50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

10. Modern Kitchen Design With Mismatched Tiles



Instead of backsplash walls, there’s another option that can be done with tiles. The tiles can be used as they were intended on the kitchen to create a beautiful pattern on the flooring. The trick is to use mismatched tiles to create a gorgeous effect on the floor. The natural wooden counter gives a sleek effect on the floor and matches with the white walls and cabinets.

11. All Wood Modern Kitchen Design



Another trend that was a big hit in 2016 is the use of a very simple design for a kitchen. With a simple modern kitchen design, it creates a very inviting atmosphere that works to the extent of the homeowner. The use of natural wood on furniture, such as the one in this kitchen, gives it a user-friendly and warm feel. To finish it off, there are black accents on the walls sans any cabinetry; giving it an airy ambiance overall.

12. Wood on Wood Highlight



This kitchen makes use of different types of hardwood while making sure everything stays in tune with one another in symmetrical elegance. Instead of the usual marble countertop, the homeowner opted for a solid wooden kitchen island with a couple of cylindrical pendant lights overhead. The cabinets are left in a solid black color that complements the style on the lights. A patterned wall can be seen just below the cabinets, giving a playful effect on the eyes. The white pressed-metal wall creates a hint of subtlety, keeping the entire look of the kitchen at peace with one another without sparking too much contrast.

13. Natural Wood Cabinets



There are some homeowners who don’t like drawing attention to the kitchen appliances they use at home. As in such circumstances, the best thing to do is to hide the appliances inside custom-made furniture. Even the refrigerator can be hidden in plain view by hiding it inside a large cabinet. This creates a more uniform look in the kitchen, especially with the use of natural wood.

14. Small With a Dark Secret



There’s no excuse in designing a kitchen. No matter how small or spacious a kitchen is, there’s always a way to breathe life into it. Just take the case of this particular kitchen, which managed to adorn one side of the wall with small bathroom tiles. The same color is then used on the kitchen counters, giving it uniformity. What makes the room stand out is the use of unpolished wood for the cabinets stretching onto the floor of the room.

15. All White Modern Kitchen



An all-white Modern kitchen may be something that not too many will be interested in. But to the owners of this kitchen, there is always an exception. The cabinets, walls and counters are painted white accented with the stainless steel handles to match the sink. The overhead cabinets are covered with glass to reveal its contents. Just above the sink is a small glass cover for the light. The floors are what give contrast to the all-white theme of this kitchen as they are finished in dark natural hardwood panels.

16. Go Dark Green



Another option in decorating a kitchen is to make use of mismatched materials to give the room a different appeal. This idea gives the room a unique charm to it that no other kitchen is able to portray. A good area to start is by using geometric shapes on the tiles used for the backsplash wall. This is then paired with polished dark green dark green cabinets across the room. The kitchen counters are best to be left in black paint to give a sophisticated charm to it. As an accent, the pendant lights and the wash could be embellished in beautiful gold colors.

17. Navy Blue Saves the Day



Typically, kitchens come in either white or black color. There is, however, no limit as to what color a kitchen should be in. It all boils down to how the homeowner perceives his kitchen to look like and what he would like to adorn it with. Take the case of this kitchen that manages to cover everything in a navy blue hue. Everything is left in a navy blue color, except for the handles and the stunning hardwood floors across the room. This gives a beautiful contrast between the colors used.

18. Shiny Disco Modern Kitchen



Not entirely a flashback to the past where the time of the Disco Queen was most prevalent, this kitchen gives a beautiful illusion of the yesteryears gone by. The entire wall is embellished in a shiny silver subway tiles that give highlight to the overhanging industrial lightbulbs attached to an open pipe structure on the ceiling. The counters are left white with its tops using a black granite material.

19. Open Kitchen Space



For homeowners who are looking to expand the open area they have with their kitchen, a good way to do it is to connect it with the dining area. This works best for compact kitchen spaces as a new layout can be used to re-establish the peaceful charm brought about by the rooms. The open kitchen has been designed with a central dining area planned ahead. To keep traffic flowing strategically, it is best to create a fine space for smooth movement in events of a social gathering in the property.

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