50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

20. Masculine Vibe



It’s time to debunk the idea that only women are allowed inside the kitchen. As a matter of fact, there are now so many male professionals who work in the kitchen. Because of this, there is a need to create a sleek design for a kitchen without the debate on who belongs to the kitchen and why. As in this case, the dark colors in the room give a more comfortable vibe in the kitchen. The entire room is built in a collection of matte black and white stainless steel accents.

21. Maximize Space



Having a spacious kitchen is always a good way to be able to go about with the things needed to be done. No matter how small or big the kitchen is, it’s important to give it a lot of free space and not to fill it up with clutter. Of course, the use of a storage cabinet is always a welcome idea. One way to keep the space clean and neat is to have a storage cabinet made out of glass. This way, the contents of the cabinet can still be visible without having to open the cabinet.

22. Golden Era



Most kitchens come in a subtle color such as white or cream. Despite this, there are many homeowners who have decided to put a splash of color in the kitchen as a way to make it stand out against every other room in the home. Instead of going for the usual marble or granite tile, there’s always an option to use a strong color for the kitchen counter. Why not go for a gold or a metallic accent and pair this with a colorful wall art. It all depends on your personal preference, after all.

23. Sweet Country Home Kitchen



Windows are among the most important aspect of lighting. And when it comes to a kitchen, it is best to welcome in as much natural light as possible. To achieve a homey, country feel in the kitchen, it’s also good to keep an airy ambiance by implementing open shelves and cabinets. The windows should be left open by using glass door panels instead of keeping them closed. A pendant light can add a modern vibe to the room as well.

24. Semi Industrial Modern Kitchen Design



Industrial modern kitchen design was a huge hit in 2016 and it paved the way for a number of restaurants. This design trend can be carried over in kitchens in homes by simply using copper pipes and metal structures hanging throughout the room. A good match for this are some earthy tones to complete the look of an industrial kitchen theme.

25. The Timber Accent



A big design trend that’s been getting the attention of most homeowners is the minimalistic look. And if there’s one kitchen that best epitomizes a minimalist design, it would be this. The walls and cabinets of the kitchen are painted white with a stainless steel finish that go perfectly with the basalt kitchen island situated in the middle of the room. Adding to the beauty of the room is a picturesque Screenwood timber hiding the scullery behind it.

26. High Ceiling



Windows are important in a kitchen as they bring in light and make the room feel more relaxed. In the event that a window is not present in the kitchen, a good alternative is to make use of clerestory windows. Not only will draw in natural light from the sun, it will also provide a great view during nighttime. Paired with the warm wood used in this kitchen, it presents a relaxed ambiance in the room.

27. Modern Industrial


Going industrial? The best way to create an industrial-themed kitchen is to leave the wooden beams on the ceiling exposed. This will create a warmer decor and ambiance in the kitchen, without it feeling too constricted. To finish the industrial theme of the room, the walls should be painted with a gray tone. This gives off a casual yet elegant vibe to the space.

28. Geometric Backsplash Wall



In 2016, backsplash walls were such a huge trend that so many homeowners were quick to have the trend carry over in their own kitchens. But apart from just the backsplash wall design, geometric patterns also played its role in capturing the limelight. And what better way to combine the two than in a beautifully laid out kitchen. To highlight the backsplash pattern, the cabinets are painted a solid white color with natural wood on its borders.

29. Sleek White Kitchen



There’s something exquisite about a simple white kitchen with just a touch of natural wood. The walls are not completed with tiles entirely but are left plain. They also hold a magnetic strip for the knives to be held upright. The lines on the tiles give a stunning effect on the combination of the white cabinets and the natural wood on the counter.

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