47 Different Fencing Styles and Designs For Inspirations

11. DIY Corrugated Metal Fence

Classic metal fencing styles in light colors

This poolside DIY Corrugated metal fence is a great example of how a cheap material can be simply altered with paint to look sophisticated. Each panel of corrugated sheeting is set into a stainless steel silver frame and painted white to give it a sophisticated flair. The large panels step up the sloped garden bed with a stone retaining wall so each panel sits slightly higher than the other until they reach the summit. The back fence however changes it up completely. At the summit of the slope is a garden fence made of horizontal stained wooden slats that clash with the corrugated iron sheeting in a pleasing way.

12. Three Fences In One Space

Classic wood fencing styles

This elegant poolside features the coming together of three different fences that collaborate with one another. The feature wall at the far end of the poolside decking is made of tall vertical wooden slats that act as the backdrop to the rounded poolside chairs. Perpendicular to that runs a solid grey concrete wall with a grey tile at the base as it enters the pool. The final fence is the pool fence, which has been made of such a fine mesh and held up by such thin poles that it blends into the lawn beyond.

13. Modern Grey Garden Screen

Clear geometry in landscape design fencing styles

In a similar style to example 3 this pitched screen has been used to divide up a large garden. This iteration uses painted corrugated iron sheets set within a thin framework for a lightweight alternative to timber. The solid grey fence is the perfect backdrop for the carefully planned out garden beds in front of it formed by a combination of stones, low plants, spindly trees and grass.

14. Bamboo Creeper Fencing Styles

Climbing plants fencing styles

This permeable garden fence is made of a DIY friendly bamboo grid that has been tied together with gardener’s twine to create a frame for creeping plants to grow on. Eventually, when the creeping plants grow over the gaps the fence will become almost opaque. This is a classic garden divider that changes day to day and season to season depending on the way the plants are flowering and what colours you choose.

15. Faux Medieval Stone Fence

Concrete Fence Noteworthy fencing styles

This huge imitation stone wall wouldn’t seem out of place outside a castle or gothic home. The black, stone clad fence posts are the only thick, weighty feature to this fence since the wall panels themselves only mimic the texture of stone and not their heftiness. The thin panels between the posts are made up of two portions. The bottom portion resembles some rough, uneven stone with wrought iron detailing creating a swooping pattern across the top. The top portion of the fence is made up of vertical, wrought iron posts that flow gently between fence posts and finish off this fortress style design.

16. Unique Wire Fence Pattern

Country fences in the form of a chain-link grid fencing styles

This tall wire mesh fence set in a galvanized steel frame is a classic schoolyard style and but made into something a bite more special. Metal chains have been laid into the mesh to create a lace like pattern that runs along the entire length of the fence. This technique maintains the permeability of the fence while still creating an artwork in an unexpected place.

17. Imposing Stone Wall

Country stone fencing styles

If you want your fence to feel impenetrable and safe this tall stone wall is for you. The structure is made up of tall square fence posts topped by steel pyramids with thinner panels of stone sitting between. The shape of each individual piece of stone that are stacked on top of one another have been accented by the mortar around them that projects off the surface of the wall. This unique technique uses an essential material, the mortar between the stones, and uplifts it into something decorative as the snaking pattern makes it way across the length of the wall.

18. Traditional White Fence


This traditional low timber fence painted white is the quintessential suburban house boundary lined by flowerbeds that are overflowing with raucous colour. The slim vertical elements are spaced closely together and drape gently between the square fence posts. This slightly edited version of the traditional white picket fence is subtle and maintains the homely comforting style even with its slight variation.

19. Decorative Low Wall Fencing Styles

Decorative low brick fence

This sweet low brick wall has been constructed out of a dark brick bound together by bright white mortar that creates a graphic pattern. The brick that was chosen coordinates with the brick of the house, which ties the two together in an understated way. The fence has a really smooth finish with rounded edges that softens the look and makes it more cute and less heavy. The fence is finished off with a little rounded, steel gate that echoes the mortar colour and the curved shape of the fence to make the whole boundary feel cohesive.

20. Angled Timber Slats Held Up By Stone

Fir-tree fence in a stone frame

This fence is a great example of how pairing two very different materials together can create a fence that is both attractive and interesting. The main structure is constructed out of some dark, textured stone blocks topped by a smooth stone topping that is slightly pitched. Between these columns sits some horizontal timber panels that resemble adjustable timber blinds that could be found within the house rather than outside. These angles timber slats allow a little view through into the garden but only from certain angles to maintain a sense of privacy. The design has been finished off with a matching car and pedestrian gate.

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