35 Street Lights To Add Style & Brightness To Your Home

19. Street Lights For The Ground

Ground lights

These types of lamps are used to place in trees or on the ground. Their materials and placement makes them perfect to be down on the ground or between the trees’ branches. They are very discrete so you do not see must of the artifact, but reflecting greatly the luminescence on the bulb.


20. Hanging Street Lights For Outdoor Living Spaces

Hanging lights

Choose hanging lights to decorate the outdoor living spaces, because they give a party ambiance wherever you place them, and they illuminate better in the places where you will spend time talking and hanging out. Simple designs like this can be bought for little money, or even be done by you at home.

21. Street Lights To Enhance And Point At A Tree

Highlight tree trunk and crown


Streetlights can also be used to outstand some points of your garden. In this case, the homeowners wanted to highlight the impressive big and old tree by the door. For this, placing lights at the base of the tree, as well as on the crown, makes this huge tree look like a light stand itself, making this home look even more luxurious.

22. Flower Beds Street Lights

Lamps - flower beds

This great idea has a triple purpose: to light up your garden, to decorate your outdoors and to place your flowers. That is right, with this flower vases that are also LED gigantic lights, you will be able to enlighten your whole garden with just a few vases, and thanks to the LED technology, you will not have to worry so much about the electricity expenses, because LEDs save up to 85% of energy.


23. Warm Illumination Street Lights

Lamps are not bright and warm color

Street lights does not necessarily must have bright hot light to enlighten your spaces. You can use warm light with a brownish or amber color to create a earthier atmosphere on your outdoors. Complement this with natural decoration like the rock path.

24. LEDS To Enlighten Benches With Warm Colors

LED bench light

Keeping the thought on warm colors, you can also use them to place under the built in furniture, like this bench for the garden area that is built within the wall. The color of the illumination is the same that you can fin on the bulbs installed on the ground.

25. Led Street Lights With Brown Amber Colors

led street lights

The warm yellow and amber lights are perfect to set the mood on these cascade designed hut tubs trio. There are lights on the hut tubs, on the walls, and a couple of floor lights. The illumination still is not invasive and lets people enjoy without being flared by the luminescence.

26. Street Lights Located On The Edges Of A Ladder

Lights - bollards are located along one edge of the ladder

The must important places to keep lighted are the paths from the entrance to the front doors: walkaways and stairways. The best is to light on the edges of the paths to make sure that people walking can wee side to side to avoid falls.

27. Pink Lamps For The Street Lights On The Pool

Pink floating balls

Just as we showed you on another example, light balls to use on pools are a trend these days. In this new example, we show to you how great they look on pink, on this infinite pool that also features light pink furniture.

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