Things to Know Before Buying Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is a step away from convention, while keeping our long ingrained customs in mind. It mimics the concept of a regular gas fireplace that exudes heat, and fumes, and elevates that concept into something newer, and better. An electric heater uses innovation in technology to imitate the basics of fire via a 3D phenomenon that retains all the charm and coziness of an actual fire, while administering a dose of modern in the mix. The technology that makes it possible for the electric heater to work so proficiently, works on the principles of differing the thermostat on heat and flame. These two entities, while mutually exclusive in a regular gas, or firewood fireplace, are not one and the same in an electric heater. An electric heater diverges these two properties, so that the heat could be controlled by a thermostat, and if or when required, the flames be kept alive as a decorative entity. This concept sets it apart from the other traditional choices.

Here, we would discuss a few things that you should be aware of, before investing in an electric heater.


1. Diversity

There are three kinds of systems that an electric heater is available in. first and foremost, we have the inserts. These are small, square in physique, and similar in size and shape to the fireplaces of the past – especially the gas module system. For those of you, who like the customization of a gas fireplace, it would be the perfect choice. These could be inserted into a regular sized fireplace, and would work just as well, while giving off a regular fireplace vibe.

The other type is an all-in-one kind of an electric fireplace. This one revisits the mantle and media stand tradition, where the electric fireplace is inserted into the hearth, or the lowest compartment of the media stand – no one would ever know that the your fireplace is not a traditional interpretation of a gas fireplace, and you could enjoy the authenticity of that convention.

The hanging fireplace is the last type, and it personifies the modern contemporary genre completely. Where traditional fireplaces were known to be not so evocative in the clean cut, edgy lines of modern, then this one would be the perfect allocation for that. Usually wall mounted, these come in elongated fixtures that are unembellished, and unadorned – alluring in their simplicity. These more often than not come in a monochromatic theme, but the variation in design makes up for the lack of variety in the color scheme. Their sleek, contemporary build only reinforces the modern.



2. Heating Capacity

Knowing the heating capacity of your electric heater is a must. If you need to heat less than 400 to 800 square feet, or if you want only an ornamental aesthetic, you can determine the model of electric heater you should purchase. An electric heater of the average size usually works on 120 volts, and climbs higher as the size of the heater, and the size of the space to be heated variate. These fireplaces offer a wide range of variety that differs in heating capacity, so you can choose one that suits with the overall compatibility of your space.

Heating Capacity


3. Aesthetic Benefits

The design possibilities for an electric fireplace are infinite. There are so many models out there, and most of them are very compatible with almost each and every interior design formation that you could imagine. From traditional to classic, modern to contemporary, there is no dearth of styles. So before you go out to buy one, just make sure to intricately study the interior design style of your home, and do mental jot downs of all the styles that would be complementary to your aesthetics. You might have to look for it a little, but the right fit is definitely out there. Know that there is wide range in installation, and that flexibility allows for a more comprehensive choice in selecting the piece that would be perfect for your home.

Aesthetic Benefits

4. Air Quality

Air quality is one of the major concerns of any household when it comes to installing fireplaces. With real, live, authentic fireplaces, the room space can converge with smog, and smoke that infiltrates the chimneys. With an automated or manual gas fireplace, there is always the drawback of air quality being infiltrated by carbon monoxide, especially if the fireplace is kept running for long periods of time in a near constant fashion.  With electric heaters, you can maintain that fresh air quality with no exposure to harmful gases or smoke – it runs on clean energy, efficiently heats up your home, and requires little maintenance.

Air Quality

5. Eco-friendly

If you’re environmentally conscious, and focused on energy efficiency, then this would be the way to go for you. Electric heaters run on clean energy – electricity – which is a renewable source of energy, and available in bulk. Although it is not completely sustainable, it does not exhume noxious gases, and neither does it run on natural gas, which burns to create carbon monoxide.

Eco Friendly

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