplace masterpiece. Both ideas get to remain separate entities while at the same time enjoy the odd integration of this concept. This is truly a uniquely identifying and beautiful execution of the media fireplace design concept.


2. Traditional

If you’re looking for a touch of classic tradition in your media wall setting, then this low-key fixture would be the perfect blend of classy and chic for you. The use of ornamentation is very little, but the construction is done in a subtly conventional way. This would be perfectly suitable for a regular sub-urban home. The fireplace compartment within can hold a beautiful ventless, electric or even gas module fireplace. This muted media fireplace perfectly captures contemporary tradition.



3. Contemporary

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern contemporary then this media fireplace would be the perfect fit for you. It leans away from the conventional and towards boldfaced contemporary. The open shelving and lighting units are purely decorative and ornament your room without seeming florid. The fireplace is an organic addition and fits seamlessly inside this setting.



4. Vintage

Everybody loves a bit of vintage classic and that is exactly what this media fireplace is. It embraces the cozy intimacy of a traditional fireplace and combined it with the clutter-y kitsch look of a vintage interior. The bookshelves in the corner add the necessary look of cozy intimacy. The color scheme leans towards the vintage blue variety and combined with the wooden textures, create the necessary ambiance. Note that tea photo frame on the mantle can be replaced with an LCD television set.


5. Rustic

Wood is one of the major elements of a rustic style interior design. It create a warm aura that is organic and natural. This media fireplace is the perfect blend of contemporary and rustic. With the lighter shade of wood and the white washed surroundings the ambiance is decidedly leaning towards modern, but the strategic placement of knick knacks and furniture boldly remains aesthetically rustic.


6. The separation wall

Media fireplaces do not need to be firmly rooted in the featurette wall genre. They can be designed in any sort of placement given the right context. In this case, the media fireplace is designed in a neo-rustic style as the separation between the bedroom and the living area. Both of these rooms would benefit aesthetically from the careful design of such a fireplace. The dual play on the final outlook can give you a choice – use decoration or media settings above the mantle.


7. Modern

Complete with an achromatic color scheme, this media fireplace embraces the concept in full purity of its design aesthetic. Both the fireplace and media devices have become featurettes of this living area. The use of a wall mount bio ethanol fireplace adds to its simple, modern convictions and alleviate that aura of sleekness.


8. Minimalism

This simple media fireplace takes on both aesthetics and functionality without failing at either. The soft wooden texture creates a breezy atmosphere while the lighter scheme harks on the modern side. The central cabinet is the perfect device to hide all media outlets and create a serene environ when wanted. The fireplace compartment is simple yet effective.


9. Slide it shut

A design that embraces all modern technological devices but gives off a rather rustic aesthetic. The stone cladding is borderline organic but the genius concept of camouflage is just as appealing in this design. The fireplace adds to its rustic appeal and enforces an all-natural scheme.

10. Gray

This minimalistic gray media fireplace is uniquely designed. It keeps both of these functions as separate entities on the same feature wall making it distinct and appealing. The contrast of light and dark make this feature dramatic and the fire of the fireplace extra warm.


11. Wall Fireplace With LCD TV

Wall Fireplace With LCD TV

12. TV Stand With Electric Fireplace

TV Stand With Electric Fireplace

13. Real Flame Classy Entertainment Unit With Electric Fireplace

real flame classy entertainment unit with electric fireplace

14. Modern Media Wall Long Fireplace

Modern Media Wall Long Fireplace

15. Modern Fireplace With Media Design

Modern Fireplace With Media Design

16. Modern Electric Fireplace

Modern Electric Fireplace

17. Luxurious Fireplace With Media

Luxurious Fireplace With Media

18. Contemporary Electric Fireplace With Media Console

Contemporary Electric Fireplace With Media Console

19. Built In Shelves Exposed Beam Media Room

built in shelves exposed beam media room

20. Built In Custom Drywall For Entertainment

built in custom drywall for entertainment

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