50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

30. Nothing Beats Wood



Most of the time, kitchen floors make use of ceramic tiles. This has long been a popular choice among homeowners because of how easy it is to clean. However, the use of ceramic tiles are not the only options for a kitchen floor. 2016 taught us that there’s no reason to conform with the rules and to break stigmas. Instead of ceramic tiles, a good option would be a wooden floor. The material creates a uniformity, especially with an open kitchen that connects to the dining area. As such, it creates a connection with other areas in the room.

31. Shabby Chic Kitchen



In 2016, rustic was a huge trend not only for kitchens and homes. It was also mostly used in weddings. Perhaps a big reason for its fame was because it was so easy to pull of. Also, it’s not an expensive way to decorate a home. There are even some who frequent flea markets just so they can find a unique piece they can repurpose and repaint. This already turns into a savvy piece of art that makes for a beautiful piece in a rustic themed kitchen. These pieces are typically painted a solid white color and left to highlight a room by itself.

32. Bricked Up Wall



A small kitchen is no excuse not to decorate it. Instead of the usual kitchen design styles, there are people who go for an open shelf kitchen, making it good to stock up on kitchen and dining tools. Instead of a backsplash wall, it’s also good to go full on and decorate two-thirds of a kitchen in brick. The brick makes the entire room feel cozy and comfortable, despite its size.

33. Industrial and Rustic



A good modern kitchen design idea is to combine two trends that were a big hit in 2016– industrial and rustic. When the two are combined together, they produce a dramatic appeal that suits just about everyone, no matter what gender or age they are. Typical for an industrial interior kitchen, the emphasis is on the strong materials and finishes. Meanwhile, the rustic charm creates a homey ambiance to the room that takes away the sharpness of the industrial kitchen. This is evident in the neutral color palette chosen for the bar stools and the textures of the counter.

34. Minimalist Wood



In the past few years, the usual dining tables have been replaced by wooden tables with benches in lieu of chairs. The fine mix of the wooden surfaces go well with one another and add an essential sense of style to the room. Paired with the burlap cloth and linens, it tells a story of a creative homeowner; one who knows that sometimes in life, the best things are kept to a minimum as to avoid clutter and overcomplicate things. This is exactly the story this kitchen exudes.

35. Open Kitchenopen-kitchen


For a spacious kitchen, it can be so easy to go overboard with the details in decorating the room. This is particularly true if the kitchen is connected to the dining area. As such, it is important to keep the space in mind when designing an open kitchen. It needs to be spacious enough to accommodate conversation and movement. A good way to achieve this is to make use of breathable furniture such as wood. To get rid of a boring flooring setup, one area of the kitchen may be filled with tiles. The use of white walls always bring a refined feeling in the kitchen.

36. White on Woodwhite-on-wood


This kitchen is predominantly filled with white and natural wood colors, giving it the impression of an airy space. The wood on the walls are more pronounced compared to the flooring, which makes for a stark contrast between the white overhead cabinets and the drawers underneath the countertop. In tune with the theme of the kitchen, the owner of the property has matched it with a natural wood dining table and white chairs with wooden legs.

37. Orb Lights



When choosing to go with the usual design for kitchens, there is an option to include a backsplash tile wall and fill it up to the ceiling of the room. Just like this kitchen, it takes attention away from the kitchen cabinets because of the mix of blue, green and white tiles on the wall. The wall creates a sense of wonder as it goes away from the usual kitchen design. To finish off the entire look of the kitchen a gigantic orb light hangs in the middle of the room giving it its much-needed final piece.

38. Kitchen with Notes



Far from the usual boring kitchen, this kitchen features a simple marble counter that complements the subtle mint hue on the walls. Instead of the normal overhang cabinet, the homeowners of this kitchen opted for glass panels where items can be stored in plain view. But the pièce derésistance is the series of letters, drawings and notes that have been attached to a lamp using clips. This hangs over a gorgeous antique French oak dining table.

39. Mobile Kitchen Island



There’s an old school vibe that comes from the chosen tiles attached to the wall. Paired with it are a bunch of open shelves that breathe life into the room. While there are covered cupboards on one side of the kitchen, the open shelves make the room feel like it is inviting and entertaining. The white on white connection works perfectly and goes well with the mobile kitchen island made out of wood. To finish off, the pendant lights work really well in setting the mood for the kitchen.

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