50 Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2018


There’s no denying how important one’s bedroom is. It is the place where people get to relax and sleep. They consider their bedroom is a place of solace where they can be themselves and not have to worry about other people judging them. This is why they make sure their bedrooms are designed to the way they want it to look.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to design your bedroom, here are some Best Bedroom Design Ideas for 2018 you should consider:

1. Bedroom with Light Wood Floor


2. Bedroom with Light Wood Floor and White Walls

In addition to equipping your bedroom with light wooden floors, you can paint your walls white to keep the entire room bright and looking fresh. Mixed with the right furniture, you can make your room looking posh and stylish just like the one on the image. The entire look of the room is accented by the combination of black and red sheets plus the appeal of the chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room.


3. Bedroom with Large Headboard

If you’re the type who enjoys seeing a beautiful bed, you can invest in one with a signature headboard. You can even opt for a large headboard so you can give the illusion that your bedroom is bigger than it actually is. The effect of the large wooden headboard in the room in the photo tells of a drama that gives an exquisite story. The result is an inviting bed that welcomes its owner in it.


4. Bedroom with Green Walls

For homeowners who love an earthy look in their home, the look can still be adapted into the bedroom. The best way to go about with this is to paint one side of the room a dark green hue while all the other walls are painted a neutral shade like brown or beige. To complete the entire look of the room, the sheets on the bed should be in a mix of beige, dark brown and white. A single pillow can be left white to keep everything balanced. The addition of fresh greens keep the room looking inviting to anyone who steps foot in it.


5. Bedroom with Green Color Theme

Another way you can adapt green color into your bedroom is by keeping everything simple and plain. The only time you can use green is with the sheets and the pillowcases that you use. If you want, you can decorate one side of the room with faux bamboo leaves that come in the same green color. The dark wooden walls in this photo give an interesting appeal in the room that no other color can achieve.


6. Bedroom with Gold Wall and Chandelier

If you want to add a timeless look to your bedroom, the best way to do it is to go with gold. There’s really something about gold that gives a room a look of elegance. Just like the room in this photo, the walls of the bedroom are covered in an intricate gold and black wallpaper. The addition of the gold chandelier adds drama to the room and gives off a royal charm to it. To match the entire theme of the room, the bed and headboard are upholstered in the same golden hue that match the bedside table and the light wooden floors. The floor to ceiling window on one side of the room brightens up the room naturally.


7. Bedroom with Crown Molding

A timeless bedroom design is to cover the entire ceiling with crown molding. This gives an elegant look to the room that makes it look well-thought of from the beginning. The crown molding is painted white while the rest of the room is painted in a cream color that matches the furniture perfectly. An indoor plant is left beside the window, giving the room a fresh look to it.


8. Bedroom in Attic with Skylights

When working with a bedroom in an attic, there are so many ways to make the most out of the room. This is because the attic is directly below the sky and can be used as a way to stargaze at night. Instead of covering the entire ceiling, one part can be used as a window to let natural light in. This can be used just above the bed, giving the room owner a beautiful view just before he shuts his eyes.


9. Bedroom Design with Blue Tone

If your favorite color is blue and you cannot imagine decorating your room with any other color other than this, there are a lot of ways you can include blue in your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to do this is to paint your walls a light blue color. This is a great choice if you want to keep things simple and light. The blue color will be calming to your eyes and can easily be used to match with the other colors you introduce in your room. Apart from the walls, you can make use of blue, gray and white curtains to complete the entire theme in your room.


10. Wood Bedroom with Grey Rug

If you want to maintain a clean look for your room without making it look too crowded, the best way you can do this is to keep your room in a wooden color. Apart from using light wood on your floors, you can keep the same theme with your shelves, bed frame, and your closet. To balance out the colors of your room, you can throw in some greys in the room. You can paint your walls a light grey color to keep the room looking bright and coordinated with one another. The addition of a grey rug, like the one in the photo, perfects the entire room.


11. White and Red Modern Bedroom

Interior designers have found a connection between the color red and one’s own psyche. They have realized that with the color red in a room, the energy level gets boosted. This is a great color option if you want to have a room that draws people in together and stimulate conversation. If you’re painting your room red, however, it is important not to overdo everything. Just like the photo, the white color balances out the intensity of the red paint. Together, the two create a harmonious appeal in the room.


12. Turquoise Bedroom with Light Wood Flooring

Another way to highlight the color blue in a bedroom is to envelope the room in different shades of blue. Turquoise is an excellent choice as it gives a serene feel to the person staying in the room. This is because it embodies the colors of the sea, giving the entire room a sense of calm. Paired with the light wooden floors, the entire room looks well put together and create a balanced atmosphere on its own.


13. Small Rich Bedroom with Wood Wall

When working with a small bedroom, it is important to give highlight to one area only so that it will not feel so stuffy inside the room. Just like in the photo, the owner of the room has given his bedroom a wood accent that goes all the way to the floor. Instead of covering the other walls with wood, the owner has decided to leave the other walls white so everything stays balanced and bright. The bed appears to be levitating as it has been intentionally designed to do so.


14. Small Bedroom with Brick Wall

For homeowners who do not like to use wood, there’s the option to adorn one side of the bedroom with bricks. This gives the entire room an industrial vibe to it that cannot be recreated by any material. The other areas of the room are kept plain so as not to contrast the brick highlight. Meanwhile, the floors are left in a natural, light wood material.


15. Sleek Modern Bedroom with Wooden Beams

If you have a spacious bedroom and you want to make it look homey, one of the best ways you can do this is by adding some wooden beams on the ceiling. This effect produces an impression that the room is bigger than it really is. And as evident on the photo, you can match the wooden beam with shelving in your room to give it a more polished look.


16. Sleek Modern Bedroom with Light Wood Floor

For a sleek-looking bedroom, you’ll never go wrong with using light wood floor in your room. The effect of the light wood on the floors can give you a blank canvas on how you wish to decorate your room. You may add an accent wall with a different style of wood against your bed. To keep things looking clean and smooth, the use of black furniture is recommended.


17. Simple Wood with White Master Bedroom

Another way you can achieve a clean-looking room without the clutter is to go all white with the room. You can use simple wood planks on your floors, which will work well with white walls and ceiling. To keep the entire room balanced, you can throw in some furniture with the same color palette as the ones you use for your floor and walls.


18. Simple Bedroom with Brick Wall

If you wish to add character into your bedroom, you can adorn one side of the room with bricks. And considering the bricks exude a reddish contrast, you can use that to your advantage and paint the other walls with the same hue. The use of natural wood in your furniture and bed can also go along really well with the colors exhibited by the brick wall. A couple of sleek black lamps can complete the look of the entire room as they go really well against the red walls.


19. Rustic Bedroom Design

If you’re the type of person who loves things to be grand and majestic, this bedroom design can inspire you. Each piece in the room speaks volumes of how amazing furniture can be. From the marble display wall to the comfortable chairs and the grandiose chandeliers, things are kept extravagant and contemporary by the owner of this room. If you want to follow the same style, you have to remember to pick out colors that go well with each other so you can achieve a sense of unity in the room.


20. Rich Dark Master Bedroom

For those who want to have a bedroom that carries rich, dark colors, this is a fitting example for the room to be modeled after. The floors are left in its natural wood with rich and dark colors all throughout. The windows have an intricate pattern etched onto the wood that frames the glass. In the center of the room is the main story of the room– the bed with wooden posts that go all the way to the ceiling, giving the bed a crowning effect.


21. Ornate Master Bedroom

Another bedroom design you can copy is to have an ornate room. This is a particularly good design to follow if you are a fan of design and you want your room to speak up. Instead of using light wood on your floors, you can opt for a dark color so that it will go well with the interior you adorn your room with. You can follow the same color palette and paint your walls with it but give some areas a white wash. This will give the room enough light and a breath of fresh air.


22. Natural Bedroom Design

The natural bedroom design is especially intended for those who love the outdoors. This bedroom design idea goes well with a clean room as it has white walls, floors and a ceiling with the same color. The furniture in the room give color to it as well as the character it envelops. It is best to pick out furniture in natural wood finish to complete the overall theme of the room. This is why it is good to have a minimalist approach to the room so that it won’t get too overcrowded with colors and shapes. The effect of this room is that it has a rejuvenating feel to it that no other room design can produce.


23. Modern Bedroom with Wood Paneling

Another way to have a bedroom with a minimalist feel is to equip it with wood panel. This wood panel can be used to adorn the bed and be used instead of a headboard. Apart from being used as decoration, the panel can be used as storage for books and other items you wish to be of easy reach to you when you sleep. You can also include nightstands on both side of your bed to give the room more light.


24. Modern Bedroom with Black and Light Wood Floor Design

If you wish to incorporate color into your bedroom, the trick is to not overdo it. You have to remember to balance the colors and make them look good beside one another. Instead of picking out colors that contrast each other, go for the ones that work well so you can achieve the particular look you want for your bedroom. With the combination of colors, the light wood floor can help tone down the contrast and make things flow naturally in your bedroom.


25. Modern Bedroom with Black and Green Design

You can also use the color green to incorporate in your bedroom so you can create a modern look for it. Together with natural light wood on your floors, you can adorn the walls in green so you can incorporate your favorite color. As for the black, you can opt for a polished headboard that will go well with your bed. Pick out furniture that come in black and cream color so that the design will flow out easily. To accentuate the green color in your room, you can include the use of fresh green leaves.


26. Minimalist Grunge Bedroom

People typically say that a bedroom is an extension of one’s personality. It is the place in the home where an individual can be himself without worrying about the judgments of other people. If you are into grunge and would like to express the movement into your own bedroom, this particular bedroom design would be perfect for you. Grunge is typically characterized with the colors black and red. In this photo, these colors are well exemplified. The floors are finished in thin planks of wood painted with different shades of black to match the bedroom door and the bedframe. The sheets are in the color red, which give it the grunge-y feel in the room. To make the room look brighter, the walls are left white.


27. Masculine Bedroom with Deep Wood

There are ways to adorn a bedroom to make it look like it is owned by a man or a woman. In this particular photo, the owner of the bedroom chose to use deep wood to allow the room to suit his gender. The carpeted floors have the same symmetry throughout the room and are in shades that highlight the deep dark wood on the walls.


28. Luxurious Master Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a room and making it look luxurious, the secret is in the small details used in the room. Take the room in this photo—it is finished in simple colors that give off the illusion of a rich taste in design. The bed has frames that extend all the way to the ceiling, making it appear more grandiose than the other items in the room. The floors are left in a natural wooden hue that matches the headboard on one side of the room.


29. Low Platform Bedroom with Red Tile

If you wish to do something different with your bedroom, there’s always the option to make use of red large tiles. This bedroom follows a Japanese theme with its low platform bed in the middle of the room and the subtle details used on the headboard as well as the accent pieces fixed on the wall. To keep everything in check, the platform bed extends throughout the room, serving purpose as a place of storing books and other items. To balance the look of the room, the walls are left in white color.


30. Large White and Wood Bedroom

If you’re hoping to have a bedroom that looks bright and homey, the best way to do it is by introducing light into your room. You can achieve this by using natural light wooden floors and extending this color palette with the side table and the desk in the room. The bed and the chairs are left white so as to keep things in check in the room. To add a bit of contrast, a gray mural wall hangs by the bed that matches the carpet, the curtains and the headboard.


31. Large Bedroom with Low Wood Bed

If you prefer to have a room that will have a lot of free space, the best way to do it is to have a low wood bed against a wall with an industrial feel to it. This bedroom design works best for large sized rooms as there is a lot of space to move around. At the same time, it is suitable for small rooms as there it gets rid of bulky furniture to begin with.


32. Green and White Bedroom with Chandelier

With so many different furniture designs to choose from, you can easily find one that you will like a lot. The trick here is to keep the entire room in a plain, solid color and to add an accent piece in the room in the color that you prefer. Such as the room in the photo, you can follow the same example; especially if you love the color green. You can keep everything in the room white, as it is a base color that you can easily work around with. At the same time, you can use white furniture in the room. To give the room a pop of color, you can use green sheets on the bed.


33. Dark Bedroom with Textured Wall

While there are people who prefer their bedroom to be bright and have a light color palette, there are those who go for the darker option. If you are more interested in a dark bedroom, you can still have the room designed to your liking. The only important trick you have to follow is to keep some pieces simple and in a solid color. To give the room some character, you can adorn one side of the wall with textured shapes.


34. Dark Bedroom with Modern Furniture

Another way you can have a dark bedroom without making it look too much like a period room, you can infuse it with modern furniture. You can keep the colors of the walls in a cream or beige color and go for a dark color for the floors. The furniture in the bedroom can be a mix between these two colors so you can achieve the look you are aiming for.


35. Dark Bedroom Design with Walls

You can also turn your bedroom into a hotel room by simply adorning it with luxurious materials. From the dark pieces of furniture to the intricate walls, you can easily spice up your room and make it look more comfortable than you need it to. The combination of the colors will be a great treat to your eyes as they speak of an elaborate design that will be perfect for any room.


36. Bright Green Bedroom Design

If your favorite color is green, you can still incorporate the color into your room without fearing that you’ll go overboard with the colors. The trick here is to be subtle with the use of color so that it doesn’t become too much for the room to take in, especially in a small room. What you can do is to leave your floors a smooth and glossy dark finish and cover it with a white fur rug. The walls can be left in its bare design or covered in wallpaper. The furniture can be left in white so it doesn’t overshadow any other color in the room. You can then start adding key pieces of green for your sheets, blankets and even the upholstery for a bedside chair. In the photo, a green color was used to paint the ceiling to complement the colors on the bed.


37. Bedroom with Wood Paneled

Another technique you can use to make your bedroom look cozy is to adorn it in a similar color scheme. The bedroom in the photo takes after browns and uses it for its advantage. Not only is the furniture and the bed in the same color palette, it also does the same with the wood panels on the wall. The wooden panels give a theatrical experience and feel in the room that cannot be accomplished by any other material in the same room.


38. Bedroom with White Bed

If you love the color white, you can use it to adorn your room in colors that best speak to you. This means that you can paint everything in your rom white so you have a clean-looking room that has a bright appeal to it. A good trick though is to use natural wood panels on the floor so that the white color does not overpower the interior of the room. Apart from the bed, you can opt for dark colored furniture and lamps so they give a classy change to the room. Continuing with your white theme, you can use white sheets and curtains. A standout piece in this bedroom is the white padded headboard that sits against the bed.


39. Bedroom with Very Light Wood Flooring

If you want to have a bedroom that has a bright view to it, the best way to do this is to paint your walls white. You can also add in very light wood flooring to make the room look brighter than before. With this, your room will appeal clean and free from any distractions. You can keep everything in the room neat to complete the whole look of the room.


40. Bedroom with Low Platform

If you’re working with a bedroom with limited space, the best way to maximize space is to make use of a low platform for a bed. Instead of using the usual beds available in most furniture stores, you can opt for this to give an illusion that the room is larger than it really is. In this bedroom, the room is kept in a simple color palette that resonates throughout the room. This follows in the sheets used as well as the rug in the middle of the room. To give the room a breathable environment, a plotted plant is added.


41. Funky Bedroom Style

If you have a funky personality and you would like to incorporate this into your bedroom, the best way you can do it is by mixing different patterns. It’s always a good way to mix and match patterns and colors if you want to make your room look fun. You can even throw in a faux fur duvet and use it as a cover for your bed. You can also opt to go with an Art Nouveau sketch and hang this on top of your bed. The trick here is to go for colors that are light and fun. Let your personality shine through and don’t be afraid to go for unique items. If you are planning to use throw pillows, go for pillow cases with a variety of colors but the same design. The good thing about a funky bedroom style is that there are no rules to it.


42. Industrial Loft

In the recent years, industrial design has become such a huge hit for those who wanted a low cost home improvement idea. It was not limited to households as there were a number of establishments that followed the theme. If you are into the industrial theme, you can incorporate this into your room. The trick is to make use of brick for your walls. To give it the industrial feel, have some stencil art done on the wall. You can throw in a flower themed duvet to lighten the industrial feel in the room.


43. Posh and Elegant


If you are the type of person who does not go after strong color contrasts, the best way you can decorate your room is by making use of neutral colors and browns. You can use white furniture in your bedroom and match this with cream colored furniture. You can also add in a crystal chandelier to give personality to the room. To have a royalty feel in the room, you can add in a white bedroom bench. Without the use of rugs or carpets, your room is actually a lot easier to clean and maintain.


44. Blue French Contemporary

For years, it’s been proven that the blue color helps make an individual relax. If you believe that a bedroom is a place for relaxing, it’s a good idea to follow this sound advice. To start off, go with dark blue color on the walls. Once you already have this color in place, you can look for pieces that bear a color that are complimentary of this main color. You just have to be careful not to go overboard with your blues. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a nautical theme in your room. And that’s a different bedroom design you can take into consider.


45. Black and White Elegance


There’s no comparing to an elegant room. This is why there are so many different bedroom designs that follow an elegant design. One way you can achieve this is by making use of black and white colors and use this to give your room a classic touch. To add contrast, you can throw in some beige colors or royal gold as wallpaper or slip covers.


46. Just The Right Amount of Yellow


For those with a penchant for yellow, the same idea can be used to mix colors in a bedroom. The important thing to remember about decorating a yellow room is to avoid letting the room turn overly bright or too garish. This is why there should be a balance between earthly tones and cream. Just like in the photo, a cream wall is used to balance everything out. The pieces left in yellow are the upholstered chair, lampshades, and the striped bedroom bench. When you tone down on the yellow and opt for beige, cream or goldenrod, you get to subtly maintain the bright energy in the room.


47. Smooth in Gray


Only a few bedroom designs make use of the color gray. It is unfortunate that the color is often undervalued by those who do not have much idea that this is a good color to use for a bedroom. The good thing about gray is that it adds dignity and elegance to a room. Combined with white lights and glass, the gray color can be livened up. In the bedroom in the photo, the brushed gold candlestick and the copper bed posts go really well against the gray wall. To keep the color balanced, the furniture and the walls are left in either white or black color.


48. Shabby Chic

Another trend that looks like it’s going to crossover to 2018 is the use of shabby chic furniture in a bedroom. The good thing about going with a shabby chic themed room is that you don’t necessarily have to use brand new furniture. Just like the ones used in the photo, you can look for old pieces of furniture that you can repurpose, repaint and make look weathered. The white walls, floors and sheets gives a bright energy to the room. This also gives accent to the weathered furniture used in the room. To give a chic vibe, you can use floral curtains and throw pillows.


49. High Ceiling Bedroom Decoration

If you are working with a high ceiling bedroom, the best way you can decorate it is by adding in a large chandelier. Apart from giving illumination at night, the chandelier can be a stunning signature piece in the room. This works best when decorating a symmetrical room.


50. Mosquito Net on Bed


Another way you can make your high ceiling bedroom look good is to make use of a mosquito net. You can add this piece to a four-poster bed so you can give your room an old-fashioned touch to it. To keep things modern, however, you can make use of wooden walls.

No matter how much your budget is, the important thing you have to remember about decorating your bedroom is to follow a theme that is true to your personality and a design that you enjoy. There are different ways you can design your bedroom. All it takes is to understand what design works best for you.



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