50 Best Bathroom Design Ideas For 2018


Classy people enjoy experimenting with most luxurious bathroom design ideas which are ideal for them. If you’re looking for an outstanding practical bathroom design ideas, there exist lots of them in the market currently and they comprise of guiding manuals on setting up that bathroom you desire. With this, you won’t disparage how imperative and remarkable your decision of a stylish washroom design is.

Fill your bathroom with startling designs that come with high-end models and quality products that look spectacular and ignite your imaginative feeling. Bathrooms are much more than just a room for cleaning. The surreptitious of saying “Yes I do” to bathroom designs with aptness is to guarantee that every single incredible bathroom make-up is not only stunning but immeasurably practical and manageable.

Consider best bathroom design ideas that make your bathroom gorgeous and magnificent. Design panache preference that fuses with other interior themes in the building. Making them seem like a parlor extension.

You will be stimulated through these high quality bathroom arrogance designs, floors, bathroom colour designs, bathroom vanities, lightings and each facet in between. Make an informed choice as the right bathroom design with our stylish and innovative bathroom ideas for both stunning master bathroom, and small space bathrooms.

1. Bring Outdoors Into Your Bathroom

Outdoors Into Your Bathroom

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Embrace bathroom design ideas that make your bathroom more spacious than it indisputably is. Allow in the outdoor serene. You require a bathroom that is tranquil and inviting. Bathroom orchestrate considerations influenced from nature is the most ideal approach to pervade bathroom space with a quieting vibe.

Overcome this by pasting a nature-3D picture window to bring the outdoors in You could supplement this by introducing a potted cascading creeper in white plant pots at the lower bathroom shelves or across, facing the tub, contingent to the bathroom layout and space available. Earthy matter like natural soft stone placed beside the plant pot. 3D window wallpapers generally come along with sundry choices of views. You might opt for a window view of white sand oceanic beach with a background of coastal palm trees. It crates the authentic impression of viewing an oceanic serene from a beach hotel glass window.

2. Use Corners save space

Do you have any idea how corners can add lots of superfluous inches to your bathroom? Use the corner for a shower stall. Sink holders on well-designed corner holders with desirable materials and correct size. Glass-made-Fins corner units and a tad of wooden work. Corner glass materials always make the bathroom look brighter and bigger.

Corner Shower Space


3. Right Fresh Code of Color

Generally, contemporary best bathroom design ideas don’t incorporate bright colors for classy bathrooms. Your choice of color for your bathroom and all its accessories like the shower curtains, bath mat, and towels should tally to bring in more relaxing and refreshing conditions.

Apprehend the philosophy that goes into making your toilet get smart shade combination. insofar as your coloration preference for the partitions, floors, cabinets and the add-ons is involved, smart color aggregate creates a cool impact to your lavatory this is extra admirable. The rule of 3 is an incredible guiding precept for growing a lavatory color scheme. Pick one impartial, one wealthy color, and one accessory. Neutrals can be mixed in one-of-a-kind ways, although. As an example, white plus cocoa brown plus mild green equals cool, easy, and traditional. However white, cocoa brown and Kelly green is energizing and uplifting.

Give your bathroom a stylish look by playing with mosaic of colourful tiles.You can opt to mix Ceramic tiles in bold combination’s like red and white, black and red, white and turquoise, white and orange, brown and lime. Match these colourful tiles with suitable sanitary ware shapes of which can be rectangular, round, oval or square.

Always match sanitary wares that have the similar shape. Also match your bathroom furniture colour to that of your mirror frame to capture attention of guest users.

red and black bathroom

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4. Wooden your bathroom

Combine wood and ceramic tiles to create a catchy urban taste. For back to nature bathrooms, the popular Antique faucets that don’t cost any special installation care. Complete it with earthly coloured ceramic tiles or prestigious marbles. This bathroom design idea is not only stylish and nostalgic, but also proves incredibly the long age superiority in appearance and quality conceived in a natural conscious way. Add natural sensation of your bathroom cabinets by bringing not just wood but oak taste that reaps the benefits of its beautiful impression and shine. Harmonize the impressive sensation and looks by adding a wooden bathtub to bring a fine tune and new luxury level into the bathroom.

wooden rustic bathroom


5. Partition Wet From Dry Areas

Do you take your shower seriously? Shower walk-in enclosure is the best thing you can have for your bathroom. Walk-in-shower has regained its popularity over the past decade by adding a new taste of stylish in the spa system.With walk-in shower in your bathroom; you’ll create solid walls that can accommodate a mirrored door on a shallow vanity.

The tiled or white painted walls, shower’s glass enclosure and sparkling surfaces reflects light around the bathroom space, it appear roomier.

Seamless glass enclosure walk-in shower allow flow of natural light between the bathroom and shower enclosure providing little visual spaces.

Add a walk-in shower improves bathroom’s beauty and utility to simply be notable through its distinctively river-rock-tiled floor and walls that are definitely visible through enclosure made from frameless glass.

Partition Wet From Dry Areas

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6. Add Bathroom Seats

Add a functional bathroom seat by incorporating a stand-alone stool in your shower stall. Stools made from teak or plastic materials are water-resistant and can be set outside the shower door –the perfect abode for other toiletries you want to keep dry and off the floor. Stack your towels on top of the seat for easy access when guests want to use them.

For bathrooms with deep soaking tub, a built-in seat – a version of the tub-side chair or a small bench placed at a perfect position outside provides you a seat as you prepare to deep yourself in the warm water bathtub.

Transform your floating vanity into a glam makeup station by adding a small stool. Tuck it underneath the floating vanity when not in use to increase floor space in the bathroom.

Bathroom With Seats


7. Bathroom Cabinets

By adding cabinets, whether fixed or freestanding, you keep your bathroom from free from muddle by opening up stretches of the bathroom floor.

Whether with doors, shelves or open to display content, bathroom cabinets that fit your space keep toiletries, medicine or towels well-arranged and organized creating smoother mornings and relaxed evening.

Make the most of the space under the sink by introducing in a voluminous cabinet with a two-tier pullout shelf. Introduce acrylic holders in cabinet’s inside-the-door for hanging stow makeup or assorted nail polish.

Go for cabinets that are designed to conveniently allow effective bathroom additional appeal and order. With numerous style and designs meant to match your bathroom decor, bathroom cabinets are also obtainable in base, corner models, wall mounted and stands alone.

Cherry Bathroom Cabinets


8. Bathroom Lighting

Stylish bathroom lighting illuminates to stunning visual of your bathroom’s best features.

Bathroom sconces mounted on the wall mirror produces a shadow free lighting for ambient light giving your bathroom a custom look.
With walk-in-shower, introduce a flush design soft directional lighting on wall mount fixtures to complement the wall and ceiling color and to provide enough headroom when taking a shower.

Position the walk-in shower beneath a skylight to allow gaze upon twinkling stars to boasts a glass door and clerestory window allowing natural light to be transmitted in and out of the shower.

Go for vanity illumination designed bulbs to reflect how you look outside the bathroom.Bring a modern look and feel to your bathroom by adding a unique light fixture that will certainly create a pleasant ambience and also control the mood inside the bathroom.

Bathroom With Stylish Lighting

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9. Bathroom Windows

From bland to grand, turn your bathroom with windows that beckon beautiful views and natural light. Wide, arched and tall, this whimsical window offers a magnificent bold decoration and hub. Add sheer curtains to lend privacy when they’re closed and also permeate the sunlight to offer dramatic outdoor view.

A high wall circular window allows you to catch a glimpse of celestial beauty while bathing in the tub adding the feeling of privacy, fantasy and freshness.

Bathroom corner window improves ventilation while expanding the look of the bathroom to offering all-out discretion to bathers. The bathrooms airy feel enhanced by aesthetic addition to a refreshing shower.

Bathroom Windows


10. Classy Bathroom Vanities

Would you like to have bathroom vanity custom made to meet your exclusive needs?

The vanity is an absolute mark of your stylish bathroom. They come in varieties of shape and sizes to choose from depending on the size of your bathroom.

Beside color and prices, consider the space of your sink counter, wall-mount or freestanding, style and storage capacity when shopping for your bathroom vanity.

A custom made detached vanity that perfectly fits the glam space suit the appealing of the lustrous, modern design plenteously provide storage space and heighten roominess illusion.

Vanity design elements of lots of drawers and lift up doors have been incorporated to increase good storage capacity.
Let your bathroom appeal with white or creamy vanity to complement color of other decor and bathroom accessories.

classy bathroom vanities


11. How About Door Less Shower

Are you the sole user of your bathroom? Think outside the box and plan for a door less shower. Door less bathroom design idea is an architectural interesting design for modern people. Partitioned with tempered-glass, the wide doorway allows convenient access to the spa set apart from the main room by a shift in flooring tile color and texture.

Packed with handsome tile treatments and pampering fittings, door less shower’s interior, heighten the bathroom’s vintage fascination and also increase the sense of your bathroom space. A showerhead placed at high curb keep the spa water from spattering outside the door less shower’s enclosure and accommodate persons of any height thereby enhancing comfortable and refreshing shower anytime of the day.

Doorless Shower

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12. The Saster Suite Retreat

Would you love to have a bigger bathroom that is connected and more open your bedroom? You would probably want to get a spectacular view of your bathroom’s freestanding bath, beautiful basins, and custom vanities from your bed.

The master suite retreat is a luxurious bathroom that features marble on every surface and sliding doors for you to open or close off from the bedroom. The room’s appeal is edging on contemporary, fresh and crisp.

Get creative and craft your master bathroom space with dark walnut cabinets, creamy limestone accents and milky walls to enhance fresh natural aesthetic.

Master Suite Retreat


13. Mirroring Your Bathroom

Mirroring your bathroom is a bright bathroom design idea.

Increase your bathroom inclusive image by bringing in an elegant bathroom mirror and avoid any oversight through its bright LED lights!
Don’t neglect your bathroom mirror to dry and cut. Portray your unique panache with classic ageless mirrors to the artistic contemporary ones.

Mirror your bathroom to make it appear bigger besides reflecting the room’s lights. Ideally fit your bathroom vanity tops or counters with an architectural bathroom mirror on a white marble base support or hang it vertically on the wall to produce high quality image when viewed from all angles.


Mirroring Your Bathroom


14. Edgy, Urban-Loft

Found in the marvellous and polished urban feel, the urban Loft bathroom design idea is extricated on the modernized stylish with its milky Espresso Brown varnish.

Elegant, unpretentious and in due course tasteful, the vital bravura of Urban Loft’s white quartz marble tops, oval white sink, flat doors and freestanding vanity is a honed up-to-the-minute turn, popular intriguing hit in luxurious category.

Its wooden unit base slides painted glossy- white, provides storage for your bathroom accessories whereas beauty salon-like illumination is produced by a light beams.

Urban Loft Bathroom


15. Earthy Modern Bathroom

Furnished with wood patterned-accent tiles and warm brown earthy hue-beige, this bathroom design idea inspires a sense of comfort and cordiality in spacious bathrooms.

The abiding combination Black floor tiles and white walls color design banks on the thriving clean lines and color palette to conquer a lustrous stylish look.

Fitted amid binary pieces of glass, an enormous onyx brings an astonishing shower screen and the bathroom wall into one.

With the sparkling clean toilet, shower cabin, a double sink counter top, before a wall-mounted mirror and wall cabinets, this modern bathroom concept validates how objectively slight space can effectively be utilized in a purposeful way. The utmost remarkable thing in this design is a built-in bathtub– an all-glass with a see- through vintage lying contentedly in the space that regards natural veining ads and the earthy palette.

Coalesce to this model refinement with the modernized bathroom design to realize a stagier up shot.

It is set in pure white, sea foam blue and light wood textures that are all in perfect harmony.

Earthy Modern Bathroom

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16. Exotic Ambience Bathroom

Enhance your bathroom’s ambience architectural space sorts and supplement the shower recess patterned tiles with an Art Deco style mirror.

Include warmth and quality with limestone floor under a limestone edge behind profound showering tub for divider mount spigot and washing frill.

Bring on board an ethnic-vibe to a spa feeling by fixing a Moroccan smooth luxurious washing tub to bring an intricate exotic unadorned pattern ambience.

With this alongside a cool oval tub in a rosewood veneer clear lacquer coat and a ceiling-steed spout flowing water, the bath spa creates a sensation of exotic scene.

Exotic Ambience Bathroom


17. Contemporary Bathroom With Concrete

Make an audacious flooring design with black and white geometric flooring tiles to bring about a textural, exceedingly unique and classy bathroom.

This ideal bathroom design idea features gray walls, ceramic floors, a cast-concrete vessel sink, a freestanding tub, flat-panel middling tone wood cabinets, wooden countertops and block wall covered directly by a veneer of brick finish coat.

This bathroom design idea brings about with poise a combination of classic aspect seen in the mirrors with modern flooring and vanity.
Concrete bathroom design is solid in its own edifice offering an irresistible contemporary requirement and rejuvenating energy efficient stylish spa.

Contemporary Bathroom With Concrete


18. Bathroom With Angular Geometry

Temper your bathroom’s effect of corners and angles by combining your bathroom curves to make it an inspirational contemporary model.
Two sinks on the principal wall with drawers beneath and other angular walls with shelves, counters and cabinets under.

The prominence on the curves or angular shapes is to convey moniker element of art deco elegance and highlight the exquisite patterns created.

Define this bathroom design using reflective surfaces and contrasting textures. Wall-mounted mirrors above the counters and sinks and marble and wood making up the counters and vanities underlines the bathroom’s geometry to give a calming yet carnal lovely bathroom.

Bathroom With Angular Gemoetry


19. Floating Elements Bathroom

This upper- level bathroom design idea hoists the room’s components as they are seen to float. The limestone countertop slabs, tub and sink touching only at rifling area on the wall critical to the room’s unfixed impression.

The Floating Vanity tot up to the modishness of an open bathroom and solves the jumble sense of a limited floor space needed leg room.

A sink and a cabinet below it are considered as part and parcel of most bathrooms and this is where a choice for custom fitting floating cabinet and vanity designs to fit in flawlessly even in the small bathroom space is crucial.

Go for a retro look with a splash of colour to align all elements in a precise fashion fixed in an appropriate position and absolutely parallel to the ground.

Floating Elements Bathroom

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20. Victorian Detailed Bathroom

The Victorian bathroom design is a Classic Victorian idea since 1880s subsequent to tin baths in next to fire outside to the lavatory.
With a claw footed and free standing bath bordered by curare marble, it may have a straight end where inlet water taps are positioned to allow it to be fixed on the wall in case the bathroom has limited space to have it in positioned in the middle of the bathroom.

Choose your favorite rich color purples and deep burgundy for the claw foots that marry well with the walls and floor metro brick tiles to create a smooth and cool spa sense in that space.

Classic and remarkable preference of black and white tiles or even warmer floorboards flooring is the most ideal for Victorian bathroom. Add color and warmth to the walls with wooden paneling for convenient painting. Bathroom seat or a stool is a great to throw your towel to rest a glass of wine as you marinate in that elegant warm water tub.

Victorian Bathroom Idea


21. Roman Detailed Bathroom

Roman bathroom design comes with a mix of marble columns under light brown tiles and the polished classiness of stained glass that reflects its own timeless heritage.

The color match of green accessories and brown flooring and walls gives a total renew from an era style to a more contemporary bathroom.
Make the bathroom look airy and bright using mirrored cabinets and LED lights that illuminate the white glossy tiles as you bath under an elegant Roman architecturally designed power shower and stylish finishing that is magical and enjoyable.

How about creating a rounded walk-in Roman shower in your spacious bathrooms to make a grand totting up to master bath? Add manifold shower heads inside the walk-in shower to produce water works from each angle.

Roman Detailed Bathroom


22. Japanese Bathroom Influence

Japanese bathroom design has a propensity to integrate exceptional, contemporary accompaniments along with Japanese customary aspects of architecture to craft a revitalizing and the popular use of stone and wood in the Japanese bathroom design and also combination of artificial elements, not only bring the outdoor natural world into the space but also bring about seamless soothing effect.

For privacy and complementary ocular factor, screens with stilted wooden frames that harmonize the use of woods in the bathroom furniture plus the natural plant and stone features.

Add incredible credence to the overall design, by offsetting other furniture and screen’s angularity with gallantly curving sinks and bowl-like designed tubs.

Creating an entirely enclosed glass shower or opened one retains the visual scheme from other obstructions.

Japanese Bathroom Influence


23. Serene Natural Bathroom

Tranquillity and simplicity encase this bathroom design.

Create a dramatic experience by using a rich colour and blend silky and coarse textures. Slate floors and walls, a custom-made console-design vanity holding up a granite vessel sink endow with innately earthy texture and fine colour.

Fuse with sparkling lines. Wood-toned vanity is affix to Japanese-instigated style, lashed conveniently into natural tone.

Have your vanity tops covered with stone in a Zen-design bath, or you can clinch to solid colours to match with cabinetry or flooring.

Turn your bathroom into a calming retreat. Get into your hot shower or soak in a tub at the end of your stressful or busy day and make the most of a feeling of serenity.

Serene Natural Bathroom


24. Spa Escape

Take inspiration from hotel spas and transform your bathroom where you can lighten up and take pleasure in a spa-like experience from your own home.

For a sensational, desire-stir up space, fix heated floors and take the errand of bathing and turn it into a deluxe bustle—especially during frosty days of winter.

A Cadet Whirlpool bath or double-ended bath for two persons to unwind with Aromatherapy candles lit on the edges where they cast an ambient glow to the bather in the bath tub and a bottle of wine or champagne. Wine glasses for two complete it all to create a spa-like vibe for you.

Make your Whirlpool Tuba clean and microbial free system simply for relaxing – no scrubbing.

Use pebble tiles on the flooring and on the walls with rich colors – red and gold to create an incredible impression and also calm serenity
A soft chill-out instrumental music and a few leafy plants on your bathroom shelves or vanity tops will add a sensational feeling as well as organic accent

Spa Escape Bathroom Design


25. Italian-Style Master Bath

This bathroom design is generated from Italian talent to create attention to detail blended with a touch of simplicity to produce breathe of new life into your bathroom.

Designed for classy people, the Italian style bathroom interior is an inclusive system of harmonized and incorporated space for ergonomic, agile and advanced; this room motivates an individual to crave for spa relaxation every day.

Expend your quiet moments in an Italian freeform elegantly formed pedestal bathtub. The permutation of cube or half-spherical vanity basins a free system of accessories and cabinets will give an exceptional bathroom island that has practical rudiments to enjoy unrestricted play.

Inspire your senses with the distinguished high quality designing materials – teak wood, and Italian Ecomalta, with clean lines that invites to the soak serenity.

Make this bathroom appear classic to aptness by installing art-glass windows, stone tile floor, and a frameless shower doors to put in an old-world look.

Italian Style Bathroom



26. Historical Master Bathroom

This bathroom design esteems the honor classic aesthetics of the age time.

With its curtain panels running floor-to-ceiling, naval charts coat the walls, ash flooring and pedestal sinks in this ancient-world-flash bathroom, this magnificently allotted retreat suit yours old-world elegance and sensibilities a sense of timelessness. Plainer style is carefully picked to minimize visual impact of modern elements.

A freestanding bath tub trimmed with copper, and a vanity with a drop-in sink is a good model for these bathrooms.

The colors of the wall charts tone well with the soft limestone countertops, white cabinets, and the sandy-tinged ceramic tiles around the tub and shower stall.

The classic styling and striking architecture, soothing hues, mirrors and sophistications qualifies this bath appropriate for the ages.

Historical Master Bathroom


27. Country Western Bathroom

This bathroom idea are popular farming and ranching homes which are furnished with prominent natural materials with relaxed theme cowboy and down home designs decor that adds visual interest and great personality to the bathroom space.

Vanished rustic wood vanities with smooth knotty lines and designed to attribute natural surfaces, country-style, and a casual loom to bring warmth and convivial sense in the bath space.

Featured on the vanity tops windowsills and shelving are sculptures or framed pictures of cowboys, horses in pastoral ranch landscape, wolves, and bears to bring about more natural feel country theme.

Wood and stone are incorporated to make bathroom accessories such as storage bins for toiletries, soap dishes, moisturizer dispensers and barroom supplies such as shower curtains, towels and mats are widely available in rustic colour themes.

Country Western Bathroom


28. Cottage Bathroom

With prominent feature of bead board on cabinets and walls, cottage-design bathroom are common in seaside or vacation buildings.
Substantial Classic pedestal sinks regularly featuring in white porcelain with time-honoured metal hardware adds some credence to the overall bathroom design.
White painted wood is used to add visual interest contrast, and essence to the bright space especially when coalesced with bright colour theme on countertops and cross beams. The blue colour theme brings the outdoor sky aspect into the cottage bath space.
A contrasting confident patterns or colours on floor tiles liven up the space, distressed furniture to insinuate a sea-aged aesthetic.

Cottage Bahroom Design Ideas

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29. Coastal Bathrooms

Coastal bathroom designs are prominent in seaside town buildings other continental homes and hotels whose owners have a soft spot for beach-like styles and coastal elements. Bring a little summer beach magnificence into your bathroom by introducing a beach and nautical theme designs.

With the airy styles and nautical patterns, bright light colors are most ideal for beach themes, to explore a Soft range of blues and whites that that are welcoming to the bathroom space.

Nautical patterns of blue and white integrated beautifully on accessories or linens for a sea-faring feel.

Accessories such as decorative coral artifacts on windowsills and seashell soap, sea-sponge suspend strategically on the shower rail bring and soothing beach-themed artwork an illusion of the oceanic impression to the bathroom.

Tile backsplashes with mosaic depicting ocean scenes or blue painted walls instantaneously invokes unplugged and relaxed elegance.
Illuminate surfaces, sinks, storage areas and shower with ambient, Track lighting or accent positioned above and below vanities and cabinets.

Feature sea life designs and artwork on bath mats, bathroom seat cushions, shower curtains linens, and curtains. The themes on the artwork can be photography of sailing ships, wide oceanic Palm Beach and fishing scenes to progress the lived-in of the coastal theme.

Coastal Bathroom Design


30. Eclectic Bathrooms

Eclectic bathroom design is well-known by illustrations of mix and match aspects from several complementary or contrasting styles.
The design is predominantly deal for hallways or next to guest rooms in half or three-quarter baths or guest rooms that stand alone, rather detached from the largely aesthetic plan of the rest of the house.

Smooth wall tiles contrasted with an archetypal claw-footed tub on a modern stand, archaic tub-filler system and enclosed pedestal sink basin on vanity or a cabinet brings complementary effect to the bath space.

Add natural elements such as unfinished natural wood for bathroom seats, storage cabinets and mirror frames, or contrast with bright, light countertops and tiles to create an eclectic feel.

Electic Bathroom Design


31. Tuscan Bathroom design

This bathroom design idea originates from Italy’s fabled Tuscany region. Renowned for its distinctive architecture and beauty, it encompasses a rustic blend of textures and natural themes.

With its popular color themes of Ochre, soothing Mediterranean blues and terracotta, Tuscan-style bathroom surfaces are lusterless rather than sleek or flashy in appearance.

The lusterless theme in the Tuscan Bathroom brings about relaxed and soothes elegance that brings feeling of being in a vacation villa.

With its airy and light translucent window covering, natural light beams which is an imperative element in this bathroom design illuminates the surfaces, matte stone countertops, rustic benches and natural components such as potted plant or flowers on the window boxes.

Marble flooring, hand-painted natural sandy colors add some style and wall’s art work and garden scenes, all add to the laid-back feel to the Tuscan bathroom design.

Tuscan Bathroom Design


32. Arts and Crafts Bathrooms

Arts and Crafts bathroom designs are featured by wood mirrors vanity and cabinets that have been made in Arts and Crafts style elements to create a timeless and classic bath space.

Its porcelain pedestal sinks which common facets of Arts and Crafts style bathrooms add some essence and weight to the design and blends with the natural wood tinges of mirror frames and cabinets.

Tile flooring with black and white mosaic patterns are an ideal harmonizer to the pedestal sinks and wooden cabinets, as they’re obtainable in a variety of hues and shapes.

A bowl-shaped porcelain tub or claw-foot tub acts as the bathroom’s focal point combined with a copper finishing attach extend the classic timeless feel and visual interest, of the Arts and Crafts bathroom.

Arts and Crafts Bathroom Design


33. Spanish-Style Bathrooms

Spanish Style is one of the best bathroom design idea which integrates idiosyncratic qualities like sunny colours – orange, yellow, bold red hues and terra cotta tiles. The profuse use of terracotta tiles on countertops, tabletop surfaces and flooring takes after elaborate backsplashes and entire walls to intricate the gorgeous mosaic art work.

Spain’s Moorish artefact of arched architecture is featured in windows, doorways to toilet stalls. The curved style is also reflected in the design of furniture and mirror frames to make the bath space soothing yet lively.

Furniture is often fairly rustic and built from hardwood that is painted in bold and bright colours to bring inside a tad of the outdoors and highlight an association to the Mediterranean region’s natural magnificence.

Textures and bold patterns are also key features of Spanish-style bathroom design to artfully convey seaside scenes or pastoral in addition to abstract patterns in exciting colour theme. Add texture to the walls by featuring stucco and also fringe on window curtains and furniture cushions to enhance visually discrete texture.

Spanish Style Bathroom


34. Mediterranean-Style Bathroom Design

Mediterranean-style bathroom design takes after the relaxed a snug style establishes in homes of countries along coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean design has a tendency to incorporate colours motivated by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean regions. Colours such as rusty reds and browns, in addition to bright, sun-washed hues together with warm yellows, bright turquoises, crisp whites and brilliant blues are emphasized as a main scheme on floors, walls and ceilings and are also used as intonations right through the design, accessories, linens, and on backsplashes.

Traditional terracotta-style tile are found on sink tops, in showers, counters, as well as cabinets.

The furniture – bathroom seats, cabinets and vanity are made of natural wood painted in trademark Mediterranean colours to add a colour-saturated and lively element to the design.

The doorways or bathroom entrances and shower stalls are curved or arched. Terracotta features depicts scenes of inside-sea-life and abstract patterns intricate artwork on curtains and linens in a unique classic architectural style.

Walls are textured by applied stucco marrying well with inlaid furniture decorative patterns, plus unique adornment like expertly carved chairs or tables’ arms and legs to continue the highly wrought style that is relaxed and elegant.

Mediterranean-Style Bathroom Design


35. Transitional Bathrooms

Transitional bathrooms design integrates modern design elements with traditional approaches.

This bathroom design employ clean lines and a soothing style without using undue overly bold flourishes. The common color schemes – beige, white and light, Tan, grey; all tend to remain to the classics as they pull together the modern and traditional styles of other accessories and fixtures.

For an understated but classic look, marble or natural stone make up flooring and countertops. Midcentury contemporary cabinets paired with traditional features such as natural wood bathroom seats and classic pedestal sink are ideal to create an appealing and visually unique bath space. Placing your bathtub by the window makes the bathing experience doubly relaxing.

Transitional Bathrooms


36. Black and White Bathrooms

Black and white bathrooms design is a great way to uphold stylistic minimalism. They also facilitate experimentation with any design without nerve-racking about color matching.

The bathroom walls with wallpapers in a ticking style create enormous visual interest in clear-cut design.

Wall tiles in bony strips of black and white, sited near eye level, extending around the bathroom add much visual punch.

A porcelain white tub and sink is used to give a traditional look that suits taste for classic style. For modern tastes, a black toilet or tub is definitely an option to fall for while classic claw foot tub is best for vintage taste.

Accessories carry on the black-and-white furnish theme in the bathroom. Jars for toiletries, linen storage baskets, pots or vases, and artwork are widely in black-and-white designs.

Black and White Bathrooms


37. Rustic Bathroom

Rustic bathroom design is for those whose style is inclined towards unmoved country comfort s well as for those champs who would love rustic design 5o bring the sense of outdoor in their bathrooms.

For all rustic bathrooms, wood is the main material used and best for walls. Also bead board paneling stained to the owner’s taste and preference along with ornamental wainscoting makes the bathroom more welcoming and relaxing.

Tones such as golden browns and greens are fundamental for a rustic feel whether for staining or painting.

The rustic bathroom’s elements such as ceramic pedestal sink with metallic faucet integrates well with accessories that complement wrought iron and wooden features used in other elements – from shelving to mirror frames.

Black and White Bathrooms


38. French Country Bathroom Design

French country bathroom design features a soothing blend of style, romance and comfort. This design is stirred by the unperturbed elegant style establish in the French country domains of the 19th century.

Prominent colors for a French country bathroom are browns, greens soft blues, and yellows.

Gentle but lively colors as well as natural and earth tones are best with this simultaneously elegant and relaxed style. Colors can be set out through wall paint, countertops and flooring, or accessories, and as well incorporate a primary color right through the design.

Cabinet style generally incorporates crown mounding, ornate raised woodworking, or cut-outs, making it to be similar to cabinetry that that are on armoires, dressers or other classic furniture pieces. Bathroom seats are often antique replicas in the style. Ornately tufted seats with carved arms and legs combine with other down-to-earth designs for dressing tables, to reflect a country fashion.

Natural wood shelving, storage units or wicker baskets combine well with the more formal aspects of the space and offers a country approach to the bath space. Consider a primary colour scheme for the walls to integrate design elements such as tile work or wallpaper. The wallpaper feature natural scenes in period-accurate designs like-toilet.

French Country Bathroom Design


39. Shabby chic bathroom

Shabby chic bathroom designs add a comfy, welcoming and relaxing space. The unofficial nature of a shabby chic bathroom offers the ability to blend and match elements and decor for an elegant and unmoved style.

The design is well known to feature a mix of decor and furniture pieces that are either naturally weathered or which have been artificially weathered. The impression realized by this blend of well-used and well-loved elements and ornamentations is one of casual lavishness — shabby chic designs offer a comfortable welcoming and informal air bath space.

Antique furniture pieces such as bathroom seats, cabinets or under-sink cabinets and countertops combined with sinks perched on former dressing tables or chests of drawers for a casual, repurposed impression. This furniture is a mix of wood and metal represents more traditional or classic style as opposed to more modern or contemporary ones

Bathroom accessories, lighting fixtures, artwork, mirrors and other ornamental items for shelving or windowsills are all of vintage styles.



40. Open Plan Bathroom

Open plan bathroom design brings the joy of taking shower in the same room where you sleep. This has come to be a prominent attribute in luxury hotels all around the world.

Erected glass-walled that act as a room divider and without curtains and mounting peek-a-boo showers permit natural light to break in through the space, air to freely flow implying logistical self consciousness especially when sharing the room with people never intended to strip before.

The in-room tubs add another aspect to the show. This offers the somewhat sexy unique circumstance suite one might rent.

The open-plan bathroom design gets the most out of floor space and permits both natural and bulb light to illuminate surfaces in the room.
Smack in the central point of its top-floor suite is a floating claw-footed bathtub that seem to be part of the furniture.

The open plan bathroom is more ideal for youthful and elegant who would love to open up their living spaces and also turn their bathrooms into spa-like central points.

Open Plan Bathroom


41. Kids’ Bathroom

Kids’ bathrooms are designed for children whose parents would want their children to start appreciating their own privacy and also for convenience purposes especially when there is a separate bedroom for the kids.

For every parent, safety of their children is their first priority. Kid’s bathroom therefore needs to be packed with safety products of which most of them come in several designs.

Tub mats, for instance, prevents instances of children slipping on the smooth flooring tiles or in the bath, the same is true to pads that is stuck to the bottom of the tub.

The color scheme for these bathrooms should blend with the kid’s bathroom scheme especially when bathroom be next the bedroom. Therefore the same color theme need to be continued on through.

Avoid making the bathroom look too busy by use of shower curtains and wall papers. Instead, fix character-motivating shower curtain just adjacent to a painted wall in a harmonizing color with a theme boarder.

Shampoo bottles, theme toothbrushes, fixtures and towels that come in matching colors would definitely add to the unified look.
Drain and faucet covers prevent children from accidentally banging against metal edges when taking a bath or turning on the hot water by accident.

Install toilets with snapping lids to prevent curious kids to come upon a potential drowning hazard.

Kids Bathroom Design


42. Handicap Accessible Bathroom

This bathroom design minimizes accessibility challenges for people who are physically challenged particularly those who use wheelchairs.
Portable bathroom seats such as a plastic chair or small stools in the shower are essential for the bather for sitting while enjoying the shower. Attached to the wall fold-down seats or built-in benches make a great option for bathrooms with open or enclosed shower stalls
Installed stylish grab bars in showers or on the wall close to the bath tub allows flexibility and makes a great addition to accommodate the bather by offering support and stability.

Hand held showers of about 50-60-inches hose are also of vital good especially for bathers who use wheelchairs and are challenged to stand on their feet while bathing.

For bathers who love a relaxing soak, a walk-in tub provides convenient bathers with stiff limb joints access to the bath tub fixed with a single-handle faucet allows easy adjustment for the water flowing into the bath tub with no tight twist or grasps.

For the toilets, add height to the toilet for the user to sit comfortably and convenient transfer to and fro the wheelchair by installing thicker toilet seats.

For bathers who use wheelchairs, light switches with push button should be positioned to their convenient reach to create an easy access to the bathroom

Handicap Accessible Bathroom


43. Arabic Bathroom design

Arabic bathroom design takes bathroom styling and décor the next level. With their communal bathing culture the bathrooms elements and structures inside are bedazzling state-of-the art. Arabic Bathroom designs Arabic bathroom design takes bathroom styling and décor the next level. With their communal bathing culture the bathrooms elements and structures inside are bedazzling state-of-the art. From the bathroom curved doorways, fixtures and stylish tiled walls, an Arabic impressive elegance and array is portrayed. A combination of lime motor, buffed up stone and black Marseilles soap coat is tinted with natural powder is spin into perceptible curves and finally applied into the bath space. The embellishment of this washroom proxy the porcelain bathe elements made of copper. The bath tub is for the most part adequately gigantic and sunk into mosaic tiled stands to increase its water carrying capacity. To harmonize the whole setting, mirrors are set in fascinating patterned framework and also applied in windows and also restroom lights.

.Arabic Bathroom design


44. Hindu Design Bathroom Ideas

The Hindu bathroom design is inspired by element of earth, water, air and fire set of scale within the Asian culture.

Natural stone and earthy materials are the form the basic elements of the design. A mixture of wooden properties and texture together with a fine balanced mute tones and lighting brings a tranquil spa conditions to the bathroom.

Walls are painted with dark, rich brown or even white. The light brown wooden flooring and furniture add outdoor ambience to the modest design.

Sliding bathroom doors that open out to the luxuriant gardens with screens add flair to the design. A raised bowl-type sink contained by the counter top gives extra elegance and an old-world vibe to the bathroom.

An open shower and bath tub that mix together flawlessly brings the feeling of bathing in a deluxe outdoor waterfall. Asian ornamentation is all about efficacy and simplicity. Natural tones and clean lines are central to this Asian bathroom.

Hindu Design Bathroom Ideas


Transgender bathroom design is prominent in buildings where guests are not permanent dwellers or in office buildings.

Promote greater privacy by erecting considerable stall walls to extend floor to the ceiling with each stall fixed with controls to mask voices of users.

Urinals are fixed in the mix to utilize fully both bath space and water and also have the “GENTS”, “LADIES” and also “GENDER NEUTRAL “signs by the bathroom door and at the hallway where immediate users of respective sexes can easily see and feel the convenience.

Transgender bathroom design ideas


45. Bus bathrooms

Inter-city luxurious buses incorporate on-board toilets to save passengers on board from journey delays caused by frequent stop-over when passengers are pressed.

Comfortable toilet seats are fixed to the corner of the small space has piping system connected underneath to the holding tanks connected to an air vents leading directly to the bus exterior store the wastes until the bus reach the terminals.

They have a holding tank with the traditional blue juice. An air vent directly lead waste fumes to the exterior to ease the bus from stuffy odour during the journey.

Although most of these buses don’t offer showers due to limited carrying capacity of water and considering the number of passengers on board, necessary fixtures, sinks , dispenser and tissue rollers are elegantly fixed with high quality mats of the floor and deep-brown soft fabricated walls.

Bus Bathrooms Inside


46. Airplane Bathroom Design

Airplane bathroom design for first class passenger comes with showers and sometimes full time attendants for the shower spa. Airplane lavatories are equipped with a cushioned bench seat, and urinal in the Gents side.

Together with the sink and toilet the vanity mirror is nice-looking and awesome.

Fixed with a folding lath, these airplane bathrooms provide an ample space for changing clothes without necessarily treading directly on the dirty bathroom floor or on clothes.

The UV light gadget fixed on these bathrooms to illuminate the light on all surfaces – sinks, toilet seats, counter tops and walls to sanitize and kill all invisible microbes by causing them to burst to make the surfaces hygienic for users.

Hands-free faucets, trash flap, soap dispensers, toilet seat and lid plus a hand dryer are incorporated to minimize the waste of tissue towels. A flooring vacuum-vent system keeps the lavatory as clean as possible between cleaning schedule on the plane.

Airplane Bathrooms


47. Portable Bathroom

For many decades, portable bathrooms have lacked lavish reputation.

Worked in cutting edge bathroom style, these bathroom modules open into minimal available spaces in the field, or streets and join themselves with minor construction work.

Modern portable bathrooms are fully self-contained and come with water for the sink, toilet paper, soap and paper towels.

Fixture such as a lockable door with “occupied” sign on the exterior, a ventilation vent pipe holding tank, mirror, running water sink and a coat hook makes the bathroom convenient to use when pressed.

Some more advanced mobile have exterior light system which activates when unit door is locked to stop unexpected surprises and maintain the still atmosphere of users’ experience.

Portable Bathrooms


48. Office Bathroom design

Make your office bathroom gorgeous and attractive for a surprising retreat. Find some easy to maintain copper and brown gold-colored knobs to make the bathroom look more stylish, in spite of the nerve-racking odds in the work place. Bust out bright light color scheme such as crimson or turquoise.

Office bathroom is a key indicator of your office team’s culture. Don’t ignore its condition. Loaded it with swanky amenities, such as running water sinks, temperature controlled interiors, and a flushing toilet.

Avail basic accessories tissue paper, first Aid kits, pain killers, feminine supplies, air purifying sprays and a full length mirror. Grab some artwork, a plant and unique fixtures too. The office bathroom gets positive notice from your team members, clients and guests.
Keep the interior well-lit with a monochromatic floor color scheme to create the looks of an airy, modern office bathroom that is guaranteed to please.



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