50 DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas


DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Designs are the new gardening trend that offers a different and fun point of view when it comes to landscaping your beloved garden. They can be placed in small containers or flower pots and embellish your garden in a creative that reflects the atmosphere and marvelous beauty of natural environments.

With capturing delightful details which create a pleasant and eye resting place, the miniature fairy gardens are definitely a ‘must have’ detail in your garden. Aside from being charmingly beautiful, the fairy gardens are easy to build. You can use wooden boxes, tin buckets, concrete bowls, wicker baskets, wooden wheelbarrows or baby tubs.

Already interested in embellishing your garden with a miniature fairy garden which will highlight your refined taste in landscaping but has not idea what kind of design to chose? We’re here to help. Scroll down and check out these 50 DIY miniature fairy garden design ideas.

 50 Best DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas To Decor Your Garden

DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas

1. Amazing Fairy Garden With Cute Fairies

amazing fairy garden ideas

You can never go wrong by choosing cute series for your miniature garden like the ones we presented on the photo. The female fairy is sitting on a tiny green chair with an empty bottle of wine on the table, while the fame fairy brings another bottle so they can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of your unique mini garden decorated with low-growing plants and flowers placed inside a large flower pot that will embellish your garden or patio, no matter where you place it.

2. Boat Shape Door

Boat Shape Door

For those who own a tree in their garden, we’ve come up with the perfect idea on how to decorate it in a creative manner and embellish your garden. Create a boat shape door on the bottom of the tree which will illustrate the tree as a home for tiny creatures that live in your yard. Adding a walking path from circled woods and a wooden bridge will mark this mini garden in a unique manner. Your guests and neighbors will be thrilled by your creativity.

3. Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden

broken clay pot fairy garden

There’s nothing more easy and simple than using a broken clay pot as a decoration for your new fairy garden. Just take a broken clay pot, plant it with flowers and place a tiny house inside. You can place it in the heart of your yard or in some corner in your home. Eiter way, this mini fairy garden will definitely turn your house into a much warmer and creatively designed place.

4. Butterfly House Fairy Design

Butterfly House Fairy Design

You can easily create a house like the one we presented on the photo by using the wooden box. After you can wrap the roof of the tiny house in plants and add a few butterflies and small plastic flowers to give your new garden decoration a striking appearance. Creative, easy to make and a beautiful manner to embellish your garden or yard.

5. Castle Design In A Pot

Castle Design In a Pot

Another idea for landscaping your garden by using a broken pot, however, this one is broken on purpose and decorated with a tiny castle inside. The broken parts of the pot are decorated with wooden wrapped stairs illustrating the entrance of the charming castle. Adding a few plants, as well as the small tree will give the whole pot an impressive and irresistible appearance.

6. Tipi Fairy Garden

children's fairy garden

Nestled in the bushes and trees of your garden, this tiny fairy garden will remind you of the Indian world because of the tipi made from colorful material and wooden sticks. The few mushrooms are responsible for the realistic appearance of this miniature garden. For those who seek to find a simple, cheap yet creative idea for garden landscaping – this is the one.

7. Halloween Fairy Garden

Christmas fairy garden

We all know that Halloween is a holiday known for scary masks resembling witches, vampires or some other remarkable costumes that mark this period of the year. However, the one detail you can’t imagine Halloween without are the pumpkins. Not only that people use them as a decoration for Halloween but some of them use pumpkins to decorate their fairy garden in a ‘scary’ and comic way, such as the one we presented on the photo. You can create the pumpkins and the other decoration Halloween details from plasticine and place them inside a flower pot with decorative stones. We doubt there will be someone else with better and more creative decoration than you during the next Halloween.

8. Colorful Pathway With Egg

Colorful Pathway With Egg

For those who are looking for something colorful and charming at the same time, this fairy garden placed inside a pot with low-growing plants, colorful pathway made from tiny decorative stones and a cute little house is just perfect for you. Adding an egg with a welcoming inscription will give the whole garden a warm tone and will embellish your home in a creative manner. Feel free to place it inside your house instead of your yard because a decoration like this is always welcome in every home.

9. Color Design With Garden Accessories

Cool Design With Garden Accessories

Another charming idea for your fairy garden with colorful accessories, such as cute mushrooms, elegant white fences, blue tiny animals, wooden decorations and gray decorative stones around a DIY sprinkler house. You can use a large flower pot for realizing this idea or a large container. Perfect decoration for your yard or patio. Your friends will admire your creativity and your neighbors will get jealous once they see this mini fairy garden.

10. Creative Sea Shell Miniature Garden

creative sea shell

Nothing like the previous garden ideas you have seen before because of the seashell decoration. Although a decoration like this may seem as unsuitable for garden landscaping, we strongly believe that by making this creative sea shell mini garden you will embellish the entire space of your yard. However, feel free to use it as an ornament for your home space if you want. Just pick up multiple sea shells next time you’re on vacation and start decorating your new fairy garden once you get back. We promise you’ll be satisfied with the outcome and your yard’s new look.

11. Decoration In Basket

Decoration on Basket

A decoration in the wooden basket like the one we presented on the photo will wrap your garden in a rustic style and mark it in a creative manner. Place ground inside the basket, plant low-growing flowers, add a few red mushrooms or some other details by your wish and you will get a new impressive decoration resembling a freestanding mini garden you can place everywhere.

12. DIY Cheap Miniature Fairy Garden Idea

diy cheap miniature fairy garden ideas

Are you looking for a creative idea for decorating your new fairy garden without spending much money? This DIY design idea will perfectly meet your needs and desires. Just place some ground inside a freestanding pot in your yard, add a few decorative stones, sea shells and low-growing flowers and plants and your new mini fairy garden is ready. Aside from being cheap, this idea is also unique and will impress your guests and neighbors for sure.

13. DIY Fairy Tree House

Diy Fairy Tree House

Own an old trolley you forgot to throw it in the trash? Stop it right there because you can use the trolley as a planter which will be the perfect decoration for your garden. Fill it with ground, plant low-growing flowers and plants, add path walk to an illustrated house on the tree and a few decorative details around the trolley, such as mushrooms and enjoy your new DIY fairy garden.

14. DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas In Flowerpot

diy miniature fairy garden ideas at home

Probably the most elegant and charming decoration you’ve seen in your life – this fairy garden placed inside a flower pot will highlight your refined taste in landscaping and embellish your garden or porch in a simple yet beautiful manner. Consisted of the tiny bird house, low-growing plants decorated with butterflies and decorative stones in different colors, this mini fairy garden will become your favorite decoration in the yard.

15. DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Gravel

diy miniature fairy garden ideas gravel

This mini fairy garden created with pounded stones will definitely make people break their necks while walking near your house. Perfect for a larger patio or garden you wish to embellish in a creative manner. Aside from its uniqueness, this garden design idea is also inexpensive and easy to realize. Just follow the example of the photo and order the stones in a similar manner. After you can plant low-growing plants around the stones and place tiny bridges that illustrate a bonding of the stones and enjoy your new fairy garden.

16. Miniature Fairy Garden With Tiny Chairs

diy miniature fairy garden ideas landscaping

Probably the cutest miniature fairy garden with a tiny colorful chair, grass, low-growing flowers and a mosaic pathway made from extremely small stones. Although making a mini garden like this one takes more time than building a simple one – it’s definitely worth your time and effort. Reflecting the atmosphere and real natural settings, this tiny fairy garden will highlight your creativity and refined taste in landscaping. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and realize it today.

17. DIY Tiny Wooden Chair

DIY Wood Chair

Made out of small pieces of wood, this tiny wooden chair will be a perfect decoration for your mini fairy garden. Won’t take much of your time or money and you can place it anywhere due to its small size. A chair like this will additionally embellish your garden and give it a warm tone.

18. Wide Fairy Garden In Colorful Flowerpots

easy fairy garden ideas

For those who own a wide garden and want to decorate it in a creative and colorful manner, these ideas presented in the photo that includes flower pots are easy to realize and are not very expensive. Place a decorative detail, such as a small wooden chair, mushrooms, benches inside every flower pot you own and place them inside your garden. You will get a wonderful fairy garden in colorful flowerpots that will definitely make your neighbors jealous.

19. Fairy Garden Bridge

fairy garden bridge

This fairy garden bridge is the perfect decoration for a fountain. You can easily create this bridge out of small white pieces of wood, add a few decorative details such as tiny flower pots and place it near the water. You will give your fountain a striking appearance and will embellish your garden in a creative manner. Your guests will be amazed and you will enjoy your new fairy garden.

20. Fairy Garden Container

Fairy Garden Container

Looking at this small old house tells a fairytale that includes two fairies who enjoy in their tiny garden while admiring the giant flowers around their home. Already interested in realizing this idea? Go ahead and start realizing it today. You can use a container for placing the small house you can make out of the wooden box and plant low-growing flowers among the decorative pink stones that match the fairies’ outfits. A mini garden like this spreads harmony and will embellish your yard or patio in a creative and magical manner.

21. Fairy Garden Flowerpot

fairy garden flower pot

Place decorative flat stones like the ones in the photo inside a freestanding large pot and plant a few low-growing plants. You can add a tiny plastic apple tree and give the whole garden a striking appearance. Don’t forget to also add some decorative details and enjoy your new fairy garden you can place in your yard, patio or porch.

22. Fairy Garden Idea For Fall

Fairy Garden Idea For Fall

Fall is the most beautiful seasons that decorate the world without our help with its yellowed leaves and colorful landscapes. In honor of this charming season, we’ve come up with a charming idea for landscaping a fairy fall garden. It includes a freestanding pot, tiny sunflowers, cute chicken toys and a hen house. Although this garden is decorated in farmhouse style, it will definitely embellish your home or yard in a modern and creative manner during autumn days.

23. Fairy Garden Idea In A Pot

fairy garden ideas in a pot

This isn’t just another fairy garden idea in a broken pot but a remarkable one that will embellish your garden in a creative and unique manner. A special feature of this design is the broken pieces of the pot resembling grassy stairway to the mini fairy garden that includes an old-fashioned house and two angels decorating the place. Although it seems complicated, once you start realizing the idea, you will see how simple it is. All you need to is to let your fantasy to do its thing and enjoy your tiny fairy garden after.

24. Fairy Garden Ladder

fairy garden ladder

By realizing this idea, you will not only embellish your garden but also create a home for the birds because this design includes a tiny bird house and a ladder that’s bonding the house with the walking path made of decorative stones placed in a DIY pot. You can add a few decoration such as mushrooms or grass on the roof of the house and enjoy your new unique fairy garden.

25. Fairy Garden Mushroom House

fairy garden mushroom house

If you were looking for a unique decoration for your garden than this mushroom house is the perfect choice for you. It will give your garden a striking appearance and will embellish the entire space in a creative manner. You can make it from pieces of wood and use a wooden bark as a roof of the mushroom house. Easy to realize and it won’t cost you any money. Either you place it in a corner of your yard or among the plants in your garden, this mushroom will definitely impress your guests and neighbors.

26. Fairy Garden Small House

Fairy Garden Small House

A small cement house with a walking path made our of simple stones, decorations such as angels, horses, and candles placed among the low-growing flowers and plants are the main features of this fairy garden. You can build it in a container or a larger flower pot and embellish your garden in a creative manner. There’s no one who won’t admire your creativity.

27. Fairy Tree Garden

Fairy Tree Garden

Another design idea including a tree in your garden, however, this one isn’t less beautiful than the previous. It also includes a wooden red door that illustrates a home of a dwarf that is placed nearby and enjoys his tiny fairy garden decorated with stones, mushrooms and tiny wooden table with two wooden chairs. Impressive and easy to realize, this design will embellish your yard.

28. Gorgeous Fairy Garden

Gorgeous Fairy Garden Ideas

Embellish your garden with this fairy garden build in a container or a larger freestanding pot consisted of a small tree, grass and wooden table and chairs all enclosed with elegant white fences. Already interested in realizing this idea? Feel free to ‘steal’ it today.

29. DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas With AquariumIn The Aquarium

If you seek for something unique you can place inside your home as an ornament resembling a garden, then this fairy garden builds in the aquarium is the perfect choice for you. Buy a cheap aquarium or use an old one you have at home and fill it wit dark decorative stones, plastic plant decorations and a cute elf that will give the bowl a striking appearance. After you can place it somewhere in your living room and enjoy your unique fairy aquarium garden.

30. Japanese Style Fairy Decor

Japanese Style Fairy Decor

Arranging your garden in Japanese style means arranging with class. The fairy garden décor we presented on the photo captivates with its clear and natural appearance. Those who are a fan of the Japanese style can follow the example and create the fairy garden of their dreams consisted of a unique tiny brick house with a grassy yard, a small adorable tree, and a simple wooden fence. You can build it on a stone tile and place it somewhere available in your yard or garden embellishing your yard or garden in the Japanese manner.

31. Magical Fairy Garden Design

Magical Fairy Garden Ideas

Are dreaming of creating your magical fairy garden that will captivate with its beauty and charm? Open your eyes and get to work because we found what you’ve been looking for – a simple yet unique magical fairy garden consisted of the tiny grassy yard, low-growing plants, decorative bench and a fairy welcoming a deer inside her lovely home. Sound appealing? Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and realize it starting today.

32. Marvelous Fairy Garden

Magical Fairy Garden Design

Seems like houses of fairies are most common when it comes to landscaping a garden because of their magical and charming appearance just like this one. Unlike the previous one, this is a stone house that’s larger and consisted of more decorative details, such as tiny flowerpots and many other everyday objects you can find in every yard today. Although it seems complicated, once you start building, you will realize how simple it is, and not to mention that you will be extremely satisfied with the outcome at the end.

33. Mini Summer Garden

Mini Garden For Summer

Summer is here, so why not build a mini summer garden in its honor and embellish your yard in a creative manner? Just follow the example on the photo and fill a freestanding pot with ground and plant low-growing plants. After, you can a wooden bridge over an improvised river with blue decorative stones and enjoy your new mini garden. Your guests will definitely be impressed by your creativity and refined taste in landscaping once they see this beauty.

34. Miniature Dining With Fence

miniature dining with fence

An adorable miniature dining with a fence with a heartwarming tone that will embellish your garden in a simple yet stunning way. This dining will remind you of your own yard that will come alive right before your eyes each time you look at it. A perfect decoration for your home or yard, no matter where you place it.

35. Miniature House With Coral Stones

miniature houses with coral stones

If this miniature house with coral stones doesn’t win your heart, nothing else will. Just looking at this design makes you wish the house with coral stone turned into a real house and become your own living spot. Simple decoration that captivates with its clear and unique outlook. Don’t hesitate on using this idea for your garden and embellish your space in a beautiful manner.

36. Miniature Furniture Design

miniatures Furniture Design

Another charming wooden design for your mini garden. You can never go wrong with choosing this design because wooden decoration will always be modern. Just follow the example of the photo and create this miniature furniture for your fairy garden that will impress your guests and leave you neighbors jealous. It’s simple yet original and won’t cost you much time and cash.

37. Pallet Fairy Design

Pallet Fairy Garden

Use a pallet to create a fairy garden that will win everyone’s heart with a little help from the tiny cottage and small boat floating the ‘river’ nearby. Nothing like the previous ideas you’ve seen – this design is unique and includes improvising a river. Although it seems a little complicated, once you start building this interesting fairy garden, you will see it’s easier than you thought.

38. Pathways Front Of House

Pathways Front Of House

Easy to put together, this fairy garden consisted of many charming stone pathways will win your heart at first sight. Reflecting the real natural settings, this fairy garden will impress your guests and become the main topic of gossip in your neighborhood. Everyone will come to see the mini charming garden and admire your creativity.

39. Pot Decoration For Fairy Garden

Pot Decoration

Another pot decoration for your fairy garden, however, this one isn’t broken but embellished in a creative manner with a door build on the front. It’s a decoration that will perfectly fit a simple garden arranged in a creative manner. Already interested in realizing this idea? Take one of your most beautiful pale brown pots and decorate it following the example of the photo. After you can place it among the trees in your garden or on your porch and embellish your yard.

40. Root Sculpture For Garden Decoration


A root wooden sculpture such as this one resembling a human head will turn your garden into a mysterious and extravagant place. Your guests will spend their time observing this masterpiece and you can enjoy your unique garden that will definitely make people break their necks when passing near your house. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and search or built your natural ornament like this one starting today.

41. Rustic Wood Design Idea

rustic wood design

Made with a one planter base and multiple decorative stones, this tiny house in rustic style will win you at first sight. Perfect decoration for a fairy garden together with a couple of colorful mushrooms and low-growing flowers that complete the entire striking appearance. Everyone will admire this decoration and your creativity. Don’t hesitate on building it today.

42. Funny Man Sculpture For Garden Decoration

Sculpture For A Fun

Enough of the fairy houses and mushrooms. This funny man sculpture will perfectly fit a medium-size garden and remain as a unique decoration that will embellish the entire space in a creative manner. Are you in love with this sculpture already? Feel free to use this idea and place one of your own in your garden today.

43. Sculpture With Hammock For Garden Decoration

Sculpture With Hammocks

Another man sculpture that will make you smile every time you take a look at your garden. However, this sculpture includes a hammock tied to the man’s hand you can use to relax and stretch your legs after a long busy day and a hatchet placed near your trees. Your kids will love this old guy who’s helping in your daily obligations and keeps the garden safe.

44. Simple Elegant Fairy Design

Simple Elegant Fairy Idea

Decorate your flower pots with some costume jewelry in different colors and place beer or cola caps inside. You will get a simple yet elegant fairy design that will embellish your garden in a creative manner. Simple and easy and won’t cost you much time or money.

45. Traditional House With Pathway

Traditional House With Pathway

You can never go wrong with choosing the simple traditional house with pathway as a design for your fairy garden. Warm tiny house built from stone with grassy yard and a beautiful tree nearby will win the heart of your guests at first sight. Feel free to pick the traditional style and create an impressive miniature fairy garden today.

46. Tree Castle Decor

Tree Castle Decor

Castles are always a good choice when it comes to landscaping a garden, especially if they’re built from a tree and are similar to the one we presented on the photo. Although it seems as a simple ornament, this castle will bring a dramatic change in your yard and turn it into a place with a striking appearance. Everyone will admire the castle and your creativity even more.

47. Tree Stump Fairy Garden


Do you have a tree stump in your garden that looks lonely and destroys the entire outlook of your yard? Why not turn it into a fairy garden? Place flowers on the top of the stump and build a door inside its cracks resembling a tiny house. After you can decorate the area around the stump with decorative stones and mushrooms or other ornaments by your choice. Your tree stump will turn from a lonely piece of wood into the most charming fairy garden.

48. Trumpet Fairy House

Trumpet Fairy Houses

A trumpet fairy house builds from cement and decorative stones, covered in grass with a wooden door, placed among your low-growing flowers will undoubtedly embellish your garden in a creative and magical manner. Feel free to use this idea and create a tiny fairy house like this one today.

49. Unique Fairy Garden Idea

Unique Fairy Garden Ideas

Probably one of the most creative and unique ideas for designing your fairy garden you’ve seen. For those who are a fan of turning everyday objects into tiny houses, this one is just perfect. Follow the example in the photo and create your fairy garden today. After you can embellish it with an angel sculpture, decorative stones, and low-growing plants.

50. Unused Wine Barrel For Decoration

Unused Wine Barrel

Aside from storing your wine, barrels can be used as a decoration for the garden only if you have a large or medium-sized garden and a place to store it. Placing an unused barrel in your garden or home will definitely embellish your place in a creative manner and give your home a warm tone.
We hope we’ve helped you chose your next miniature fairy design and embellish your garden, porch or home with these 50 charming and creative DIY fairy garden ideas. Feel free to ‘steal’ one or maybe a few and realize them starting today.


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