50 Awesome Video Game Room Decoration Ideas

Passion for Old Games

Gaming now a day is a multi-billion dollar industry and a major shareholder in the entertainment sector all over the world. This huge business in driven by the religiously dedicated video gaming enthusiasts, who spend lavishly to satisfy their cravings for an excellent video gaming experience. Similarly, the market for board games, which is much … Read more

50 Best Patio Ideas for Design Inspiration

Rooftop Modernized

Patios are often viewed as an expansion of indoor living space. Regardless of the composition of patio, concrete, brick or stone, this paved place is frequently utilized as socializing location, a particularly when there is a fire pit or grill show. Toss in an open air feasting area and some patio stylistic theme, and it … Read more

50 Best Closet Organization Ideas and Designs 2021

Complementing Hue

The closet has always been an integral part of an individual household. The man has always used to dedicate a corner of his room or house for the belongings, especially clothes. The sizes and shapes of such storage spots have evolved over the centuries; from wooden boxes to metal trunks to proper shelves and closets, … Read more

29 Quick and Easy DIY Fake Fireplace Design Ideas to Perfect Your Place

fake victorian fireplace design

Fireplaces might be pragmatic design features, but the root of their design does not always stem from pure functionality. There is always an element of aesthetics at play that needs to be integrated with the surrounding environs. The traditional fireplace – with a mantle and chimney – is an essential part of most transitional homes. … Read more

20 Best Tabletop Fireplace Ideas and Designs to Liven Up Your Decor


The evolution of fireplace design has been a process in the making. From the rustic authenticity of a wood burning fireplace to the stand alone context of a bio ethanol fireplace and everything in between, we have had a lot of choices to contend with. Where a gas fireplace asks for a traditional mantle setting … Read more

30 Best Fireplace Mantel Ideas and Designs To Brighten Up Your Home


When it comes to traditional fireplaces, the very core of their scheme comes from a proper design attention to the mantle. It is the largest and most obvious designated spot for meticulous detailing when it comes to fireplace design. Without it, the entire scheme might look incomplete, choppy and garish. Modern fireplace mantles come in … Read more

20 Gorgeous Media Fireplace Ideas and Designs to Add Charm to Your Home


Most people are well aware of a fireplace, and instinctively know where to put it in terms of an interior context. But when someone would mention the term ‘media’ fireplace, there tends to be a lot of confusion. There are three known genres of fireplace – gas, electric and ventless. When you add media fireplace … Read more

20 Best Ventless Fireplace Ideas and Designs To Beautify Your Home


Fireplace design has certainly evolved over the years. Where before we had just a stone masoned chimney with a hearth, now we have electric systems, dampers, vents, chimneys and so much more. A fireplace is not just a fireplace – it is the culmination of an entire style of interior design that you choose to … Read more

How to Build a Simple Fireplace


Fireplaces are both a paragon of functionality and aesthetics. Most of the times, however, they can be difficult to install, especially if you’re going for a rather dated extension. Bio ethanol fireplaces are pretty dominant in the modern market and contemporary design schemes, but nothing can beat the intimate coziness of a gas fireplace. Both … Read more

20 Mind-Blowing Victorian Fireplace Ideas To Beautify Your Home

classical victorian fireplace

The Victorian era was a landmark of historical richness, especially when it came to architecture – there was so much going on in terms of design; an elaborate venture of artistic expression and sculptural design combined with aesthetics. Eventually, this historical landmark was bought to a very expressive end by the preliminary promotion of the … Read more

11 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Fireplace Doors

Arched Fireplace

A more conventional way to design a fireplace has always been through stone, brick, and mortar. It was only recently, and not until the advent of industrial revolution that new materials were introduced in the words, and with that, the evolution of architectural and interior designing as we know it. There is no one standard … Read more

What Are The Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Safety Fireplace

Glass has been used as a construction material for over more than a few centuries. Even before the advent of modern technology, when it was just a brittle material with shallow aesthetically amplified applications, there were quite a few formations for it. Now, with so much innovation in construction techniques and new ways to make … Read more

25 Awesome Bio Ethanol Fireplace Ideas and Designs

Wall Mount Fireplace

Home and hearth have been intertwined concepts for the better part of existence – still are, even though times are constantly changing, and so are the compatibility of both these ideas. A house, as a single residential entity has seen so much evolution when it comes to design bases, styles, elevations, and anatomy. Similar is … Read more

19 Fabulous Modern Gas Fireplace Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Cozy Modern Fireplaces

A gas fireplace is a simple advent that has been in use for quite a while now. Before electric heaters became all the rage, there was a small heating component that worked on gas – natural, or propane gas burner – and was available in small, non descriptive units that were definitely functional, but not … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Design Your Perfect Modern Gas Fireplace


Fireplaces are usually one of the main focal point of any room, given that they are intricately connected to media walls. As such, they are usually inserted into feature walls alongside televisions, beautiful cabinetry, and other decorative features. However, the function of a fireplace is not only based on aesthetics, but also on pragmatics – … Read more