How to Install a Gas Fireplace

How To Install Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace is a typically common fireplace – one that has been used for quite some time now, and is still in use, even after the advent of modern innovative techniques like smokeless fireplaces, and electric heaters. It has a great heat transfer rate, and keeps the room warm and cozy, keeping cold drafts … Read more

20 Mind Blowing DIY Fireplace Design Ideas

Book Lovers Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces have, over the course of centuries, become a home aesthetic  must – each interior decoration style comes with its own cache of specials that give a customized ambiance to the space, and having a fireplace mantel in each room may not only be a necessity anymore, but it certainly makes for a beautiful aesthetic. … Read more

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Best Fireplace For Wall

A fireplace, one might argue, is what makes a home, home. Just lazing around the lounge, reading a book, and warming your feet beside the fire is an integral part of the home experience. Now, over the course of centuries, there have been quite a few innovations in the field of construction, home aesthetics, and … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying Ethanol Fireplaces

Budget materials

“I wrote about people who liked fake fireplaces in their parlor, who thought a brass horse with a clock embedded in front was wonderful,” says Betty Smith. Since the dawn of time, fire has been essential to human survival – from cooking to staying warm to everything in between, fire has been a major arc … Read more

Things to Know Before Buying Electric Fireplaces


An electric fireplace is a step away from convention, while keeping our long ingrained customs in mind. It mimics the concept of a regular gas fireplace that exudes heat, and fumes, and elevates that concept into something newer, and better. An electric heater uses innovation in technology to imitate the basics of fire via a … Read more

24 Stunning Hanging Fireplace Ideas in Different Shape

The Round Header Footer Fireplace

The modern aesthetic is quite different from the traditional conventional one. Where before, there was heavy emphasis on ornamentation, and embellishment, with changing times, the tide of designs also took a turn – and have been static ever since. If any design movement became stagnant for too long, it is common sense that the lively, … Read more

15 Amazing Rustic Stone Fireplace Design Ideas

Magical Fireplace

Fireplaces, in their origin, were most likely crafted from stone – cast layer by layer from carefully chosen pieces and held together by mortar, lasting ages and eons through willful exaggeration and the verity of their core product. Maybe that is why when most people think of fireplaces, the most frequently compared aesthetic that comes … Read more

5 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews

Adjustable Electric Wall Mount

Home and hearth have been an intertwined phenomenon since the beginning of time. Putting up a cozy little fire to gather around has been an instinctual habit ever since the discovery of fire. Human beings like to gather around warm places, to feel the ambiance, and revel in the company of each other, and throughout … Read more