50 Best DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas and Designs You’ll Love

30. Natural Toilet Paper Holder


For those of you who own an outdoor bathroom, we’ve got a perfect idea that will certainly meet your needs – a natural toilet paper holder builds inside your wall. Just hang two wires and that’s it – you’ve got your new simple yet functional toilet paper holder in just 2 seconds!

31. Parrot Toilet Paper Holder


As you can notice, we’ve used all kinds of animals as paper holders and now it’s time to use the birds! What do you say about this parrot ‘holding’ your toilet paper? Do you like it? Why don’t your use this idea and realize it today by using an old bird toy or buy a cheap one and transfer it into your new paper holder? Go ahead! We promise you will smile every time you enter your tropical bathroom.

32. Portable Toilet Paper Stand


Is there a more practical paper stand than the portable one you can place wherever you want? For those who seek to find something simple, functional and elegant on top of all – the portable toilet paper stand will perfectly meet your needs and desires. You get or make on of these and place them whenever you feel bored of your bathroom’s outlook.

33. Shiny Yellow Toilet Paper In Contrasting Looks


Perfect for a bathroom that’s arranged with style – this shiny yellow toilet paper in contrasting looks placed in black elegant shelves will definitely turn your bathroom in a place with a striking appearance. Although it may sound funny to some to describe a toilet paper or toilet paper holder like this, there are actually people who pay much attention to their bathroom landscaping and we’re more than happy to help them out with our creative ideas.

34. Simple Toilet Paper Holder


A simple white paper holder like the particular one on the photo will give your bathroom a clean and classy outlook. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and embellish your bathroom in a simple yet unique manner. Making a toilet paper holder like this won’t cost you any money but it will definitely cost you your creativity.

35. Creative Toilet Paper Holder Craft

toilet paper holder craft ideas

Owning a creative toilet paper like this one can be the perfect choice for your kids’ bathroom or for embellishing your own. Either way, with choosing this castle-like toilet paper holder you will get a practical and beautiful fixture for your bathroom. Feel free to use this idea today and create a paper holder that will mark your bathroom in a creative manner.

36. Horse Toilet Paper Holder


Look at your kids’ toys and if you find a horse similar to the one on the photo – don’t hesitate on turning it into your new creative paper holder. Your kids may be mad at you for destroying their toy, however, they will fall in love with the horse paper holder on their next visit to the bathroom.

37. Soldier Toilet Paper Holder


Wish for something creative and elegant? Chose the soldier toilet paper holder and embellish your bathroom in a creative manner. The soldier will ‘hold’ the toilet paper for you and serve you faithfully for years. Feel free to ‘steal’ this idea and we guarantee you will laugh every time you enter your bathroom.

38. Funny Idea For Toilet Paper Holders


We know what you think about this idea! ‘Poor little kitten’. However, this can be a good way to store your paper rolls if you have one of those cats that enter the bathroom while you do your thing. After using her as a paper holder once, we promise she will never enter your bathroom again.

39. Simple DIY Toilet Paper Storage Ideas


Tired from the usual paper holders that store only one piece? Why don’t you go for this simple DIY paper storage you can easily make by using a few wooden planks? We promise you will be satisfied with the outcome at the end od the day. Aside from its simple structure, this paper storage will wrap your bathroom in coziness.

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