20 Mind-Blowing Victorian Fireplace Ideas To Beautify Your Home

The Victorian era was a landmark of historical richness, especially when it came to architecture – there was so much going on in terms of design; an elaborate venture of artistic expression and sculptural design combined with aesthetics. Eventually, this historical landmark was bought to a very expressive end by the preliminary promotion of the Arts and Crafts movement. The average Victorian dwelling was a cozy affair with a wraparound porch, an asymmetrical plan, residential towers and turrets along with a crow’s nest. When it came to interiors, the Victorian era embraced a rustic charm that was neither simplistic nor too complicated. It did however boast a moderately ostentatious feel that was achieved by the ornateness of its furniture and the relatively moderate moldings in its interior space. The fireplace was always the central feature of a living space – sometimes designed with florid expressions but mostly I a rather restrained setting. Today, we would be looking at nine mind blowing Victorian fireplaces in light of neo-contemporary and vintage settings.

20 Awesome Victorian Fireplace Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

best victorian fireplace ideas and designs


1. Full on Classic

This traditional fireplace embodies the warm Victorian vibe, along with its intricately classical designs. The woodwork gives it a rather rustic feeling and the dark brown texture is warm. The longitudinal focus on the design allows for an extended design strategy. The mantle is not the end for this fireplace – rather the halfway point. The addition of the mirror over the hearth adds a slightly contemporary vibe, but does not take away from the vintage feel of the entire setting. This victorian fireplace is a beautiful hybrid design that leans mostly towards the Victorian style while exuding a slightly modern vibe to the entire design setting in a very clever yet subtle way.

classical victorian fireplace

2. Neo-Victorian

A neo-Victorian design that focuses on the simplicity of its environments. More often than not it is assumed that a traditional element cannot be allocated to a modern interior scheme. This victorian fireplace  design shows that any tradition, if relatively modified, can fit into the modern or contemporary scheme. There is a distinct lack of ornamentation but there is also an aura or ornateness that goes well with the standardized modern scheme without seeming too florid. The Victorian features in the fireplace are downplayed to accommodate the setting and the color scheme is just the right amount of meticulously low-key and rich.



3. White washed

When it comes to designing a Victorian fireplace, most people link the design to a rich, rustic or vintage color scheme. This fireplace amalgamates the Victorian features seamlessly with an otherwise modern setting. There is no fuss or floridness in the mix – just the right dash of classic and timeless beauty. The carvings on the mantle and hearth bring about a nostalgic vibe that makes the observer reminisces of the Victorian era, while the rest of the scheme negates the ostentatiousness of tradition with an elementary, downscaled vibe.



4. Contemporary

Another contemporary take on the Victorian fireplace. This one also amalgamates just the right amount of floridness with simplicity. There are no defining features of modernism except for the simplicity but the rich, brown texture of the fireplace along with the intricate carving and curvature are telling qualities of the Victorian era. Together, these elements make a distinctive, qualified outlook that makes the overall aesthetic of the room a little bit more appealing. The arabesque design of the mirror above the mantle adds a delicate superiority to the entire design.


5. Purely Victorian

If you’re looking for something purely Victorian, then this would be the perfect choice for you. Entirely ornate in aesthetic and overly florid in design this fireplace combines pure Victorian aesthetic with a rather elemental vibe. The design focuses on small embellishments that combine to form the whole of this fireplaces’ design. The rich texture, combined with delicate gold carvings makes this fireplace a rich design to behold.


6. Ancient

This design emulates an ancient look to the prerequisite Victorian feel. The color scheme along with the overall vibe are on par with the ancient roman and Greek architectural aesthetics. Since Victorian design took its room from the classical this is a relatively authentic imitation of all these designs. It would have to be delicately paired inside an interior – it would never go with a modern or contemporary setting.


7. Retro

If you could combine the Victorian style with vintage and kitsch, then this would be the result. The playful amalgamation of clutter-y with the not so average color scheme fit well with the Victorian design elements of the fireplace itself.

retro victorian fireplaces

8. Simple and Sweet

Another simple design – but this one differs in quality because of its material quality. The aesthetic is more authentic because of the quality of the material. It adds a dated look to the entire setting and combined with the traditional corbelling and shaft structure of the hearth, this one is here for the win.


9. Frothy

A frothy take on vintage Victorian, this style tries to emulate authenticity and embraces a bit of modernism when it comes to materials. The frost white feel would be perfectly at home in a neo-classical style interior design.

vintage Victorian fireplace

10. White Victorian Fireplace With Rich Painting

White Victorian Fireplace With Rich Painting

11. Victorian Tiled FireplaceVictorian Tiled Fireplace

12. Victorian Style Fireplace of Stone

Victorian Style Fireplace of Stone

13. Traditional Victorian Fireplace

Traditional Victorian Fireplace

14. Traditional Corner Victorian Fireplace

Traditional Corner Victorian Fireplace

15. Stylish Modern Victorian Fireplace Decor

Stylish Modern Victorian Fireplace Decor

16. Old Victorian Fireplace

Old Victorian Fireplace

17. Modern Victorian Fireplace

Modern Victorian Fireplace

18. French Style Victorian Fireplace

French Style Victorian Fireplace

19. Antique Victorian Fireplace Ideas

Antique Victorian Fireplace Ideas

20. Amazing White Victorian Fireplace Design

Amazing White Victorian Fireplace Design

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