30 Best Oval Tables Ideas You’ll Love

Coffee tables with a pot

Round and Oval tables are an easy alternative to the traditional rectangular dining set to change up your interior design. Just like their cornered counterparts they come in a variety of styles and colours to perfectly compliment and tie together your space. Dining areas are a space that you can really have fun with and … Read more

28 Ideas For Beautiful Sustainable Cork Floor and Walls

Unobtrusive pattern

Sustainability is a subject that has been spoken about more and more as the effects of climate change become more of a tangible reality. Due to this realization many people have taken to looking for more ecofriendly replacements for things in their everyday life including interior design. Enter cork flooring. Cork flooring and wall coverings … Read more

25 Ceiling Decor Ideas To Stylize Your Dream Home

modern ceiling design

Ceiling decoration has been a trend through out history. Throughout periods; such as the Renaissance and Baroque eras; ceilings have been adored with elaborate murals, gold leaf and intricate mouldings. More recently however the standard white ceilings boards have become far more common place If you think about it ceilings take up the same area … Read more

30 DIY Headboard Ideas To Create The Rocking Bedroom

diy headboard ideas with pallets

They are practical and aesthetic. Like any custom furniture you can design it to your liking and according to the specific needs of storage and space. The work headboards offer many possibilities. We tell you everything you need to know about them: materials, design, and measurements… Lately we are seeing how there is an emerging … Read more

20 DIY Pegboard Ideas To Improve Your House Decor

ideas for hanging tools on pegboard

A simple board with holes and wooden pegs opens up a world of infinite possibilities. Have you heard about pegboards? It is a vertical perforated board (or with holes) where you can be locate pegs or hangers and that has a lot of practical applications. Although they seem very simple at first glance, considering that … Read more

35 Wall Shelving Ideas To Maximize Your Spaces

unique shape wall shelving decor

The shelves are very useful, mainly for all of those that have small rooms and many things to accommodate. The shelves are more than convenient when it comes to not having much space and wanting to take advantage of the area of the walls to decorate or to organize, because sometimes many things that would … Read more