20 Creative and Unique Small Office Design


Offices are spaces that most people spend a lot of their time in. Unfortunately the actual design of these spaces often falls by the wayside resulting in a bland beige room filled with buzzing fluorescent lighting and lifeless cubicles. Luckily we have come a long way when it comes to small office design and studying … Read more

24 Space Saving Sliding Closet Doors Ideas

solid wood doors

Your average swinging doors tend to be the norm when it comes to closets. However whenever you use doors like these in any application you need to account for the amount of space their swing takes up within your space. If you have a small space they take up precious floor space and can make … Read more

20 Easy Ways To Use Ceiling Paint In Your Home Decor

Rainbow painted ceiling

Ceilings are often an area that we neglect when it comes to interior design. More often than not they are your average plain white expanse with the room below it providing the opportunity for personalization and styling. However, that is not your only option. How to Use Painted Ceilings To Make Your Space Special Painted … Read more

28 Ideas For Beautiful Sustainable Cork Floor and Walls

Unobtrusive pattern

Sustainability is a subject that has been spoken about more and more as the effects of climate change become more of a tangible reality. Due to this realization many people have taken to looking for more ecofriendly replacements for things in their everyday life including interior design. Enter cork flooring. Cork flooring and wall coverings … Read more

25 Ideas For Some Iconic Ceiling and Wall Moldings

Volumetric compositions

Ceiling and wall molding (s) are a common household feature usually seen in cornicing and skirting boards, however, they can be so much more than that. They can take the form of layered suspended ceilings, gypsum plaster relief sculptures and decorative ceiling roses. These often overlooked features can be used to create an all encompassing … Read more

32 Amazing Ground Pools For Swimming In Style


Ground pools are not something every household has because of their expense and the amount of space they take up. Having a personal swimming pool makes the statement that you have the luxury of spending money on recreational items. This gives them an air of exclusivity and excess. Ground Pools design has been progressing in … Read more

25 Ceiling Decor Ideas To Stylize Your Dream Home

modern ceiling design

Ceiling decoration has been a trend through out history. Throughout periods; such as the Renaissance and Baroque eras; ceilings have been adored with elaborate murals, gold leaf and intricate mouldings. More recently however the standard white ceilings boards have become far more common place If you think about it ceilings take up the same area … Read more