35 Street Lights To Add Style & Brightness To Your Home

10. Discharge Lamps For The Home Street Lights

Discharge lamps

A traditional streetlight like this one may seem like an obvious choice for a home, but there is a good reason for that. These type of lights are tall, protects the light bulb, are strong and long lasting and are easy to install, all good features that you would like on any outdoor luminaire.


11. Shocking Drop Shaped Sculptural Luminaires For The Garden

Drop-shaped garden lamps

If you have a big garden, d not miss the opportunity to create a wow factor. Extravagant outdoor lights can be used for special occasions, or if you are more daring you can use them all the time to light up your entrance, like on this example where the huge drops lights the path to a beautiful country house.

12. Electric Functioning Street Lights For Energy Savings

electric street lights


For spaces like fire pits, outdoor fire places, barbecues, and other outdoor living areas, you can place street lights like these ones, that are modern, stylish, inexpensive and with low electric consumption. They are ideal to place in several places to help make the mood.

13. Floating Lamps Ideal For Pools And Hot Tubs

Floating balls on the water surface of the pool

If you have an outdoor pool and you are considering to use it at night, you will love to use street lights like these. They not only bring big amounts of light, they also work great as decoration element, making this pool look great. The fact that they reflect in the water makes the light be brighter, and they have the perfect size to enlighten without being invasive.


14. Standing LED Floor Lamps To Use On The Garden

Garden lamps - floor lamps

Take the elegance and modern style of your indoor living room to your outdoor spaces with lamps like these ones. These standing floor lamps use LED lights, which make them have a cold inviting white light, and their material is especially designed to be outdoors. These lamps are ideal for polished gardens like these ones.

15. Portable Style Garden Street Lights

Garden lamps in the form of classic portable lights

Lighting a garden with big trees can be challenging because can create a lot of shadow. The solution may be on placing the lamps on the ground, on top of the grass, but you cannot use any lamps, because the soil may damage them. Use rustic lamps like these portable style lamps, with a classic design, made in iron and a strong stained glass. Depending on the size they have you can place them nearer or farer from each other to create a path and to give the mood to the ambient.

16. Stone Garden LED Lights For The Floors

Garden lamps made in the form of a stone

These lights are used embedded on the floors, and are perfect for parties. The LED system makes possible that they have a considerable size without spending lots of energy.

17. Fun Shaped Garden Sculptural Street Lights

Garden lamps

On big gardens you can go for street lights that also add an extra touch to your home surroundings, like these lamps that have a sculptural design. Their entire body is lit which makes them more efficient.

18. Solar Powered Garden Street Lights

Garden path lighting with solar-powered lights

If you live in a place where there is tons of sunlight, you can go for sun powered big lanterns to create a path from the property’s entrance to the house’s front door. There are many different designs and styles, but most people often choose the traditional lighthouse style lanterns, that are simple yet elegant and match most of regularly use design styles.

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