18 Awesome Marble Fireplace Ideas and Designs For Your Home

Marble is one of those uniquely natural materials that are available in a wide variety of colors in such abundance that they tend to become a cost efficient choice when it comes to making a choice for construction materials. Not only is it elegant, but its shiny sheen lends a classiness to the atmosphere that no other material can attain. But because it comes in so many colors – Black Pearl, Juperana Colombo, Amendo, Lushan Green, Gold Dragon – there are so many applications that could give off a variety of auras when it comes to designing your interiors – countertops, and furniture. One of the best uses of marble can be applicable to fireplaces. This is not exactly a modern construct. Marble has been used in facade treatment since the ancient Greek times, and still continues to be a mainstream product for not only floor finishes, but also decorative surrounding when it comes to facade treatment of a fireplace mantle. In this article we would be looking at ten awesome marble fireplace ideas and design that just might inspire you.

18 Marble Fireplace Decoration Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

best marble fireplace ideas and designs


1. Simple

The pure, unadulterated simplicity of its design is what sets this marble fireplace apart from the rest, but what adds more beauty to the mix is the contrasting green of the foliage that has been strategically set up on the mantle. This fireplace boasts a beautiful design that could not have been achieved by any material other than marble.

Simple Fireplace

2. Classic

Not entirely classical, yet not completely contemporary, this fireplace is somewhere in between the two genres – but that doesn’t mean it is not a beautiful surround façade for a fireplace. It captures the contemporary and classic beauty of both styles in its clean lines, and basic color scheme.


Classic Fireplace

3. Basics

A simple media wall cum hearth design, this marble fireplace makes use of the most basic style of marble tile, and manages to make a feature out of it. Just the right amount of traditional and contemporary, this fireplace would make for a pretty welcoming sight on those cold winter nights, as well as a nice decorative wall on those hot summer days.

Basics Fireplace


4. Warm and Cozy

The perfect consolidation of this fireplace with its surroundings is achieved by the firm contrast that adheres perfectly with the human psyche – balance is a key element, and in this design, there is just the right amount of color, combined with the right amount of white marble. The frosty bite of the marble is also taken away with the grey veins in its design, and the fire burning in the hearth would make the atmosphere the perfect combination of bright, and warm.

Warm and Cozy Fireplace

5. In the Detail

Relatively embroidered, and tailored to embrace class, this marble fireplace is a swanky counterpart to its predecessors. While simple in its physique, the marble surround is carved in just enough to emulate a perfectly adorned classical style doorway. The black strands running inherently through the façade add an extra ornamental feature that is very subtle as a design strategy, but so visible that the viewer has no choice but to appreciate the vagrant beauty of this design.

In The Detail

6. Frigidly Austere

Appropriately moody and austere at the same time, this marble fireplace is all stark, and frosty environment. The apparent juxtaposition of the cool, white marble, with the fire burning in the pit of the hearth is what makes for an alluring picture – while the overall picture is severe the warmth of the fire would be inviting; and that feature would be the turning point in this marble fireplace design.


7. Monochrome

Mixing class with swanky, these marble fireplace ideas achieves the best of both worlds by amalgamating just the right amounts of matt, with the tiniest amount of detail, in just the right places. The basic marble feature for this fireplace is the surround, done completely in black marble in the most simplistic, and unadorned of ways. The lack of embellishment is what adds class to this design, and the monochromatic color scheme manages to feature it well.


8. Carved in

Carving over the façade has been a classical architecture and interior design that has seldom been used in the neo-classic, or classical revival trend. This marble fireplace surround manages to capture the beauty of intricate layering of material combined with meticulously carved in detail in a beautiful way. The frosty white of the material is reminiscent of the ancient Greek marble facades that once captured historian’s hearts – and still do. This fireplace features an elaborately loveable design.

Carved in Fireplace

9. Blacked Out

Stylish, and not at all elaborate, this dark fireplace set features over an entire media wall. The glossy sheen of the marble is what sets it apart from the rest of its industrial surroundings and the thin strands of white running over the surface breaks the monotony of an otherwise rigid material stance. Add to that the additional bookshelf cum cupboard, and you’ve got yourself a modern masterpiece. The monochromatic color scheme helps hide the hearth of this fireplace, and when lit up with an actual fire, would make for an attractive, welcoming feature.

Blacked Out Fireplace

10. Book Matched Marble Fireplace

This modern style fireplace comes in a magnificent, and linear and meticulously arranged linear book matched marble. Each tile is carefully placed to that it immaculately mirrors its sideways counterpart. The long face of the surround adds an integrity to the entire scene that is characterized, and enhanced by the mismatched, but complementary color scheme of milk white, cum light brown facade of the marble itself. The low height of the hearth enunciates the facade and adds a panache to the entire scene. Overall, it is a beautiful design that would be befitting of any contemporary style home.

Book Matched Marble Fireplace

11. Luxurious Marble Fireplace With Nice Chandelier

luxurious marble fireplace with nice chandleier

12. Subway Marble Tile Fireplace

Subway Marble Tile Fireplace

13. Modern Minimalist Gas Fireplace

modern minimalist gas fireplace

14. Marble Fireplace Surround Design Ideas

marble fireplace surround design ideas

15. Marble Fireplace For Living Room

Marble Fireplace For Living Room

16. Cultured Marble Fireplace Surround Fireplace Tile Ideas

cultured marble fireplace surround fireplace tile ideas

17. Cream Marble Fireplace With White Shelf Fireplace Ideas

cream marble fireplace with white shelf fireplace ideas

18. Colorful Marble Fireplace Design

Colorful Marble Fireplace Design

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