24 Stunning Hanging Fireplace Ideas in Different Shape

The modern aesthetic is quite different from the traditional conventional one. Where before, there was heavy emphasis on ornamentation, and embellishment, with changing times, the tide of designs also took a turn – and have been static ever since. If any design movement became stagnant for too long, it is common sense that the lively, thriving people would become bored with it. So just like architecture, interior design has been running the gamut of several movement from century to century – there are elements that change completely, aesthetics that are revived, styles that have been converging and diverging from authenticity. Everything becomes relevant when it comes to the time, age, and the contemporary. The contemporary of these days has been leaning towards stark modernism these days, and to accommodate that aesthetic, the interior design has to be a firm counterpart. For fireplaces, this accommodating look has been progressively static, and today, we have fireplaces that hang down from the ceiling in pod like formations. These range in a wide variety from austere, to industrial, to spectacular. In this article, we would be discussing stunning hanging fireplaces in various shapes and sizes.

24 Amazing Hanging Fireplace Ideas and Designs That will Instantly Beautify your Home

Stunning Hanging Fireplace Ideas and Designs


A modern hanging fireplace is an ode to the traditional mantle piece of the past, but over the course of years, they have become an entirely new kind of beast. Where this trend started with simple wall mounting techniques, and fireplace models that could adhere to that decorative policies, it has now flourished into an entirely different genre of modern contemporary fireplaces where the ‘hanging’ part is quite literal. Though very stylistic, there is a certain linear approach when it comes to these fireplaces – most of these designs resemble each other in the functional facet of their appearance. Aesthetic matters and that is how these are steadily climbing higher on the interior decor list. So today, we’re going to look at fifteen awesome hanging fireplace designs, and elaborate on their efficacious.

1. The Tetrahedron

This hanging fireplace is more outdoor-sy than most. Its stern industrialist formation with bare steel rods and net bowl where the fire burns is pure shabby chic – with just the right amount of contemporary. Imagine fixing up this piece in your backyard, or deck, and pairing it up with a cozy set of chairs – and enjoying the roaring warmth of a licking fire. The aesthetic is rather stark for the fireplace alone, but pair it up with a cozy looking set of chairs and you could elevate it to intimate, or classy, and even classic, given the style of the furniture.

The Tetrahedron Fireplace


2. Vulcan Style

This frugal fireplace is a testament to modernism. With its stark, formal surroundings, the dark color scheme of this set plays a contrast to its surrounding, not only in color, but also in aura – where the surroundings are bare and minimalist, the fireplace itself is boasting a comely fire that is beckoning the user to come closer and find a little comfort from the chill. Overall, it is a perfect blend of the psychological impact of the place and the actual impact of the product.

Vulcan Style Fireplace

3. Warm and Cozy

This hanging fireplace may seem rather retro when it comes to surroundings, but its actual appearance is more stark than funky. This is once again due to the relative perfection of the amalgamation that has taken place between the surroundings and the products. The careful proportion of colors, and the deliberate matching of textures has made this setting wholesome, which means that even when the hanging fireplace as a product stands out on its own, it is never alone in this juxtaposed environment.


Warm and Cozy Fireplace

4. The Cone

This conical hanging fireplace is definitely something mid century modern. Its bright, popping colors paired with the setting might have made it seem a bit retro but the careful integration of wood and white paint takes that element away. The red color of the fireplace is what makes it stand out the most. Placed in a chimney, mantle fashion, this fireplace helms the start of the room, and would not work in a freestanding capacity, as the mouth of the hearth only opens on one side.

The Cone Fireplace

5. Pastels

In complete contrast to the previous one, this hanging fireplace fully embraces the vintage retro outlook. Its powder blue finish is what sets it apart and helps it be the centerpiece to any style of interior – not just classic American suburban-a, but also modernism, contemporary, and its off-shoots. This hanging fireplace also boasts a header-footer formation, where the fire burns over the pedestal, which is shaped like a round glass dining table.


6. The Kiln

This fireplace has the shape and stature of a tall brick building kiln – sans all the smoke. The black finish only reinforces that concept. Given the size and the dominant color scheme, it would be best to set up this fireplace in a more modern setting – preferably in a monochromatic color scheme. Assuming that this hanging fireplace is bio ethanol based, we can use it as a free standing product and arrange the furniture around likewise.

The Klin Fireplace

7. Paint it Red

A kitsch take on a modern piece – this hanging fireplace has a playful demeanor that is only reinforced by the setting of its surroundings – the hanging planters, the rock wall, the deep cut sitting area, and the light hearted color scheme.

Paint It Red Fireplace

8. The Square

Small yet sturdy, this hanging fireplace would be the best fit for a small sized place. Usually, a hanging fireplace caters more to a wide, open floor plan where the furniture layout could be flexible, but this one is small enough in size that it perfectly emulates the space constraints of the room perfectly.


9. The Garlic Sprout

This hanging fireplace is different in the sense that it tries to be a little more stylistic in its design approach, which makes it easily likeable. Its physique resembles a garlic sprout, and the hearth is designed in such a way that the heat of the fire would spread evenly.

The Garlic Sprout

10. Industrial

This one emulates the brutalist tendency of structural expressionism. The heavy structural formation is reminiscent of the brutalism style, and would look best in an industrial style setting.

Industrial Fireplace

11. The Liner Formation

Dropping from the ceiling in a linear fashion, this hanging fireplace is pure modernism – sleek lines, monochromatic color scheme, limited to functionality – a design that Eero Saarinen would have been proud of. Its standard simplicity is what makes it so alluring, and helps it fit in in that pure white modern setting.


12. Wide Faced Hang

The face of this hanging fireplace imitates a wide, smiling mouth that is about to spit hot embers. It also provides much more room for the fire to spread its heat, and be visible at the same time – that psychological presence is quite firmly the equivalent of mindless comfort.

Wide Faced Hang

13. The Round Belly

This hanging fireplace lies somewhere between space age, and futuristic. Its round belly holds the fire, keeps it burning, and showcases the orange glow from behind the glass. If it is bio ethanol based, then the flames could be controlled without the presence of an actual fire.

Round Belly Fireplace

14. Futurist Expressionism

This sleek, swanky fireplace is a trendsetter. Its smooth surface and smoother formation makes it easy on the eyes. The hearth compartment makes the fire bright and visible and the covering on the top and bottom makes for an interesting design expression that is both modern and contemporary.

Round Belly Fireplace

15. The Header-Footer Combo Hanging Fireplace Design

This hanging fireplace sets itself apart in design and interpretation of its concept by allocating both a hood, and a base foot for the fire to burn on. The combination of the two concepts makes it a unique freestanding object that would be both aesthetically, and pragmatically perfect for any living room.

The Header-Footer Combo

16. The Glass Tube

This hanging fireplace features another header/footer combo, but the variation in materials is far more diverse, and offers an element of transparency that has helped properly enunciate the importance of this nook. Just imagine gathering around this fireplace in the middle of winters, and the cozy environment it would create.

The Glass Tube Fireplace

17. Big Mouth Hanging Fireplace Idea

A typical hanging fireplace design, this one would be the most common in the market at any given moment – not because of its infamy, but because it comes in a variety of design that is very specific to the materials most of the hanging fireplaces are constructed in. this metal wide mouth formation is therefore, quite ubiquitous, and noteworthy in its appeal.

Big Mouth Fireplace

18. The Vulcan

Deciphering the warm glow of the fire from beneath and behind the chrome exterior and finish, this hanging fireplace is definitely a new take when it comes to design. Its finish is both matt, and shiny at the same time, allowing for a coppery sheen to showcase its modular cum curvilinear building. At the heart of its formation, a fire burns in deep orange colors, and gives off an aura of heat and pragmatic design cognition.

The Vulcan Fireplace

19. De Style

A rather stylistic approach on a conventional style, this hanging fireplace has taken on a slightly artistic application to its formation, and tried to emulate that touch with the simplistic modern setting that so defines the aura of its surrounding decor. The organic designs are complementary to the general licking outlook of a regular fire and fit in well with the design.

De Style Fireplace

20. Space Age

This fireplace is a space age Vulcan design of what Futurism was supposed to be, rather than what it is. This fireplace exudes a vintage appeal that would appeal to sci-fi lovers the most. The combination of materials to achieve this aesthetic is quite ingenious, and the final finishing is even more so.


21. Round Flame

A smaller take on the round belly hanging fireplace, this one is definitely smaller in scale, and showcases the fire tha burns in its belly.

Round Flame Hanging Fireplace

22. The Round Header-Footer Hanging Fireplace Idea

This is another take on the header-footer concept – where both the ends of the header and footer meet in a round formation, and a fire burns between. This one would definitely be the best when it comes to a modern, contemporary, or industrial setting.

The Round Header Footer Fireplace

23. Single-Plate Wide Mouth

This one would be a perfect fit for any cottage style interior, with its low height take on the hanging fireplace aesthetic.


24. Turn Fireplace

This hanging fireplace features two faces that are at a one eighty degree angle from one another, providing heat to two different corners of the room. The square-ish design makes for a hit formation, and the color scheme only complements the design.

Turn Fireplace

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