30 Best Shipping Container Home and Storage Ideas

home storage boxes

In recent years, numerous innovations have been carried out in the field of construction. Many of these projects focus on the idea of sustainable housing. It is increasingly common to find large shipping containers, used to transport goods on ships, converted into spectacular houses. Home Storage Containers: A Sustainable And Less Expensive Housing Alternative Houses … Read more

41 Stunning Rocking DIY Armchair Ideas and Designs

Rocking chair from the vine - indisputable classic

We have 41 photos of DIY Armchair Ideas showcasing tips, options and drawings and on the content we will show you: How to make a rocking chair and how we select materials How to carefully craft and make rocking chairs from home using your own hands making it the best and affordable option The photos … Read more

Lids of plastic bottles: rough material for crafts

Children will be pleased to participate in decorating the fence

A new wave of art has begun to rise up from the waste everywhere. Elements that were the trash of yesterday are the supplies for today to create amazing art. What are we talking about? We are talking about lids of plastic bottles. An object so small that never the less, contributes to make huge … Read more

50 DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas

Sculpture With Hammocks

DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Designs are the new gardening trend that offers a different and fun point of view when it comes to landscaping your beloved garden. They can be placed in small containers or flower pots and embellish your garden in a creative that reflects the atmosphere and marvelous beauty of natural environments. With … Read more

27 DIY Pet Bed Ideas For Your Inspiration

Unique Pet Bed Ideas

Having a pet at home means having a best friend who understands you without words and loves you without judgments or limits. However, keeping a small furry friend isn’t as simple as everyone thinks it is – not because the pet will ruin your home or pee on everything but the daily care and love. … Read more