50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2018


There’s always something majestic about a well-thought out home. When everything is well put together and just looks perfect, there’s something relaxing about it too. Of course, this requires the work of an architect and an interior designer to accomplish; but it also helps if the homeowner is able to take care of his home properly. He should be able to adjust the beauty of each room in his home and make it look modern and up to date.

The kitchen is one room in a house that needs to be put together carefully with the best ideas in mind. Not only does this help increase the market value of the property, it also helps inspire the homeowner to stay in his abode and make a home out of it. A beautiful modern kitchen design often comes from the influence of a well-planned TV set, movie, or even one seen on a website or a magazine. Because of this, there are already a number of homeowners who are keen on making their kitchen look its best.

If you’re looking for a design idea on how you can make your kitchen look good, here are 50 best modern kitchen design ideas for 2018 that can help you make your home look presentable at all times. Whether you’re building a home to resell or entertain guests, everyone will love how beautiful your kitchen is.

1. The Black Brick Wall



The black brick wall in this kitchen goes perfectly with the overall white and wood interior. There is a spacious marble countertop that makes for a perfect area to knead bread or pizza with a couple of wooden bar stools that can convert the countertop as a breakfast table. Against the black wall are some of the usual kitchen appliances adorned in a stainless steel finish that stand out with the black cabinets. The kitchen is spacious, clean, and sleek producing a minimalistic affair overall.

2. Small Modern Kitchen With Character



When it comes to creating a beautiful home, space is no issue as long as you have a creative team. Take this modern kitchen design as an example. Although cramped for space, it manages to highlight the area thanks to its white brick wall and the wooden tabletops that connect all areas of the kitchen. The cabinets are left open and visible to give a breath of fresh air to the small space of the room.

3. Chalkboard Kitchen



A modern twist to a regular kitchen is to have a wall built with chalkboard material so it can be used to write down some important things to remember. It can be used to write a new recipe being tested out or even to come up with the week’s menu so it can easily be remembered. Or if there are kids at home, the chalkboard wall can be used for his art. Apart from the chalkboard wall, the unfinished wood used in the cabinets give contrast to the dark hardwood floors and the black countertop.

4. Subway Tiles on Walls



In 2016, backsplash walls were a huge hit among homeowners who wanted to remodel their kitchens and make them look up to date. For 2018, the trend has expanded and has taken things to a new level. Instead of just covering the backsplash wall, an entire wall can be covered in tiles as well as its adjacent walls. If the kitchen opens up to another room in the house, it can be covered in subway tiles to give a familiar feeling to the kitchen.

5. Natural Wood Kitchen Counter



There are a number of modern kitchen designs that stay away from the usual marble or granite kitchen counter, just like what the owner of this kitchen did. Instead of the usual shiny surface used on a kitchen counter, a natural wood kitchen island was used to give the entire kitchen a different appeal. The natural wood is then paired off with all white cabinets, floors and walls. The orb-shaped light in the middle of the room is golden and goes perfectly well with the kitchen counter.

6. Unfinished Brick Wall



Sometimes, going messy can be a good thing; especially when it comes to design. Despite its imperfections and unfinished paint, the brick wall works to one’s advantage. Instead of covering the wall, the backsplash displays the unique design of the bricks and even makes use of the area as a storage for all things needed in the kitchen.

7. Industrial Modern Kitchen



In 2016, industrial kitchens were such a big thing in many homes throughout the country. It paved the way for the industrial design to become adapted into many residential properties. As exhibited in this kitchen, the unorganized array of the overhead lights give the sense of an industrial kitchen without making it look too demanding. The kitchen counter is a sleek white surface that reflects the backsplash pattern on the other side of the wall.

8. Beehive Backsplash Wall



Speaking of backsplash walls, what better way to give them some texture and shape? This beautifully designed kitchen tells a unique story with the shapes used in the tiles for the backsplash wall. They feature a hexagon shape, almost similar to a beehive pattern with a gradient mishmosh of white, gray and black. Overhead the counter are a few open shelves made out of natural wood that give the wall a clean cut appeal. A voluminous lamp hangs in the middle of the room carrying the same treatment as the shelves.

9. Matte Black and Wood



Most kitchens are designed in clean tiles with evident lines intersecting between them. This particular kitchen sets itself apart from the norm as it features beautiful black walls and cabinets paired with a granite kitchen top counter and sink. The sides are the same material used as the ceiling– unvarnished natural wood panels smoothened together to create a seamless display of elegance without being overly dramatic.

10. Modern Kitchen Design With Mismatched Tiles



Instead of backsplash walls, there’s another option that can be done with tiles. The tiles can be used as they were intended on the kitchen to create a beautiful pattern on the flooring. The trick is to use mismatched tiles to create a gorgeous effect on the floor. The natural wooden counter gives a sleek effect on the floor and matches with the white walls and cabinets.

11. All Wood Modern Kitchen Design



Another trend that was a big hit in 2016 is the use of a very simple design for a kitchen. With a simple modern kitchen design, it creates a very inviting atmosphere that works to the extent of the homeowner. The use of natural wood on furniture, such as the one in this kitchen, gives it a user-friendly and warm feel. To finish it off, there are black accents on the walls sans any cabinetry; giving it an airy ambiance overall.

12. Wood on Wood Highlight



This kitchen makes use of different types of hardwood while making sure everything stays in tune with one another in symmetrical elegance. Instead of the usual marble countertop, the homeowner opted for a solid wooden kitchen island with a couple of cylindrical pendant lights overhead. The cabinets are left in a solid black color that complements the style on the lights. A patterned wall can be seen just below the cabinets, giving a playful effect on the eyes. The white pressed-metal wall creates a hint of subtlety, keeping the entire look of the kitchen at peace with one another without sparking too much contrast.

13. Natural Wood Cabinets



There are some homeowners who don’t like drawing attention to the kitchen appliances they use at home. As in such circumstances, the best thing to do is to hide the appliances inside custom-made furniture. Even the refrigerator can be hidden in plain view by hiding it inside a large cabinet. This creates a more uniform look in the kitchen, especially with the use of natural wood.

14. Small With a Dark Secret



There’s no excuse in designing a kitchen. No matter how small or spacious a kitchen is, there’s always a way to breathe life into it. Just take the case of this particular kitchen, which managed to adorn one side of the wall with small bathroom tiles. The same color is then used on the kitchen counters, giving it uniformity. What makes the room stand out is the use of unpolished wood for the cabinets stretching onto the floor of the room.

15. All White Modern Kitchen



An all-white Modern kitchen may be something that not too many will be interested in. But to the owners of this kitchen, there is always an exception. The cabinets, walls and counters are painted white accented with the stainless steel handles to match the sink. The overhead cabinets are covered with glass to reveal its contents. Just above the sink is a small glass cover for the light. The floors are what give contrast to the all-white theme of this kitchen as they are finished in dark natural hardwood panels.

16. Go Dark Green



Another option in decorating a kitchen is to make use of mismatched materials to give the room a different appeal. This idea gives the room a unique charm to it that no other kitchen is able to portray. A good area to start is by using geometric shapes on the tiles used for the backsplash wall. This is then paired with polished dark green dark green cabinets across the room. The kitchen counters are best to be left in black paint to give a sophisticated charm to it. As an accent, the pendant lights and the wash could be embellished in beautiful gold colors.

17. Navy Blue Saves the Day



Typically, kitchens come in either white or black color. There is, however, no limit as to what color a kitchen should be in. It all boils down to how the homeowner perceives his kitchen to look like and what he would like to adorn it with. Take the case of this kitchen that manages to cover everything in a navy blue hue. Everything is left in a navy blue color, except for the handles and the stunning hardwood floors across the room. This gives a beautiful contrast between the colors used.

18. Shiny Disco Modern Kitchen



Not entirely a flashback to the past where the time of the Disco Queen was most prevalent, this kitchen gives a beautiful illusion of the yesteryears gone by. The entire wall is embellished in a shiny silver subway tiles that give highlight to the overhanging industrial lightbulbs attached to an open pipe structure on the ceiling. The counters are left white with its tops using a black granite material.

19. Open Kitchen Space



For homeowners who are looking to expand the open area they have with their kitchen, a good way to do it is to connect it with the dining area. This works best for compact kitchen spaces as a new layout can be used to re-establish the peaceful charm brought about by the rooms. The open kitchen has been designed with a central dining area planned ahead. To keep traffic flowing strategically, it is best to create a fine space for smooth movement in events of a social gathering in the property.

20. Masculine Vibe



It’s time to debunk the idea that only women are allowed inside the kitchen. As a matter of fact, there are now so many male professionals who work in the kitchen. Because of this, there is a need to create a sleek design for a kitchen without the debate on who belongs to the kitchen and why. As in this case, the dark colors in the room give a more comfortable vibe in the kitchen. The entire room is built in a collection of matte black and white stainless steel accents.

21. Maximize Space



Having a spacious kitchen is always a good way to be able to go about with the things needed to be done. No matter how small or big the kitchen is, it’s important to give it a lot of free space and not to fill it up with clutter. Of course, the use of a storage cabinet is always a welcome idea. One way to keep the space clean and neat is to have a storage cabinet made out of glass. This way, the contents of the cabinet can still be visible without having to open the cabinet.

22. Golden Era



Most kitchens come in a subtle color such as white or cream. Despite this, there are many homeowners who have decided to put a splash of color in the kitchen as a way to make it stand out against every other room in the home. Instead of going for the usual marble or granite tile, there’s always an option to use a strong color for the kitchen counter. Why not go for a gold or a metallic accent and pair this with a colorful wall art. It all depends on your personal preference, after all.

23. Sweet Country Home Kitchen



Windows are among the most important aspect of lighting. And when it comes to a kitchen, it is best to welcome in as much natural light as possible. To achieve a homey, country feel in the kitchen, it’s also good to keep an airy ambiance by implementing open shelves and cabinets. The windows should be left open by using glass door panels instead of keeping them closed. A pendant light can add a modern vibe to the room as well.

24. Semi Industrial Modern Kitchen Design



Industrial modern kitchen design was a huge hit in 2016 and it paved the way for a number of restaurants. This design trend can be carried over in kitchens in homes by simply using copper pipes and metal structures hanging throughout the room. A good match for this are some earthy tones to complete the look of an industrial kitchen theme.

25. The Timber Accent



A big design trend that’s been getting the attention of most homeowners is the minimalistic look. And if there’s one kitchen that best epitomizes a minimalist design, it would be this. The walls and cabinets of the kitchen are painted white with a stainless steel finish that go perfectly with the basalt kitchen island situated in the middle of the room. Adding to the beauty of the room is a picturesque Screenwood timber hiding the scullery behind it.

26. High Ceiling



Windows are important in a kitchen as they bring in light and make the room feel more relaxed. In the event that a window is not present in the kitchen, a good alternative is to make use of clerestory windows. Not only will draw in natural light from the sun, it will also provide a great view during nighttime. Paired with the warm wood used in this kitchen, it presents a relaxed ambiance in the room.

27. Modern Industrial


Going industrial? The best way to create an industrial-themed kitchen is to leave the wooden beams on the ceiling exposed. This will create a warmer decor and ambiance in the kitchen, without it feeling too constricted. To finish the industrial theme of the room, the walls should be painted with a gray tone. This gives off a casual yet elegant vibe to the space.

28. Geometric Backsplash Wall



In 2016, backsplash walls were such a huge trend that so many homeowners were quick to have the trend carry over in their own kitchens. But apart from just the backsplash wall design, geometric patterns also played its role in capturing the limelight. And what better way to combine the two than in a beautifully laid out kitchen. To highlight the backsplash pattern, the cabinets are painted a solid white color with natural wood on its borders.

29. Sleek White Kitchen



There’s something exquisite about a simple white kitchen with just a touch of natural wood. The walls are not completed with tiles entirely but are left plain. They also hold a magnetic strip for the knives to be held upright. The lines on the tiles give a stunning effect on the combination of the white cabinets and the natural wood on the counter.

30. Nothing Beats Wood



Most of the time, kitchen floors make use of ceramic tiles. This has long been a popular choice among homeowners because of how easy it is to clean. However, the use of ceramic tiles are not the only options for a kitchen floor. 2016 taught us that there’s no reason to conform with the rules and to break stigmas. Instead of ceramic tiles, a good option would be a wooden floor. The material creates a uniformity, especially with an open kitchen that connects to the dining area. As such, it creates a connection with other areas in the room.

31. Shabby Chic Kitchen



In 2016, rustic was a huge trend not only for kitchens and homes. It was also mostly used in weddings. Perhaps a big reason for its fame was because it was so easy to pull of. Also, it’s not an expensive way to decorate a home. There are even some who frequent flea markets just so they can find a unique piece they can repurpose and repaint. This already turns into a savvy piece of art that makes for a beautiful piece in a rustic themed kitchen. These pieces are typically painted a solid white color and left to highlight a room by itself.

32. Bricked Up Wall



A small kitchen is no excuse not to decorate it. Instead of the usual kitchen design styles, there are people who go for an open shelf kitchen, making it good to stock up on kitchen and dining tools. Instead of a backsplash wall, it’s also good to go full on and decorate two-thirds of a kitchen in brick. The brick makes the entire room feel cozy and comfortable, despite its size.

33. Industrial and Rustic



A good modern kitchen design idea is to combine two trends that were a big hit in 2016– industrial and rustic. When the two are combined together, they produce a dramatic appeal that suits just about everyone, no matter what gender or age they are. Typical for an industrial interior kitchen, the emphasis is on the strong materials and finishes. Meanwhile, the rustic charm creates a homey ambiance to the room that takes away the sharpness of the industrial kitchen. This is evident in the neutral color palette chosen for the bar stools and the textures of the counter.

34. Minimalist Wood



In the past few years, the usual dining tables have been replaced by wooden tables with benches in lieu of chairs. The fine mix of the wooden surfaces go well with one another and add an essential sense of style to the room. Paired with the burlap cloth and linens, it tells a story of a creative homeowner; one who knows that sometimes in life, the best things are kept to a minimum as to avoid clutter and overcomplicate things. This is exactly the story this kitchen exudes.

35. Open Kitchen



For a spacious kitchen, it can be so easy to go overboard with the details in decorating the room. This is particularly true if the kitchen is connected to the dining area. As such, it is important to keep the space in mind when designing an open kitchen. It needs to be spacious enough to accommodate conversation and movement. A good way to achieve this is to make use of breathable furniture such as wood. To get rid of a boring flooring setup, one area of the kitchen may be filled with tiles. The use of white walls always bring a refined feeling in the kitchen.

36. White on Wood



This kitchen is predominantly filled with white and natural wood colors, giving it the impression of an airy space. The wood on the walls are more pronounced compared to the flooring, which makes for a stark contrast between the white overhead cabinets and the drawers underneath the countertop. In tune with the theme of the kitchen, the owner of the property has matched it with a natural wood dining table and white chairs with wooden legs.

37. Orb Lights



When choosing to go with the usual design for kitchens, there is an option to include a backsplash tile wall and fill it up to the ceiling of the room. Just like this kitchen, it takes attention away from the kitchen cabinets because of the mix of blue, green and white tiles on the wall. The wall creates a sense of wonder as it goes away from the usual kitchen design. To finish off the entire look of the kitchen a gigantic orb light hangs in the middle of the room giving it its much-needed final piece.

38. Kitchen with Notes



Far from the usual boring kitchen, this kitchen features a simple marble counter that complements the subtle mint hue on the walls. Instead of the normal overhang cabinet, the homeowners of this kitchen opted for glass panels where items can be stored in plain view. But the pièce derésistance is the series of letters, drawings and notes that have been attached to a lamp using clips. This hangs over a gorgeous antique French oak dining table.

39. Mobile Kitchen Island



There’s an old school vibe that comes from the chosen tiles attached to the wall. Paired with it are a bunch of open shelves that breathe life into the room. While there are covered cupboards on one side of the kitchen, the open shelves make the room feel like it is inviting and entertaining. The white on white connection works perfectly and goes well with the mobile kitchen island made out of wood. To finish off, the pendant lights work really well in setting the mood for the kitchen.

40. It’s Black and White



Black and white is a color combination that will never go out of style. And for a kitchen, this timeless combination works perfectly. The kitchen in this example has adorned its walls with black paint and left the cabinets white. As contrast, the flooring is left in a natural wood color for a warm deviance from the black and white theme. In addition, the backsplash wall is covered in a mix of black and white pattern tiles that go really well with the overall theme of the room.

41. No Shelves or Cabinets



Shelves and cabinets are an important fixture in any kitchen. These cabinets help provide a storage option for anyone who needs to store their belongings in the kitchen for easy access. 2016 paved way for the use of open shelves instead of cabinets and cupboards. But for 2018, there just might be an influx of homeowners who opt for permanent fixtures instead of these two options. Just like the kitchen in this photo, the homeowner opted to give his kitchen a twist for shelving his plates, glasses and bottles.

42. Copper Saves the Day



Another example of a timeless black and white design can be seen in this kitchen. The walls are painted white while the windows are painted in black. Not to mention, the backsplash tiles on the wall are patterned after a black and white template. Again, wood is used to counter the combination and make it more interesting to look at. What’s different for this kitchen, however, is that the owner made use of copper pendant lights instead of going with the same black and white theme.

43. Signature Brass Chandelier



To conserve space in a kitchen yet still be able to have a kitchen island, a good idea is to include a table extension right beside the counter. This works best for kitchens with limited spaces as it eliminates unnecessary clutter in an area that could have otherwise been modified to begin with. Apart from connecting the kitchen counter and dining table, the kitchen is highlighted by a signature brass chandelier that breaks ordinary notions on how a chandelier should look like. A black wall cabinet is on one side of the room to give balance to the colors.

44. Simple Pastel Kitchen



The biggest trend among kitchens in 2016 was the use of wood for floors and counter surfaces as well as painting the walls and cabinets white. This trend is not foreseen to die out anytime soon; and for good reason since white always looks good in any room. For this kitchen, pastels are used as an accent to the white walls and cabinets. The counter is painted turquoise and brown, which serve as welcome contrasts to the all-white theme of the room.

45. Stylish Backsplash Wall



Another option for a backsplash wall is to make use of a pattern that’s not typically used in homes. Geometrical patterns and shapes were pretty big in 2016. And as evident in this kitchen, the homeowner was creative enough to incorporate the shapes onto a backsplash wall, creating a distraction from all the white colors on the walls and counter surface.

46. Working with Space



Some homeowners would usually think that a long and narrow kitchen is difficult to decorate. The problem is they don’t really know how to use the space for their advantage. Because of this, they aren’t able to make the most out of the kitchen. If working with a long and narrow kitchen, it’s good to make use of open shelves and closed cupboards below the counters. It’s also good to work with a single color theme so that everything goes well with one another. A good suggestion is to go with white for all the appliances to pair with the walls and counters.

47. Shades of Gray



This kitchen completes each other’s design with a gorgeous one-color theme using various shades of gray with golden borders on its lamps, countertop base, overhead cabinets, and even the refrigerator. The bar stools are wooden, which complements the hue of the flooring of the entire room. The entire look is hard to pull off but this kitchen manages to do it right.

48. Abundant Lighting



In any kitchen, lighting plays a very significant role in the overall design of the room. This is why there are many kitchens that make sure they have sufficient windows to accommodate the space. In the absence of natural light, there’s always the option to include plenty of artificial light and make sure it is strategically positioned just above the table. In this case, the lighting from the large pendant lights serve as a complement to the light coming from the windows. As a result, the room feels brighter and warmer. There’s also a comforting sense to the room, which is key to modern kitchens.

 49. The Modern Kitchen With a View



There’s nothing better than a kitchen with lots of natural light flowing through it. And this kitchen allows in just enough light without making the room feel dull. The window even showcases a garden view. The overhead cabinets in the kitchen are simplistic and painted in matte black. Below it are a series of panel tiles that give contrast to the natural stone benchtop that forms an almost U shape that connects most of the kitchen together. The counter doubles as a breakfast counter, thanks to a couple of black bar stools strategically tucked in the bottom.

50. Black Meets Wood



There’s a sense of sophistication only a black kitchen produces. No other kitchen comes close to this since there’s really something about the color that gives it an elegant appeal. The owner of this kitchen has made sure not to go overboard with the black theme as he has incorporated natural wood floors and the use of white furniture and lighting fixtures. The backsplash wall is adorned in a black and white ensemble that stays true to the overall theme of the room.

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