25 DIY Concrete Project Ideas To Try At Home


Concrete is not just a building material it’s also a sculptural medium that you can use at home to make your very own DIY concrete project designs. Working with concrete takes some practice and mold making is an art form that can be relatively simple and built on as you acquire more skills to make … Read more

24 Stylish Vintage Chest of Drawers For Any Room

vintage chest drawer

Vintage Chest of drawers are a humble piece of furniture found in almost every home. Most commonly found in bedrooms they are an efficient way to store clothes and other bits and pieces all in one neat unit. However, they aren’t just reserved for the bedroom or limited to just a functional item. Drawers can … Read more

25 Small Benches For Hallway To Make It More Useful

oak hallway benches

Hallways are very often under used dead spaces, purely there to funnel traffic in and out of your house. However, with the addition of a small hallway bench this space can be transformed into an area that is useful and visually appealing at the same time. 25 Small Benches For Hallway Ideas That Will Warm … Read more

24 Ways To Use Terrace Board In Your Home

The pier from the decking looks very beautiful

Wood panels or terrace board are most commonly found in the form of wooden floors but this isn’t the only way you can use this beautiful material. These slim timber boards can be used to make beautiful outdoor decking, porches, wooden facades and even furniture! 24 Terrace Board or Wood Paneling Ideas: More Than Just … Read more

26 Staircase Railings That Make All The Difference

Very stylish railing in the form of spreading mercury

Staircase design has come along in leaps and bounds since the days of beige, carpeted steps in your grandmother’s house. Suddenly risers have disappeared, stairs can float and the materials used to build these essential features have broadened substantially. Along with this design revolution the staircase railings themselves have also undergone a makeover. 26 Truly … Read more

20 Fabric Vertical Blinds To Customize Your Space

blue jacquard blinds

The first thing can comes to mind when you think about fabric vertical blinds is a stuffy old office circa 1975, thankfully they have undergone a makeover recently to become a customizable room feature for the contemporary age. The traditional mechanism and adaptability has always been efficient so that remained the same for the most … Read more

20 Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures That You Will Adore

Rope Pendant Light

From small private patios to huge back gardens, strategic lighting can make your outdoor spaces not only usable at night but create an ambiance at the same time. Light fixtures in an outdoor space can be permanent and weather proof so all you need is to flip and switch and boom! Atmosphere! Or some temporary … Read more

24 Fun And Novel Wall Key Cases To Store Your Keys

Shelf for keys, gadgets and mail

Wall Key Cases are one of those household items that are essential in solving the age old question, “Where did I leave my keys?” However often these hooks are merely practical items that are overlooked as an opportunity to add to your interior design. The hallways that they usually call home can very easily become … Read more

20 Creative and Unique Small Office Design


Offices are spaces that most people spend a lot of their time in. Unfortunately the actual design of these spaces often falls by the wayside resulting in a bland beige room filled with buzzing fluorescent lighting and lifeless cubicles. Luckily we have come a long way when it comes to small office design and studying … Read more

40 Stylish and Useful Small Coffee Tables

trunk coffee table

No lounge is complete without a gorgeous coffee table. These small coffee tables can be decorative in their own right while also providing you with a useful space to hold decorative items, coffee table books and even your feet when you settle in for the night. Throughout the years these humble pieces of furniture have … Read more

24 Space Saving Sliding Closet Doors Ideas

solid wood doors

Your average swinging doors tend to be the norm when it comes to closets. However whenever you use doors like these in any application you need to account for the amount of space their swing takes up within your space. If you have a small space they take up precious floor space and can make … Read more

29 Outdoor Dining Tables For Dining Alfresco

Oval table and chairs

Dining in the outdoors is a quintessential summer experience and if you’re lucky enough to have a nice big garden you can create this experience for yourself with an outdoor dining tables. It is essential that outdoor dining tables are made of the right material; your average indoor wooden table just won’t cut it against … Read more

25 Innovative and Beautiful Kitchen Stools Ideas

Step Stools

Kitchen islands and breakfast bars are a design feature than have become more and more popular in recent years. Now that we’ve switched from separate rooms to open plan living the kitchen has become the heart of the home more than ever before. Sitting at a kitchen island to eat allows for more casual dining … Read more